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The first release of 24 tutorials about dWeb came out yesterday. It revealed the plans of creating a new foundation for the internet, one that is free from censorship and control by the large corporations.

Many are fearing the further development that might replace Bitshares and STEEM. Actually, what we are seeing is a uniting of the @dan creations. There is a move to create a web that is going to serve humanity as opposed to the corporate elite.

This has the potential to rock the establishment to the foundation.


At the core of this is what is referred to as dBank. This is actually on a fork of the STEEM blockchain. This is a bank that is a true DAO, not owned nor controlled by anyone. This is a radical difference from what we are presently living under.

A dBank is a decentralized bank that is a true DAO. Nobody owns it, nobody controls it, nobody runs it. It runs itself. Coins are not sold by a company, because there isn't a company. dBank was birthed by 21 community members within our growing dWeb community over the course of 6 months. dBank is a fundamental piece of our vision, as it attaches to the dApps on our network as a decentralized payment protocol and pays users for the content they create, write, design, record or otherwise as well as payout those who sell products via the dBank protocol. Did we mention that dBank is a fork of Steemit?

dBank will have a native token that is used throughout the ecosystem. However, integration of the other tokens will also be present via dPay which is a PayPal type application.

dPay is the Paypal of the dWeb, featuring dBank's native cryptocurrency, along with a our Quint/BTS/STEEM and EOS integrations. dPay allows developers and dSites/dApp operators to easily accept payment within their applications or allow dBank to pay their users for content on dApp platforms.

Hence anything developed on the dWeb will have the ability to accept Quint, STEEM, Bitshares, and EOS as currency. This radically expands the reach of each of these tokens.

They are creating everything you can think of under the D-model. Just a few:

dTunes-like Spotify/Pandora
dVideo-like YouTube
dStatus-like Twitter
dDrives/dFTP-distributed hard drive
decentralized OS

And here is an interesting one with ties to the STEEM blockchain:

dSocial - dSocial is the dWeb's very own rendition of Facebook, a semi-fork of Busy and is highly integrated with both the dBank/DWEB protocols, will bring a fresh crypto-economic perspective to social networking and will free users who are used to being worried about censorship and privacy, while also delivering on securing their need for privacy and free speech, like no other social network has done before - thanks to the dweb:// protocol. We will go over all of those features and how influencers on other platforms like dTunes and dVideo will bring the masses to a better social experience.

Finally, we see this:

The dWeb/BTS/Steem/EOS/CloudCoin Connection - Will air live on Crypto Connie - you will have to tune in to find out about Stan's Potion #9 and all the juicy details!

It is important to remember that dWeb is an alternative to the http/s protocol that the present internet is based upon. This new "web" is a mesh network meaning that nothing can shut it down. The entire system is spread out without any central points. Notice how a lot of the basics that exist on the internet were designed. This is to prevent any weak, centralized points in the system.

Without hosting, it is difficult for sites to be shut down via the company that hosts the sites. It also gets around all the barriers that certain countries erected around the world to "control" the internet.

A big need in this industry is interoperability and this might be the first step. This should allow programmers to design multi-chain applications without having to worry about different wallet configurations. The fact that STEEM, Bitshares, Quint, and EOS are all part of the system along with the native dBank token means that the tokens are essentially wrapped on this new chain.

It also gives people choices. With this new system, one can operate on either blockchain and still profit. In fact, depending upon the application, one might not even be aware of what blockchain he or she is on. The application will operate the same way, regardless of which chain one is on.

Finally, dWeb is completely open meaning that any site can switch to it. The dBrowser still can access http sites like any other web browser. However, any site that is tied to a blockchain like STEEM, can be on the dWeb.

This opens up the door for true decentralization and another step moving away from the system that is presently in control of everything. It also makes the sum of the parts that much stronger and, in my opinion, more valuable.

With each passing day, we get more exciting news about STEEM and what is taking place.

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Awsome news i always belived in Steem and Bitshares these two made me relaize how important the connection is betwen blockchains.
And now with the connection of Dweb Eos and Quintric these will all be easy to use for the avrege joe.


I foresee it moving into the "easier" arena.

It is important to expand the reach of tokens like STEEM and Bitshares. This is the point we are at now....moving the ecosystem to another level.

Great article! It gives an interesting idea for a possible movie script - the focus of which would be steemit. I believe at little to no cost steemians could make full length feature films, especially digital. The last bastion of a free market based cyber economy in the face tyranny and wage slavery

O: I'm excited!


Thanks for resteeming this.

I'm following this activity and I will move my site over as soon as I figure out how.

DNS is the biggest threat we have right now. I don't think my content is likely to be seen as subversive, but I would love to safeguard my content anyway. As soon as I can figure out how to do it myself, I can show other people how to do it.

Holy Mike. How cool is that? Like beyond everything else I've heard.

Wow. Wowwie. The possibilities are simply mind boggling.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I need to do some thinking about the ramifications that directly affect me. WoooHaaa.

hey taskmaster,

how is Dan connected with dweb?


I dont think he is directly. I sense he is working on his own project which could end up on dWeb.

I was utterly unaware that this integrative effort was underway regarding the @dan applications.

I am thrilled to read of this. Mesh networking is exactly the most obvious solution to censorship, financial rapine, and social control of free people communicating with their peers around the world at their sole option without restriction.

There is a reason the First Amendment is first: speech is the essential nature of society, and securing that basis for free people to associate is the primary function necessary for just society.


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So awesome! What an exciting time to be alive. They must be panicking... expect backlash and colusion.... but we will win.

Hmm, if this has a chance of happening, we'd have a disruption on top of the existing blockchain revolution. I wonder when would the rest of the world catch up. That's not the business of those creating the disruptions, btw.

Very interesting point of view. In many ways, this was a revelation for me. Thank you for continuing to try to develop a community.

Очень интересная точка зрения. Во многом, это стало для меня откровением. Спасибо, что продолжаете стараться развить сообщесво.

Hardly to believe what I am reading! When will we see its implementation?

After reading, I wanted to check this out but I was unable to.

This is because of a problem that is all too common in the crypto world, 32 bit discrimination.

This might sound like a silly term, but it is accurate. It is also rather unfortunate. Many 32 bit computers are in use and if user onboarding is important, then devs are making a huge mistake by not cross compiling for 32 bit.

Hopefully someone will make a 32 bit port soon.