Allocating Rewards Via Your Vote... Get Paid.

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Southern Region Orca, the photo is not mine, and is free to use.

I'm sure most Steemians understand that when you vote you are allocating newly created Steem from the inflation pool. The amount you get to allocate is directly related to how much Steem Power you hold. If you have enough Steem Power and you select content that is popular you may even earn some Steem for taking the time to allocate your share of the inflation pool.

That's what the 50/50 Curation/Author change was all about. Now those who are voting retain a larger percentage of Inflation. While this can still be gamed through autovoting, it does favor those who are paying attention and who are engaged with the site.

I noticed today that my calculated vote on @adsup is steadily going up, of course, the vote its self is different depending on what I vote on. You can see this on


Login in at hover your mouse over your avatar, click tools, at the top of the page you will see vote value at 100%


A week or so ago on that account, it was $1.20 and yesterday it was $1.63. The reason the amount is growing has more to do with changes of behavior from other voters than the account value going up.
It is value being returned by downvotes and less bidbot voting.

This is the beginning of NewSteem in action. Due to getting larger votes I'm able to spend my votes on more minnows and return to the practice of giving comment votes above the dust level.

I keep asking for names or examples of accounts that were creating excellent content prior to the fork who are now struggling, but no one has dropped even one name. I'm still open to looking for support for those who are struggling if anyone knows of anyone.

I keep getting these angry comments about the little accounts, but I'm asking who and where they are.


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This is a post by @myjob, a 60-ish fisherwoman on the west coast of Florida. This post is paying out in a couple of days and currently has a 20 cent reward on it. This is a pretty standard reward for her posts - of course, about 30% lower than a few weeks ago.

@myjob has been here about 6 months is rep 56 and has about 475 sp. She is part of the @tenkminnows project by @steevc. I have already sent you info on this project where he tries to get good redfish to over 500 SP. @myjob will soon be a winner there.

She posts 1-2 times a day about her very fascinating life. This post is a very good representation of her work and continues on in the many interesting comments other little people post. When her posts are not about fishing they are equally captivating and show the type of person she is. Recently I read about how she purchased a horse with the money from her first teen job, and we get a lot about hurricanes and raising a large family without much money. You never know what you will read and see with this lady.

I [email protected] from @freewritehouse by @mariannewest and have been thrilled to see her progress from a few paragraphs with no photos to what you see today. She has taken my minnow tips and run with them, recently joining the Wednesday Walk event by @tattoodjay. I know she will continue to progress.

I think @myjob is just the type of person STEEM needs to succeed. I hope you will agree and support, @whatsup.

i'm struggling.

Oh, you just do comments right?

yep lol


A lot of people were producing very average content before the fork and expected the fork to help them. Their content and rewards are still average.
Most people I know who produced great content before hf21 are still doing great, if not better. Only the worst people suffered and there is too much stuff happening for good analysis. I've been quiet for 2 weeks, but in another 2 weeks I think I will have enough facts and data to give an informed opinion.
So far I like what I see.
I haven't really checked if my vote increased. However I have around 1000 more sp since before the fork so I'm guessing it did.

Hi @whatsup … I have a content creator name for you to check out who produces well written stuff, and engages well with others too :>)

Here it is: @dandays … he's been traveling with his wife @puravidaville and they are presently exploring the UK.

Good call!! X2 on that!!


Today I stumbled upon an interesting post by @ladybug146.

Thanks for thinking of me @oldtimer! :) xox

You're welcome.

edgargonzales could use a little more attention, too.

Well humble as I am, I can say that I did wrote some pretty decent posts before HF21 and even some after.
But I decided to decrease the time I am spending on writing my posts. Heck I even better can walk and write a daily actifit post and the earning would be more or less the same (read meaningless) and that is after writing almost 10K comment and a daily post in the past 1.5 year!
A whale still has to discover me. So my earnings did drop due to the 50/50 split. But I am even harder punished by the linear reward curve! Most accounts which are following me, see that their upvotes suddenly only are counted for 50% due that linear reward curve.
So after some tough I decided to not write a daily post anymore, will go back to commenting and have some fun while it lasts.
Yes, you can say that mu curation rewards went up but it doesn’t come even close to what I am loosing on the author side.
Probably you didn’t get lots of people complaining about this because they just stopped writing, searched for some accounts which does pass the linear reward curve post after post and does set these accounts on autovote after 4 minutes.
Interaction is probably on its altime lowest! It is hard for most to give a comment an upvote above the threshold. Yep due to the lunear reward curve!
Comments are according to me one of the cornerstone of a blockchain which claims to be part of the social media!
The other side of the medal of course proves that lots of people were just commenting to receive an upvote!
HF21 has 2 sides or faces. One smiling, the other side depends on the SP you have, but for 90% it is just shoeing us the middle finger.


I agree.

You should try again Peter as to stop while the blockchain is still adjusting to changed behavior is sad.

You post again, I will upvote them a few times until you give it a chance. (this offer goes to you, because I know you.)

Thx for the offer!
Will keep it in mind!

#newsteem is off to a good start. 👍🏿


Look at you name droppin’ Like crazy. Hahaha. Thanks for steering me this direction.

If you have enough Steem Power and you select content that is popular you may even earn some Steem

I'd reword that to select content that becomes popular. I just received 3.332 STEEM because I voted quite late on a new member's art post. I had no way of knowing that post would become popular over time, as more actual curation occurred after my efforts. So that was a nice bonus.

I still don't mind voting late, like I did here on your post. I voted late quite often before the hardfork. Even if I do that now, I'm still earning more than before. Once a post hits about $10, my vote is full force, rather than of lesser value until more votes roll in. We're not being penalized when voting late, we simply lessen the odds of hitting that curation lottery win like I had received today. Seems reasonable to me.

Good rewording

May I propose @anaclark as a good content creator? I like what she writes despite she is not still a minnow I think she has the attitude and skills to be supported...

Thank you @toofasteddie.

Fun fact: you'd make an amazing cheerleader!! 😂💕

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Hope it helps 😉

She is good .


Fantastic ! I will try to offer some suggestions.. I try to spend time just looking for new to me stuff. Great work otherwise !

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Interesting. It will take a lot for me to understand it completely.

I’ve looked around and I’m happy to say a lot of people are at least earning a couple of bucks. Some of them under HF20 started to slack off a bit on engaging with their audience, getting out of their blog and quality itself. I can only hope they put in more effort now that the platform is making an honest attempt.

With all the posts calling for people to help find undervalued individuals I say played a large role in that.

There were and I think still are a number of stragglers who are not using tribe tags. I think that right there is a great way to stand out in the niche areas for those putting in the time. I’ve help a couple move over to using them and even better when they get a taste of their content being on the trending page for a tribe. Harder for the spam and zero effort posts to stand on two legs in those areas.

As far as the “little accounts.” I think a couple people who over bid bot their content when they put zero effect into it with every single Steem they own had a bad week. Hard to build an account when everything goes into such a high risk venture like that.

Thank you @whatsup this helped me to learn more about how the New Steem Works now after the Fork. I have noticed some of the bigger Players doing more curating now...........

Yeah.. I've seen that more accounts r actively curating

You're doing a great drop with curating so far! I read a few of the posts I trailed you on and I feel comfortable with allocating you my sp while i'm off studying! Thanks again!

Well... I used to be a minnow. After 2 years I am now a dolphin. I am earning more from Curation than Creation these days.

Take a look at these authors. Plenty if high-quality photography to choose from.

Wouldn't you want that to occupy Trending rather than the Steem-centric technobabble about stuff practically nobody in the outside world who stumbles upon Steemit will give a fuck?

By the way, Steemit's default mode of showing photographs as thumbnails seriously needs an upgrade. When I show someone Steem for the first time ever, I never take them to Steemit. SteemPeak works much better because it looks so much better.

I'm not a fan of the photography tag, as much of it is snap shots and it's very difficult to verify.

I was just stating in chat that I like Steem posts and new users need a place to find out how it all works.

We all have different tastes.

Just to clarify:

That stuff is curated by @photofeed. There are no snapshots there!

I'm not against Steem posts but, in my opinion, they should not make up the majority of what's in the top spots of Trending. Instagram didn't attract a billion users by talking about itself all the time.

yep, I saw they are beautiful. And yes, a mix up is good.

After looking those were already curated and beautiful. Just wanted to follow up with that.


I am struggling, but everybody thinks I am doing fine :)

Well you aren't posting. :)

Is this some deep level stuff? are you doing ok buddy? Feel free to reach out if you need any help.

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You are NON-Post to SKULLING my friend!

I don't think its tracking right anymore honestly. When you actually do a vote its 1/2 that value if not less then half. I kind of have a feeling they have not updated the calculations since the last hard fork.

Hmm, that might be a good point. :) Shoot, well... I guess that's why we should talk about it.

I think that SteemWorld just updated this calculation a few days ago.

I recognized, that my vote value grew as well. I thought that the steem price increased. I was wrong! It's #newsteem!

Still can't upvote comments as easily, though. lol

I am going to build a community bot project for NEWSTEEM taggers who provides quality contents! Loosing the bidbot grip is a huge win ofcourse!


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Hi @whatsup can I suggest my name for your curation list I'm struggling since the joining . I always try to produce quality content but there is no appreciation for that it is to difficult for me to get noticed. You can visit my blog if you find I'm bringing little bit value to Steem through quality content so please your kind support is anticipated.

but how about with small power wu, is the curation rewards getting bigger also?haha

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@whatsup, #Newsteem is beautiful and this Transformation changed the Economic and Numeric picture of Steem Blockchain. But the ultimate change is, the Culture Change. Stay blessed.

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~Smartsteem Curation Team


Sounds good, I'll check it out

Hi, @whatsup!

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I'm a newbie here , I post some great photographs but it isn't reaching to the audience. Help me you experienced guys that how can I increase my audience. I have followed everyone in this comment section

I'm your follower so you can help your beloved follower

Awesome picture dude ! I like Orca

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Dear @whatsup

I'm sure most Steemians understand that when you vote you are allocating newly created Steem from the inflation pool. The amount you get to allocate is directly related to how much Steem Power you hold

Just yesterday I was wondering how to explain it to someone who is new on steemit. You explained it just right. Easy and simple to understand.

I also noticed lately that my upvote is stronger now than it has been right after HF21. It's hard to undertstand why, but no reason to complain :) Personally I thought that steemit inc is changing algorithm.

I keep asking for names or examples of accounts that were creating excellent content prior to the fork who are now struggling, but no one has dropped even one name. I'm still open to looking for support for those who are struggling if anyone knows of anyone.

Please allow me to suggest supporting few accounts:
@pedrobrito2004, @fucho80, @lanzjoseg, @juanmolina, @jadams2k18

Those are solid content creators I've been in touch with for quite some time already and I value their work a lot.


It is really a great move to support minnows. I would share @hungryharish 's profile. This guy is putting a lot of effort and managing a small community of steem aspirants including me.😊

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