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A week ago I wrote an article about @wherein, a social media application that is looking to target the Chinese market. As we all know, China has two big advantages that Steem would love to leverage: an enormous population while being a technologically advanced country especially when it comes to mobile use.

Here is that post for those who missed it.


One of the biggest innovations the team is bringing is the idea of communities. This is not communities how we normally express it. Instead, they are seeking to build communities of varying sizes based upon Geo-Tags. It is through this that smaller communities feed into larger ones.

For example, let us use bird watching as an example. Using the tag birds or birdwatching will bring those of us together who are interested in those categories. However, we will be spread all over the world making it a very fragmented community.

By using Geo-Tags, a community of bird watchers could post in a specific geographic location. This would serve two purposes. Pictures of birds taken in that area would automatically be tied to that area so anyone searching could find them. Also, it brings local people together with similar interests. Hence we see both the online and offline communities developing.

These communities based upon interest along with the idea of this kind of taking is obviously requiring a multi-stage approach. The Wherein team announced their first step in this process with the release of Community Version 1.0.


Here is what they had to say about it.

With the same idea and technology, WhereIn has developed a new simple community function to enable each individual to build self-centered communities (tags). Small communities combine into bigger ones. Individuals connect with each other and create new communities. Each community is independent and is connected to each other at the same time. We have a preliminary model in mind about the final community module, but it’s only an envision at this stage. So we have launched the first version of WhereIn community, and we invite you to explore with us and to improve it along the way. We look forward to your test use and feedback!

SteemKillers Is Coming

While we are at it, why not add a bit of gaming. This is exactly what the @wherein team is doing.

After the Chinese New Year (February 5) , they are going to release the SteemKillers game. This is modeled after the old Mafia Game.

For those who have no idea what that is:


Their idea is to replicate the game while tying it to the Steem blockchain. By doing this, people can delegate SP, play the game and create with each other. Also, winners can post their results and receive upvotes.

Steemkillers is currently being tested and will go live with WhereIn Dapp after the Chinese New Year. We are looking forward to creating the legend together with you!

They also have a delegation program which will be converted to the Wherein Token when that is released.

Here is their post which explains the delegation along with further information on what I just mentioned.


This is very cool. Here is a project I knew nothing about a week ago. As I wrote in my original post, the way I found it was because it was listed on the State of the DApps website. After looking further into it, I was blown away.

And now, a week later, we see some of their plans coming to life. Those of you who follow me know I love applications that are constantly updating and pushing their project forward. I know it was in the works before the post a week ago but what they accomplished in a short period of time is pretty incredible.

As I wrote last time, this is one to keep an eye on. This team seems very creative and approaching things much differently than we are use to seeing. The idea of creating smaller communities that merge into larger communities is very encouraging.

I also like the idea of bringing this offline and bringing people together. That really could help the Steem Community in China (or anywhere else) grow. Imagine being able to put together a party game and inviting friends; some Steemians, some not. Suddenly there would be some interest from the non-Steemians in what is taking place here.

All wonderful ideas and a project I was happy to support with a delegation.

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Man please I hope steem SPIKES in the coming months


I am in it for the long haul, but yes, it really needs to improve drastically.

Thanks for sharing this as I had no idea about the project either. I'll have to check out the game when the English version releases, and would love to connect with more people around Chicago / NW Indiana on the platform and seeing content via a geotag sounds like an awesome idea if I'm understanding correctly.


Hey hey posting from the @wherein app now.


That is awesome @gniksivart. How was the login? Did they use Steemconnect?


Yeah I used steemconnect to log in and downloaded the apk from the website wherein.io I think. Pretty typical interface with your feed plus other sections. Don't know if it's hot, trending or some other filter as it's in Chinese. Next section is a place for notifications (replies and upvotes from what it appears), and the last section for your profile.

There are settings and a way to search, but once again can't read Chinese to know what any of it actually does.

I was going to say it has a very instagram feel to the app, but wasn't sure this was completely fair as I can't understand everything that is going on, but looks like I was right on the money.

So this appears to be a competitor to @appics


Thanks for the review and the limited understanding of what is on there due to the language barrier is understandable.

It does seem like that have a nice product for such an early iteration.

Really exciting considering the market they are targeting.

Thanks for passing that along. I've dropped 1000 SP delegation on them; would love to see more International flavour on the chain.

Yeah I love the whole idea of this app. Im waiting for the English version which he said was coming soon.

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That is very good to know. An English version would certainly expand the potential reach.

Those mafia app sounds very interesting and I cant wait to See it. Despite it annoyed me aus lot while it was big on Facebook

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Wow! 👌 Great news-- this is awesome. Thanks for keeping us abreast of these new editions to the blockchain Task! 💪🎶🐶

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Sound interesting read about this social media as this will be my first time of knowing about this

Just delegated 500SP to them. Fingers crossed for a year or so.

This is surely one that needs to be tracked as the potential to expand the user base is great! I hope they also consider ways to onboard new accounts directly in their community to support and motivate over time in order to improve retention.

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Sounds like this is going to be one of those things that will catch on everywhere. I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Thanks.

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Cool stuff, thanks for keeping us updated :) !tipuvote 5 steem


Thank you @cardboard.

I need to do a write up on @tipu. It is a wonderful app that everyone needs to know about.

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The community feature sounds promising!

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Very good Dapp

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Looks like a good app with a progressive team behind it. I'll be watchign wit you to see where it is going.


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