Gratitude Day 12/62: Childhood Friend

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Sola Jimoh, wearing school uniform and my humble self. 2007 End of Year School Party

Do you have people in your life that are just immovable? No matter what you do or fail to do, these people just won't move. I do! I Have a friend like that and his name is Sola Jimoh. I'm grateful for the kind of relationship we have. I have not spoken to him for months now. Yet when we see it would be as if we talk everyday. We have tolled very different paths. We attended the same Secondary School and University. While we were in the University of Benin we didn't talk much but during the holidays we would visit each other and catch up on old times. The joy and the friendship would still be there and even when we disagree or have a conflict, we would still protect each other. When I need help he is one person I cannot be too shy to call and vice versa.

Today I want to thank God for the gift of Sola my childhood friend. He is not on Steemit. He doesn't like magical internet money, lol... He believes in earning his money through more conventional means. I respect his decision.

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Some of our friendships from high school will grow up to be some of the most valuable friendships in our lives. I can attest to that.

Yeah there are friends like that who you just get stuck with for decades and keep my in touch once in while but have such a strong bond. I can relate to this @tojukaka. Cos i have got such friends too.

You look handsome when at the young age

That picture must be when you were still a teenage

I didn't see my name in your last update of people participating in gratitude day #11

hermoso desafio, hace unos días que se pensaba que teníamos Dios con nosotros, con la vida, hay personas que no han sido agradecidos con las personas que han tenido la mano en momentos difíciles, y eso es lamentable.

Friends who stick to us like brothers.

Good evening sir Tojukaka, gosh I missed a day and everything went slightly out of path for me. Please Can fuse the days I missed into a particular blog? I guess you missed one of my gratitudeday post due to it being day 5 when you were around 9.

I want to be able to follow your days tag that's why. Thank you very much once again sir.

Remain blessed always.

I also have a childhood friend like that. We don't talk much now but whenever we are opportuned to see each other, we would talk about the good old a very nice experience though

See bobos ooh.


Looking at the above picture, it reminds me of childhood days.I have some pictures like that and it's really awesome to see how I looked like in the past years.

I am grateful to God for the good life and good health he has given me.

And I am also grateful to you for being one of the amazing people I have met on here.

Blessings sir.

Hasta lasbista!

Always amazing to have true friends. Just based off of your story, I can tell that you guys have a very strong bond!