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This post is the result of a comment by @hotsauceislethal.

Elon Musk is getting a lot of attention with his bold claims. This is nothing new since the guy is known to be very bold in his public statements. He pushes everything to the edge which gains the respect of some and the detest of many. His timelines tend to be fluid at best. I learned that "Elon-time" is whatever he states times plus 3.

He claims that next year, Tesla will be offering a "robotaxi" service with a millions cars on the road. While the million figure could be attainable, the full autonomy is questioned by many. While he is likely to pull it off, 18 months is likely not going to happen.

That said, what happens when it does take place? Part of Musk's vision is that Tesla owners have an appreciating asset. The cars are designed to be updated as more innovation comes out. His idea behind autonomy is to enable owners to have robotic "Ubers" running around.

Certainly, one of the central premises for cryptocurrency and blockchain is the increased use of automation. Machines do not interact like people do. Hence, we see a new avenue of transactions taking place. Part of this will stem from the alternative form of funding that tokenization offers.

So here is a vision for you which expands upon Musk's idea.

Ole Elon wants people to buy a Tesla (or perhaps lease by that time) and then rideshare it out. This makes sense if autonomous driving is available (and successful). Here we see his vision where the car could drop you off at work and then, the car itself, goes to work.

Musk's idea is that the owner can get an ROI on the car. It becomes a source of income for people instead of a depreciating asset sitting in the parking lot. This is a bold vision.

Now, let us take this one step further. Let us look at that Tesla as a DAO. As an autonomous mechanism, we can set it up to be fully autonomous. I presume Tesla's platform will drive the handling of fares, for a fee of course. This means the car will be notified of location and time to pick someone up along with the destination.

Once we acquire the vehicle, we can turn to cryptocurrency. We can turn around and offer tokens out against the "Organization". By offering out fractional ownership, we reduce the risk while offering people the opportunity to earn a stream of income themselves. Over time, as the payouts increase, one could keep adding to the system.

Then there is this little gem. How about Elon add some solar panels to the car so that it becomes an actual energy producer? This idea is to run the car on solar during the day and sell the excess back to the grid at night.

Again, under this situation, the token owners would further profit.

This is an idea that is being tested out on Porto Santo.

While I question the ability to convert enough of the sun's light to generate power for the car AND to have excess, the idea is intriguing. Let us step out of reality and presume it is possible on a large scale.

We now have a fully self supporting DAO that requires only minimal maintenance. It is fractionalized via tokens meaning many people "own" the asset. It is generating a revenue which is dropped into token holders wallets at various intervals. The tokens are traded on a DEX like Steem-Engine meaning people can exit their position whenever they desire. To mitigate risk, one can buy tokens in many different DAOs.

All the transactions would be recorded on the blockchain. The system could be completely autonomous, removing the need for a ton of human interaction. People would have the opportunity to share in the proceeds, especially if they are the ones using the system. They could buy a piece of the action themselves, thus being an owner in addition to a user.

The possibilities certainly can get interesting. This is what it mean when we talk about the convergence of technologies. Certain breakthroughs in one area allows for innovation elsewhere.

Hang on, the fun is just getting started.

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Tsitsipas is one of the best Tennis players in the world from Greece!
One of his latest videos is extremely related with your current post and I saw it a couple of hours before your post... I don't believe in coincidences ... so ... enjoy !

One day I’ll be sitting in my Tesla in the garage of my solar powered home, and I’ll be posting something on steemit

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Tell you what. When fully autonomous vehicles are a thing and the platform mechanisms evolve to allow car owners to run their autonomous automobiles for profit, I will create a SCOT that will represent ownership in the automobile.

Maybe even roll out a nitrous instance to record everything that the car does.

SCOT staking will carry revenue streams and voting rights on what to do.

Instant DAO.

*written from an uber on the way to the airport

Exactly the short of thing I have been thinking as I can see lot's of potential for this sort of thing. People can invest say a portion of steem to buy a token for a share in whatever it maybe. This investment buys the car, unit, or farm etc. And you get a return according to the share you hold.

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This is a great idea! I love the idea of micro investments in things like real estate, and this is even better! Definitely upvoted and resteemed. Good luck!