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Just got back home from the Nitron Summit in San Francisco with guest speakers Kobe Bryant, Justin Sun, and Andrew Levine Content Director for Steem. I really enjoyed the whole event, from the breakdown of the Tron blockchain, the quality and turn out, and the guest speakers did very well. Of course Kobe and Justin were great but on day 1 it was Andrew's speech on Steem that really grabbed my attention. He shared positive energy with a real, authentic speech. Talked a little about his journey in content creating and how it transpired into the position he is at today. He then talked about what Steem is. (I am a content creator, but I had seen Steem through research on tokens, I really had no idea what exactly Steemit was) Andrew's presentation allowed me to get a decent understanding, which gave me an energy of wanting to be apart of the Steem community. So the next day, Today, well actually yesterday since it is now 3:33 a.m. that I am writing this (just got back from LAX) I had seen Andrew sitting on a bench. Seeing my chance to ask some questions and see if I had understood all that Steem had to offer I went to straight up to him, sat down, and introduced myself. He was on a team meeting video call which I interrupted, not realizing he was on a call being that I was excited. He was still very polite and after finishing the call he began to listen to anything I had to say. He then correct any areas I may have not completely understood and also shared with me the future of Steemit. This community is really amazing and I was very lucky to be introduced to it by Andrew himself. He then introduced me to Justine Hakabachi with Steem Monsters. She then shared with me this intriguing game, Steem Monsters and gave me a Lord of Darkness card. It looks awesome, it has been a while since I played magic of the gatherings and even reminded me about the holographic charzard or blastois pokemon cards I use to collect when I was like ten. Andrew then pulled the game up on his phone and showed how you set up your cards and can battle other people in the game. I am 28 and I was interested in this game, so I know there has to be a huge amount of people that are or will be interested in playing and collecting the physical and digital aspect of the cards and game. I was blown away by how there are so many awesome things out that I haven't even heard of yet. You learn something new everyday, well today I learned and learned and learned. I am very thankful for the energy Andrew and Justine spent answering all my questions and also allowing me to somewhat brainstorm on the spot about building an app and community around spreading education to anyone in the World. These are the things that make me come alive, allow my energy to really glow, inspire me to write a blog at 3:39 in the morning. These are good people behind these projects and ideas, the people are what matter in all this. I understand there is so many different aspects of the blockchain and what it can be used for but in the end what really matters is if it is helping people? We as the people for the first time can bring a community of like minded people together and find solutions to any problems, we can communicate and educate anyone and everyone around the world. As technology advances and companies like Steem allowing communities like steemit and Steem Monsters and there were like 7 others on the top apps on blockchains that are associated with Steem. This will allow for everyone to enjoy this beautiful world in more connected and trusted way. Thank you to Adrew and Justine really appreciated it and to everyone that read this, thank you as well. I will be uploading more content over the next few weeks. Continue to collaborate and come up with ideas on how to make this world wide education really work. If there is a really good company or app you already know that you feel is doing a great job with giving the opportunity of close to free education out to the entire world please let me know. I would love to work with anyone, we have to network and communicate. (Education is for yourself but communication is for everyone else, you can be the smartest person in the world but if you cannot communicate you cannot help fix the problems) these type of projects are not about the money they are about humanity and saving the lost souls... Enjoy life, make every day count, and be happy! Thank you, Blake Storie #MyFirstSteemitPosttronf1.jpegkobe.jpegtron1.jpeg


Warm welcome to our Beautiful STEEM :)

Thank you very much, appreciate the video!

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Thanks steeveapp il check it out!

Glad you found Steem and good to know Andrew delivered a great talk!

Thanks Kevin me too! This is just the beginning!

Blake!!! So glad you made it and so glad Andrew resteemed this so I would spot it! Very happy to have you here ❤️ it was great to meet you.

Thank you!!! I knew I was supposed to go to the Nitron Summit for some reason but when I bought my ticket I really had no clue. After being there and meeting everyone and being introduced to steemit and everything else steem has to offer and the future of steem it all make sense. So happy to be able to connect and to something thats already got such an amazing community! Can't wait to see whats next?!

Helluva intro, man!

Great recap of events. Very cool!

I look forward to seeing you around Steem and the Steem Monsters game!

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Thank you Nate!!! Im as excited as ever!!! Its really amazing feeling when people inspire you and you find so much energy into wanting to connect, create, and share new things!!! Feel free to network anytime, look forward to seeing you around too!!!

Welcome to STEEM dude!
Pretty awesome to hear that @andrarchy overshadowed the legendary Kobe Bryant!
If you dive in head first, you’re going to love this place
It’s a great community of creative people with so much exciting features and apps being produced at a rapid pace.
Enjoy @blakestorie!

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Thanks Jeff!!! Yes @andrarchy did an awesome job!!! It started with how he introduced himself, he went ahead and was able to create a real energy behind what he was saying. It allowed me to connect with a real person describing real feelings versus another person trying to sale me a product. He said just enough to plant a seed in my head, from their I saw him outside and I was able to see theres a lot of passion behind his eyes and with that inspiration I had never been so eager to check out a site or community. Just like he said, Kobe said, and I believe, its all about the people. It's the people behind the community that makes it so great. After talking with him and everyone else I was introduce too I could see this seed of an idea that was planted in my head could blossom into something really amazing!!! Since I have had so much on my mind that it makes me even more thankful for a place like steemit. It allows me to write and share things I would normally wish I could share, its becoming almost therapeutic and I really recommend everyone to start writing, its really nice!!! Thanks again, Jeff!!!

Yess, this place is definitely all about the people.
I’ve met some amazing folks here over the past few years, both online and in real life. Although a STEEM token is .30 cents or so, the community here is priceless!

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Welcome to Steem, it's a very diverse place atm, good luck :)

Thank you Dreamryder007!

Welcome to Steem!
Now I am curious to see @andrarchy 's presentation too! Was it recorded?:)

They recorded it so probably be released soon!

and Thank you glad to be here!!!

Welcome! Thanks for checking it out and glad you liked it. We hang out in Discord a lot.

I'd love to get some Tron buddies into the game, so come say hi and I'll find some starter pack codes for your crew too.

thanks aggroed will do. Just started playing Steem Monsters its fun to battle. I got a Hydra card too, was looking at them all in the market, pretty cool to see each of their values!

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welcome to the world of steemit. you will find so many rewards in this community. have you heard of dtube yet? look forward to more of your amazing content

Thank you! I have been learning more and more about the community and came across dtube. I have not explored it yet, but it is something I plan to do before my next post.


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Very warm welcome to our steem blockchain @blakestorie have a great time here.

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Thank you Alok!!!

Yeay! Welcome to the best community in the world!

Thank you very much!!!

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