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One of the nice parts about the world of blockchain is that we are all on the same side. I know it often does not seem that way with how some behave yet it is the reality. The better the ecosystem does, the more we all benefit. Anyone holding STEEM is joined at the hip.

On the development side, with open source, it is helpful when one breakthrough can benefit multiple applications. This is the power of decentralization and open source. There is no infighting or efforts to protect "one's property". It is for this reason that I believe the centralized entities are going to be in trouble.

They simply cannot innovate fast enough to keep up.

The same holds true for marketing. While the traditional world engages in battles over copyrights, logos, and broadcast rights, on Steem we can cast that all aside. Since we are all benefiting, it is in our best interest to create and distribute as much as we can. Providing community members with more tools is key.

There is a new initiative that aims to do this. Looking over the site, it is an interesting landing page. I do not know if it is part of Steemit Inc or who put it together. Nevertheless, it is an interesting resource.

@steemstudio-io is an account that just made an introduction post. The project is to post marketing materials for Steemians to pass around in an effort to market the blockchain to others. This is a wise move which should help the efforts of those promoting on Twitter and Facebook.




For those who have a large following on other social media sites, this is a very handy feature. In fact, any webpage that a Steemain has could have this.


Having tools to help tell our story is of great help. Steem is still a hidden gem to most of the world and promoting what we have to offer is a fantastic idea. Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth advertising. Steemians sharing their story and experiences with this ecosystem is the best promotional contest we could run.

Over time, we should start to see Steem materials showing up all over the place. It is only going to take a few major content creators buying into the Steem idea before it explodes.

While patience can be very difficult at times, it is best for things to unfold in a sensible manner. While other blockchains garnered a lot of attention from hype and marketing, Steem focused upon building a community along with DApps that are interesting to people.

In the long run, once the hype dies down, people are going to look for real world uses that interest them. Steem is going to be providing that.

The future is very bright for those involved with this ecosystem.

Here is another set of tools for us to use.

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This great. I was looking for this sort of material just this morning. We need a place to be able find all these sorts of resources.

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A decentralized blockchain gets a decentralized workforce. Steem on!

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Nice! I’m excited to check this out. Thanks again for sharing all you find. I think it helps many here on the blockchain.

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This looks great and continues to help our efforts to expand our ecosystem and communities! I was actually looking for a Steem related wallpaper! Thanks!

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Glad I found this..., how about a collection of #steem gifs and memes?

Why not ask @steemstudio-io directly for that?

I meant a collection built by the community? The correct pun was...


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Thanks for the shout out! We want to get the word out to as many people as possible.

The STEEM community represents an overwhelmingly huge marketing advantage when compared to other blockchains. It's a major strength, so it only makes sense that we emphasize, grow, and empower that aspect of things.

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