Is Earning/Buying 100 Steem A Day Possible?

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$10 a day, keeps the spammers at bay. Well actually it might attract more of em, but it rhymed so whatever!

Hey, It's Been A While

As the price of our favorite crypto continues to drop along with the rest of the market, I've noticed many of my favorite steemians continue to write, create, and build up our little ecosystem. It's been really cool watching more and more long time minnows and dolphins add to their wallets, what would be considered an unthinkable amount of Steem to their wallets just a year ago!

Wow, what I would give to get back to $0.80 Steem.

Actually there is only a few thing's I'd give, which would start with exchanging a few thousand Steem with those who didn't bother to speculate or weather our crypto winter. And maybe a few upvotes to some minnows in my favorite community.

But I digress....

As the price continues to fall and time continues to tick, tick, tock.....I've been living my life away from the blockchain slowly and slowly becoming one of those individuals who failed to speculate and accumulate that I mentioned above.

In my defense, studying to become a doctor is rather hard and time consuming, but we're talking about some life changing shit man. And I have to say, it's probably easier than ever to earn or buy Steem.

So being the goal oriented self made (but mostly bought) dolphin that I am, I read some bullish articles about communities and looked at my desolate bank account to get motivated, then turned on the ole noggin to figure out how I was going to increase my stake here on Steemit.

I figured that saving or earning $10-15 a day or $70 a week to put towards Steem was reasonable, which at these prices equates to ~100 Steem a day depending on the price swings. That would be around 3k Steem a month, which would've been a small fortune just a year ago!

Let's See If We Can Make It Happen!

Nothing Wrong With Passive

Being the busy student that I am, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing all of the time and money i've invested over the years was accumulating dust. Now that voting bots are immoral and frankly not profitable, I had to figure out a way to utilize my stake, while I was away.

In comes @dlease, whose website gives us the opportunity to lease our Steem to accounts that we approve of for a fixed and agreed upon rate and duration. Steem from your contract is paid out daily, which makes my life easier when trying to figure out how much Steem I can make a day.

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 6.37.07 PM.png

Unfortunately I have a ~4500 sp delegation that has expired, but I believe once I get that Steem back in the cycle, I'd be making about 2.8-3.3 Steem per day from my delegations.

Now that's an amount far from 100, but considering 100 steem costs about $1.2 at the moment, I don't think all is lost.

97 Steem To Go

One obvious method to close that gap is simply posting content on Steemit or many of the alternative communities popping up! Now this isn't really a sustainable method for me because I'm not very consistent when it comes to posting, which means I don't have a group of curators waiting to pump my superior writing skillz for curation rewards.

Now those of you that have continued to blog, build, and curate during the last year or so, are in a great position to earn a few dollars per post! Especially with the increased incentive to curate after our recent hardfork!

Let's say that this post will get about $1 after someone realizes how undervalued it is, which leaves me with only $0.5, or a little over 4 steem.

Yikes, it looks like the rest of the 93 Steem is going to have to come from me simply buying!

Time To Give Up Eating Out

Or really anything that you waste a few dollars a day on! It's crunch time for us future doctors, so i've been spending ~$70 a week on eating out, which is double my weekly grocery bill!

Luckily i'll be able to get my life back in order after this week, so that alone should free up $5 a day I could spend on buying Steem instead.

Now we're getting somewhere! $5 today would buy me about 41.6 Steem, which would bring us to 47 Steem total.


There are a few little tricks you can do to add at least 1 steem a post like using @busy to post your content! Bust upvotes your post if you include the busy tag, which used to be about 0.2 cent, but we'll see what happens today!

Another way you could earn a few Steem is buying, winning, and renting out Splinterland cards! Now I haven't tried this yet, which I'm sure I'ma kick myself for in the future, but if you're not actively playing and have a few high level cards, I've seen players earn 15-19% of their cards value a day!


I'm pretty sure I could effortlessly gather about $5-6 a day without changing my lifestyle much and i'm sure I could figure out how to budget an extra $4 by going out one night less a weekend.

I think I might start a little challenge next week to see if I can actually earn about 3k worth of Steem in December! It would be cool to see how creative I can get when my goal is only $10-12 a day!

How much Steem can you earn a day? How would you do it?




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Kick ass brother! Wish we had more people here willing to put a few bucks into Steem. I have and I feel I take it slightly more serious as I have some skin in the Game. Best of luck with it brother.

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Ohhh snap! When did you reach whale status!! Congrats, I’m debating on wether or not I make the plunge myself!

Orca. I wish I was in whale territory. Lol

A few months back I made the plunge!!! Come join me in the deep end!!!

You're all whales in my eyes haha! And I think I will, but might use a $cost avg method where I try and figure out how to make $5 to $10 dollars a day!

I believe the prices will go up eventually, but prices between 0.8 and 0.15 are a still a steal, so might as well take my time!

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