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Steemit Inc is powering down and moving their stake. Ned is already doing this.

We are told, for the Steemit accounts, that it is in defense of a possible Fork to remove Steemit's stake. This could be very true.

Although, as always, the optics look bad.

This could be much ado about nothing but, again, without any communication from Steemit, we are left to speculate. As we all can see, the timing makes one wonder.


Tron listed Steemit as a partner on their advertising material for niTROn 2019. Now we all know "partner" could mean a lot of things but it is something that should raise some eyebrows.

My question is why no announcement out of Steemit about this? I would think that this is something to promote especially considering the negativity surrounding this company the last couple months.

I understand that, at times, things need to be kept quiet while negotiations are taking place. However, as we can see, the people over at Tron have no issue announcing it. Also, even though the dates are last week, ordering materials like this for an event takes place well in advance. This means it was not something that went down a week or two ago.

So what is the deal?

Perhaps it is time to start talking about this.

Again, there could be a reasonable explanation for this and it could be a move that helps both Steemit Inc and the Steem blockchain. Maybe Steemit Inc donated some money as a means of promotion. There is no way to tell at this point.

The optics on this, nonetheless, are very poor.

Just another in the expanding list of things surrounding Steemit Inc.

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I still don't understand what's the issue here. What's the problem if Steemit Inc doesn't announce it? it's a private company. I personally don't care if they do it or not, we really need to stop being so paranoid about what Steemit Inc does. We need to go our own way.

I think the point is that it's really good news so it's surprising they haven't said anything.. .especially at a time that everyone is down on them.

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This company has a huge importance in the current Steem eco-system. They are the providers of the Number one dapp on Steem in terms of users. Also, the community depends on them to deliver SMT's which they have time and time again promised to deliver.... We were at 50% done at the end of November...
And now they are sponsoring Tron??? Having so little money left that they have to scrap 70% of their work force, with 12 people left?
This looks to me like if they are looking for a Tron sponsor to implement based on Tron. Looks like they are doing a dlive...
How pathetic... I hated it seeing @ned playing the guitar while he should have been advancing SMT development.

I expect Steemit Inc to clarify this as soon as possible... I am really pissed off that they did not explain or mention it... smells like shit...

To be honest, the community is as to blame as Steemit Inc, we have a lot of witnesses just sitting there on top chilling. Most of them did not do a thing for over a year and just care about how to get more money. The recent events really showed us that witnesses can FUD too. As for Ned, he is like Zuckerberg, but without an army of skilled marketers, managers, etc. Being in public was never his strongest point and he needs to understand that.

In addition to that, I don't like the fact that Steemit Inc is helping some projects, because this will generate projects-rentier-state-like. The community will get too comfortable and the innovation and hard work will gradually start to decline. Maybe Steemit Inc powering down is what it takes to wake up the community. Because going after Steemit Inc stakes was a lazy move to get things going.

People try to make news out of nothing most times

  ·  last year (edited)

Tron's founder recently tweeted and wanted to know of a good project and steemians spammed steem of course. He then directly tweeted to Ned who responded.

I think this is the fruits of that tweet storm.

This happend long before the fork drama

This is the thread I am referring too.

Yes I am sure it did. That is why I mentioned the sign. That does not happen in a week or two.

The question is why no announcement from Steemit and what is the "partnership". The reality is they might be in talks on something and Steemit donated a few bucks to help their conference.

But then again, it could mean something different.

A simply announcement like "we partnered with Tron to help with the cost of their conference and as a platform to promote Steem" would have sufficed.

We shall see what comes out of this.

Probably because tron is a scam :)

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I predict steemit will sell their stack then steem price will skyrocket after all those steem have been distributed to thousands of people

It's just as, if not more likely, that one or a few accounts will buy up any available steem.. There is certainly no guarantee of a balanced redistribution of wealth.

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I'm ready to absorb some steem lol :)

Make sure to get in on the retracement

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  ·  last year (edited)

Cracks open a nice cold Crypto Wallet

I've actually been stacking for quite a bit now, I had ~ 140 SP a couple months ago

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This 100% should be explained...”just what the fuck does this mean @Ned

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Sounds like @ned is pulling a Dlive. Even if he's not he's still a piece of shit in my book

only thing we all know is Ned is not a leader

@andrarchy gave a presentation on Steem at the summit that may have helped attract new users & developers.
I’m not reading much more into it than that. I’m sure Ned and Justin connecting on a Twitter could have led to the invite. There are synergies popping up elsewhere too. The Fundition team seems to be embracing Tron transactions while not abandoning Steem.

At this point, we tend to see that Steemit Inc will not change their lack of communication and transparency!

Tron will definitely market all these things it does everywhere, so they won't have a problem annoucing about their partnership with steem.

I guess it must be that steem is promoting itself sponsoring something for marketing its brand coz Tronics is popular conference, but again they don't have money right, lays offs and stuff so I don't know what this partnership exactly is.

Now, for past few days been noticing price of Steem is rising. That is some positive.

This is really normal for events and conferences as sponsorships are provided to fund the event. In exchange, they get their logo all over the event. I would not think more of it than that and even if it was more, it would not be the worst after the year we have had with them. Steemit is not Steem...

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They can mention it though... We are supposed to believe they are tight regarding cash, but then sponsoring other blockchains??? They should finish the SMTs, have Steem skyrocket 100x and then if they want sell their stake... But it seems like they are not capable of coding SMTs...


That just refers to "conference partners" which is just another word for sponsor who get to have a trade booth at the show. Not a big deal to sponsor a conference I would think.

Looks to me like Hardfork 21 freedom really is a justified idea if Steemit Inc is lying and not planning on deliver SMTs but to take all the knowledge from Steem to Tron...

They seem like they are taking us for a ride... I am so disappointed...

I wouldn't worry to much about it!

Paid advertisements hold very little intrinsic value, just look at the trending page.
Stinc paid, likely, thousands of dollars for that ad.
They could've just as well spent it on coke and less inhibited women.

They may simply be listed because Andrarchy gave a Steem presentation at the summit. Possibly paid, or possibly a courtesy from any contacts between Ned & Justin.

Yes, I wouldn't read too much into that ad.

Yes, more communication, please...

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This makes me realize how much more I'd rather have ned in control of that stake that scammer Justin Sun :D

I still am looking forward to your write up about Tron. I think now would be a great time to share your findings about what is going on and what that chain is all about. It is getting a lot of attention and I know most havent looked into it (myself included).

I know you have a lot of insight into that chain and some strong conclusions. Showing the pros and cons might be a huge benefit to the community here.

It is so hard to figure out how super representatives work and many other aspects! I think I'm going to have to read the whitepaper! Barf. I haven't done that since I read Steem's whitepaper a year ago.

This isn't looking good for our beloved community. Sad.

More Steem for me!

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