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I last reported the numbers in a post that covered through August 31, 2018.

Each month I monitor what is going on with new accounts and the amount of MVests in each category. I do this to determine what trends are taking place.

Now that we are at end of month, time to post the numbers again.

I want to thank @arcange for the work done each day compiling these numbers and making the charts.

We have 3 months worth of data for analysis purposes to see how the 90 trend might be.

This month, I decided to add the charts from Aug of 2017, the month I joined. This will be a part of the monthly post to provide some contrast.

Here is the breakdown.



The total MVests here is 336,932.

On a percentage basis:

Whales 75.44%
Orcas 14.86%
Dolphins 7.16%
Minnows 2.14%
Red Fish .01%
Inactive .40%



The total MVests here is 390,361

On a percentage basis:

Whales 60.95%
Orcas 17.43%
Dolphins 11.89%
Minnows 6.28%
Red Fish 1.28%
Inactive 2.17%

The change over that time period is as such:

Whales -.79%
Orcas +4.25%
Dolphins -2.86%
Minnows +1.78%
Red Fish -2.29%
Inactive +3.33%



The total MVests here is 395,377

On a percentage basis:

Whales 59.90%
Orcas 18.21%
Dolphins 12.05%
Minnows 6.40%
Red Fish 1.25%
Inactive 2.19%

The change over that time period is as such:

Whales -1.72%
Orcas +4.48%
Dolphins +1.34%
Minnows +1.91
Red Fish -2.30%
Inactive +.92%



The total MVests here is 395,784

On a percentage basis:

Whales 59.42%
Orcas 18.28%
Dolphins 12.35%
Minnows 6.48%
Red Fish 1.24%
Inactive 2.21%

The change over that time period is as such:

Whales -.8%
Orcas +.38%
Dolphins +2.49%
Minnows +1.35%
Red Fish -.8%
Inactive +.91%









Latest charts found in this post:

So what does this all tell us?


The Whales are losing power.

This month, it was the Dolphins and Minnows picking up the biggest gains. One thing that I noticed is the Dolphins are about where the Orcas were in terms of MVests when I joined while the Minnows passed the where the Dolphins were. Also, these two categories, collectively, now have more MVests than the Orcas.

It will be interesting to watch how this trend is affected by the shift more towards applications. Will it make those two categories move up faster?

These two categories added 130 accounts to their total during the month. There are now 10,593 accounts who qualify as either Dolphin or Minnow. It was only a few months back when the total accounts above the approximate 500 SP (level to be a Minnow) was under 10K.

On July 31, 2018, the Whales and Orcas had 305,980 MVests (78.35% of the total); on August 31, 2018, 308,813 MVests (78.10% of the total)...a decrease of .32%....On September 30, 2018, 307,559 MVests (77.70% of the total) decrease of .51%.

It is important to remember these numbers are owned SP. This is not delegated. Since @steemhunt came into being, a lot of SP was delegated so it is equivalent to a Whale yet does not register as such. This is vital since that SP is used to upvote content by the members who post on that application. Ergo, we have a Whale (equivalent) upvoting smaller accounts.

I believe, this trend will continue as we see more applications come into being and the ones that are here get stronger.

This is the example that I like to use. @actifit upvotes anyone who reaches the minimum level of movements in a day using their application. The post on STEEM is the verification that the activity was completed. Yesterday's upvote from them, for full completion, was .31. This means that over 200 accounts, most of them smaller, received this upvote. What a difference from the .01 and .02 many newer pots get.

Over the course of a month, this is about 9 STEEM. Naturally, one is not going to get rich off that yet, if you are an account that has 50 SP, this is a nice one month increase. And this is simply for one post a day.

With about 150K SP in delegation, that makes @actifit a nice Orca-equivalent. How many Planktons get upvotes from 150K SP accounts?

Yet here is a way to get one GUARANTEED.

The shift to an application-centric blockchain could make all the difference in the world.

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Great data! This is something I’ve been prophesying for years. Where each level feeds the smaller levels and makes them bigger. Actifit is a perfect example of this and it’s very exciting to see it coming to past

On another note. Question I’ve always tried to find the answer to. What are the sp levels for plankton fish dolphin orca and whale? Meaning how much sp is required for each level?

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They roughly are:

500SP MInnow
5000 SP Dolphin
50K SP Orca
500K SP Whale

I say roughly because it is really MVests that determine it not SP but it is close enough for general purposes.

I agree with you about @actifit and some of the other apps. We are seeing the development of some cool stuff. I was just blessed with some insight into @dlike...some cool stuff being developed there. It is one to watch.

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The inactive category just confuses the numbers. I realize it's from @arcange's posts but it would be more straightforward to compare on a pure MV basis and then you could compare active to inactive separately.

That's pretty graphic, really. I'm really glad you included August 2017 in the data for a really good representation.

I don't like the acti-fit posts. Some are well done and give us real live honest to goodness content about what they did. Most just post the picture with no accompanying text. Makes it worse than steepshot in my mind.

I have 2 people that I formerly followed that posted just af for 7 consecutive days. I no longer follow them.

To each their own, but I am pretty consistent with my requirements. Content or I'm not looking.

Thanks for a great and informative post. I look forward to them every month.


You have to write 30 words to post on the Actifit App. I find it’s a useful diary of activity. Might help me one day if I’m up for confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice.

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Ahahahaha. I have a phone app called stepz. I just walked 6400 steps with my doggy who got quite a few more...


A number of Steemians I know choose a separate account for their actifit-reports for two main reasons: first the one you mentioned and the other being that you can easily see the rewards being active brought you :)


Well, there you go. I can see the rewards being active brings me when I look down and can see toes. Just sayin'

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Thanks for the work to present the data. The period to period comparisons are informative

Good! Brining parity to the system is What a decentralized system should be.

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Makes a little more sense. I never knew what you had to do to become a minnow!

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The trend is our friend! When I started and Steem price was at its highs I never envisioned being able to be a Dolphin but as the price came down, I have been abke to take advantage of it and add Steem Power. The DApps are surely contributing as well as by posts are being seen more which motivates me to continue engaging and growing while, most importantly, also sharing with thos who want to grow. Amazing to see the community grow and support members on their way to their goals!

10.593 is a great number and since the FORK I am one off them but I would like to See were we are 6 months from now