Well 2018 is Over, So Where Does Steem We Go From Here?

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It's only a matter of time until our patience pays off!

Looks Like I'll Be Able To Fill My Bags!

As the year is coming to a close I am really happy that we aren't back at $0.80 per Steem because I'll finally be able to buy a big chunk in the next week or so!

I'm trying really hard to make a plan to just average in my position, but I don't want to risk us shooting back up $0.10-0.15, which is a price I won't be able to buy my goal of above 20k Steem.

However, I know once I buy my chuck of Steem I'll probably come to my senses regret not listening to my intuition that is telling me that we will probably be trading between $0.10-0.40 Q1 of 2019. But, you can't time the bottom and I honestly would rather have my bag of Steem secured than be financially responsible lol.

After Our Bags Are Full, We Wait

I believe that 2019 is going to be another year of development for not only Steem, but the rest of the crypto markets as well.

It would be dope to see the beginning of another bull market, but I am prepared to accumulate for another year and a half as we get ready for the 2020 halving of Bitcoin, which historically send us in an upward trajectory!

I would actually rather that happen because if we have a stronger base of Dapps and SMTs, as well as a better distribution of Steem (minnows please buy some bags), I believe we will find our community in the upper third of market caps across all crypto!

That's life changing money, that can only be taken advantage of by those with the foresight and patience to make the right choices!

Now that I say that, it might be smarter for me to just average in to my position and just be patient. Oh, and also buy at least 1 Bitcoin in the next few months!

Hope everyone had/has a safe NYE and a happy New Year! Let's continue to grow, share, and earn Steem in 2019!



Love your passion brother! I’m right there with ya!!!

Let’s get this bag 2019!

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I agree with you, that while I would love to buy at the bottom, I am afraid Steem will start going back up, so I Blog as much as possible and buy what I can, plus try to maximize the Bots. I plan to “fill my bags” and hold, using SP and Steemit to grow my stake. I hope our hope and faith are well placed.
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Steem On!

Love your thought process! I think maximizing the bots is the most important thing we should be doing right now!

I just realized that steembottracker isn’t that accurate with its profit calculations! I Went on Steemworld and realIzed that boosters 100% upvote is almost 2x from what is says on bot tracker!

A lot of room for profits and buying $10-$20 here and there adds up!

What calms my nerves is the fact that we have thousands of users still participating on the Steem blockchain at these prices everyday! As long as people keep posting we will continue to have a pulse and whoever has a pulse in a bull market tends to benefit!

Thanks for the support and good luck with filling your bags!

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Definitely a year of continued building so patience and prudence will always payoff as the technology develops and the community continues to create value!

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Translation: “how many times do I have to tell you to just be patient & $ cost average”

Lol I know, I know bro! I think ima listen to your advice this time 😂

If it were you, how would you split up and $ cost avg ~$3000? Not very good with making a good plan

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I like to divide in 3-6 installments... You could do over a monthly or bi-weekly approach depending on price moves. I try to do a purchase every first week of the month but if prices get attractive I would move to every 2 weeks. I have been holding on this month but probably will execute tomorrow and buy some down here... I am updating a post to describe it... be on the lookout for it!

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Ahhhh thanks bro!

Definitely very helpful! I think I might try 5 installments bi-weekly or 3 installments monthly 🧐

I’ll be on the look out!

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