Over Dramatize Steem Problems in Memes, Stories, or Songs!

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All right everyone... Things have been a bit to serious around here.

Steem is supposed to be fun!


(Yes, I know you are highly intelligent and take yourself seriously)

Price and changes got you down?

No better way to fight off the blues than to look your troubles in the face and ...


I know some of you are sad, ... Laugh anyway.

Make a post and link it or put your overly dramatic meme in the comments.

Feel free to sing sad songs about our current status and problems...

Write creative stories... Make them over the top!

How every you want to express it, let's laugh about it.



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I don’t know why you are making a joke of this.. we are literally all going to die.

Right? Dose @whatsup not realize this??


This is some fucking Black Mirror shit...

No my lady it is time t o buy, it is a great time to bought a lot of steem.
unfortunately my country are not listed in the exchangue.
Any way we are here.
Have a great day.

The Day After... HF21 🤣😂🤣🤣😂


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Don't be panic, we have few more days to initiate the


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Everything is AWESOME!

not sure is 2 days already late for this :D

!giphy atomic+bomb

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You know what? I survived HF20. I'll survive HF21. What that means, who knows. Sometimes one must just go with the flow...

See you on the other side...💃

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I love seeing how many weird things the devs can do in each hardfork xD who knows, maybe they will get it eventually, I mean, we are all trying stuff here we don't know what will be the right solution, this has never been done and it involves human behavior, economy, social economy, politics, etc... etc...

I did my comedy stint yesterday....


Lord Byron above spoke some wise words there.

We only have 13 days till we ALL DIE! eeeekkkkkkkkkk

You will first laugh but after you feel a deep pain in your heart.

Yes. I didn’t invested my electricity nor money on steem and not that much old on steemit but you are not alone.

What can i say?

Don’t waste your time with these feelings.

Go buy some more steem,

Or try your B, C, D,....Z plans to be rich.

Whatsup says” You assholes I have lost my half million dollars on steem because of you.”


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meme hf21.jpg

Love some good memes when everything else is going to shit, that's basically how I operate in real life:


Is it really gonna be that bad? What if it is? Would you still stay?

We will rebuild! Yeah, I"ve admitted I'm addicted. I'll be here.

That's what I wanna hear!

Nah I'm sold to the idea that even if we only get 1 cent from here, it's 1 cent more than we'll ever get from any other big tech social media. I'd rather stay.

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Dusting off my dramatoken. Might be the only thing of value after hf21.
Demand will outstrip supply by a large margin.

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what happened with HF ?

Hey hey hey! I have a dramatic post but it's not about Steemit unfortunately. Ah Steemit Steemit Steemit. I'm just so happy I'm free of the "serious member curse." 😂

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Well I'm glad you are free of any curses.

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It's okay. We will just keep bringing the drama on until it happens. Then, afterwards.


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You are so cruel. But can’t hold my self not to laugh.

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