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RE: New STEEM... It's not like OLD STEEM

in #busy2 years ago

I'm a walking billboard for STEEM!


I've been around for a little over two years, and be it old STEEM or new STEEM, I'm in this game for the long haul!

I'll see what I can throw together in terms of marketing materials, and I've had a "Why STEEM?" article planned for a couple weeks that I could use to start my new wave of trying to get friends and family involved. I'll post everything I make as soon as I find some time around work and being a full time single father 😉


Wow - you're the first person I know of that has Steem tats! Amazing!

I didn't even know you were that hardcore man haha... yes, we got some exciting things going to come down for NEW steem just watch! I'll let you know so you can include your "Why STEEM?" piece. Good to see you around! Hope all is well buddy.

How did you of all people not know about my steemtats? 😁

I've been getting better. After having my head turned inside out by the love of my life, I'm finally putting the pieces back together and regaining some of my old motivation and creativity.

Good to hear from you, bro! Hmu on discord anytime!

Keep up the good work as a writer, worker, and father.

That's the Old Steem logo. You need to update to New Steem logo.

So just white out what I have, and fill in a circle around it? Meh.

It shows how long I've been down I suppose 🤷‍♂️😁