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We are so smart. Science and technology advanced a great deal over the last century plus. Since 1900, we saw an enormous jump in our capabilities. The innovation we experienced is truly mind-boggling.

What is even more fascinating is things keep speeding up. Our breakthroughs occur at a more rapid pace and a higher level. I guess it is since we are starting so much further along that we can do this.

We have a lot to be proud of. Or do we? Compared to where we were 150 years ago, things are radically different.

If we took the latest 8K television and put it in front of someone in the early 1800s, what would they think? Here is a device with a person inside. Yet they are flat so they could not fit. The idea of moving pictures was beyond their grasp. They had no concept of wireless broadcast or transmission.

Would a person in this situation thing the television was a "god"? Certainly, it would be looked upon as magic.

Isn't that interesting? Something that we can explain today scientifically would be magical back then. Does that also apply to us?

How much smarter are other "beings" that are 50,000, 100,000, or even 1M years ahead of us? Could they be looking upon as the same way we look at how primitive those in the early 19th century were.

You ever hear of Nassim Haramein? He is a genius....or a nut. Some believe he deserves the Nobel Prize in Physics. Others feel that he is not even qualified to teach high school physics. He is a theoretical physicist who is working on a way to use plasma to control gravity, hence allowing us to jettison around the solar system.

Is he right? I have no idea but if he is, another genius/nutcase, Elon Musk is barking up the wrong tree. There will be no need for his big rockets if this guy is right.

That is all far out stuff anyway. Let us stick to stuff we know.

Energy is obvious. Fossil fuels are bad. Pick up any mainstream publication and it will tell you that. Renewables are the way to go. Man-made climate change is real. The science is settled and the consensus is in. This should be a warning. Science is never settled and consensus among scientists is harder to reach than among politicians.

Solar and wind are the way to go. They protect the planet that we are destroying. The only problem is the windmills kill the birds. And solar is a wonderful idea, except for Calgary in the middle of a snow storm in January.

But this is our present knowledge so we follow it.

By the way, just out of curiosity, did you ever see a volcano erupt? Did you see the power that comes out of there? Such force along with a ton of heat. Perhaps the rock that we are floating through space upon could provide us with all the energy we need. Instead of drilling into the Earth to extract oil, maybe there is a way to keep sending something down further to tap into all that heat that we see coming out of the Earth.

Where do thoughts come from? We have so little understanding of the brain that we are clueless what goes on in our heads. That said, there is reason to believe thoughts, like everything else in the Universe, are vibrations. Is the brain a receptor that "tunes" in?

Did you take driver's ed as a teen? If you did, do you recall the part of the class where the instructor taught you what to do when cut off by another driver? Obviously you do because we all have visions of zooming passed the person, forcing him or her to the side of the road, and repeatedly going to town on one's head with a tire iron.

Surely that was in the class because most have a variation on it.

Imagine seeing this 40 years ago. Talk about freaking people out.

Sci-Fi is just that...fiction.....until it is not.

Remember the transponders in Star Trek? Now we look back on those flip phones and laugh. No I am not talking 50 years ago to the Star Trek series. We look back upon what we were using in 2007 with amusement. What was futuristic in the late 1960s is not old technology 50 years later.

Will we laugh in 5-10 years about using a physical device to communicate?

What will things be like 50 years from now? I bet we'll look back on 2019 as a time when we were rather naive. Would you go to the store today to rent a couple videos? For the most part, people will not.

Then why do you go to the doctor's office to get an examination? In a couple decades, will that be akin to going out and renting a video? Will we even be dealing with a person at that point or will diagnosis come from a set of specialized programs?

Do we even need this physical being? Are there species out there who were once human and now moved beyond that? Could it be that the biological state is just a part of the evolutionary process that we will surpass?

When will we look at what humans do as barbaric? Some people are starting to see how we are all connected. The connection exists are the smallest of levels, could this be extrapolated on a larger degree? When we talk about the "presence" that binds us all, could it really be? Some branches of science are starting to pursue it.

Perhaps there is a god after all.

Either way, what is considered magic today could be a part of everyday life in just a few years.

It is impossible for us to know what we do not know.

Humanity could be close to growing up. How will it all unfold is going to be interesting.

Today's spirituality might be tomorrow's science.

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Today's spirituality is already tomorrow's science.

Judging by what i have seen.

But what really gets me is that technological advancement is not linear.
What if we never discovered silicon transistors? Our vacuum tubes could be simply amazing. What they were doing with vacuum tubes was already mind blowing when we ditched them for chips... for some reason.

The way that the universe talks to one another is really simple... if you understand the structure of the universe. Almost as simple as banging on a wall of a jail cell. (you just have to know where the wall is)

And we could have stumbled upon this communication way, and never done this EM shit.

Or what if we followed Tesla and not Marconi?

The only thing we know is that we are not the most advanced species that has been on this planet. And, it appears that the more advanced species was homo-sapiens.

Indeed it's true. We are so primative in our competitive fear based nature. There is so much potential but how do we harness and direct that energy in a good way? No doubt that solar is a good thing except when there's little day light, a lot of snow and dangerous spells of long lasting cold to manage in Calgary and further north too! And, i am not sure about this but dome say that the material to make solar power is also very invasive & harmful to the environment. One day at a time! One breath at a time! Great post as always. Thanks Task!

This post brings to mind Arthur C. Clarke's three adages.

  • When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
  • The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
  • Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

I often think about what technology will look like in the future, but the truth is there's only so far your imagination can take you. Some things need to be experienced empirically before we can conceptualise how they could evolve, so while we might be able to conceptualise about what technology will be around in 20 years, to imagine what will be here in 100 or 1000 years, we may need the experience of living with technology from 50 or 500 years in the future.

What if we don't know what we think we know?😉
We often take the surface as all there is. ^^

The only thing that really exists is inside of us. Reality is relative, through meditation, we see that the surface is just a physical representation of the internal, the intellect, the ego, and the spirit. (If you believe in that sort of thing). 🤷‍♂️

you better be sure that I believe in that sort of thing ;)

We don't.
Everything we are taught in science class today is wrong.

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The most interesting fact for me is still. We have achieved the atomic bomb, nuclear energy, space craft, solar energy etc... but most humans are still controlled by bad emotions like greed, hate, power abuse etc... it always reminds me of the picture where a monkey sits next to the red button of the A-bomb. I would rather like to see some real human psychological evolution towards a more free and peaceful world rather than the next technology revolution...but thats probably just me.

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