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One of the biggest shifts over the next decade is the move to other "realities". Virtual and Augmented Realities are going to be enormous industries. We are already seeing many large companies investing heavily into research in these areas.

Steem is a platform that is starting to be on the cutting edge of things. With the success of the ecosystem thus far, it is an attractive destination for developers to build upon. Couple that with the fact there are some knowledgeable people advancing the cause, we can see how some projects are going to be found only on Steem.


@oracle-d is one of those teams that is promoting the idea of building upon Steem. Their latest partnership is really interesting. We are watching Extended Reality make its way onto the Steem blockchain.

@gofindxr is building out a blockchain that is going to house VR/AR/XR. This will allow for the decentralization of these technologies while also being able to tokenize them. The project is going to tie into Steem to enable users to post their content and earn STEEM in addition to the XR coin.

This is a very interesting project and one that adds a twist we have not quite seen before. The development team is creating their own blockchain, they are not building upon Steem. They are, however, creating an application that will allow for the interfacing with the Steem blockchain similar to what we are accustomed to.

Hence, we see the appeal of Steem's content/reward system. The Extended Reality is created through the GoFind XR app and then, if the user wants to post, the Steem Social Media App will handle it.

Here is a video explaining some of the basics of the project:


Another aspect of this project that I find intriguing is that this platform is seeking to become an epicenter for XR development. The goal is to create an XR app store where users can find games and other XR apps for use on phones and glasses. I am going to presume, once the Steem Social Media application is designed, that all applications created on that platform can opt to tie into this blockchain to utilize the content/reward system that is in place.

In other words, the growth of the Gofind XR platform could potentially feed into the growth of Steem.


More information can be found on their website.

Steemians also have the opportunity to get involved by using STEEM. According to their post, For a limited time, 1 STEEM gets 10 XR tokens (this is not financial advice; posted here for informational purposes). The ICO price is going to be $1.50 for 10 XR.

Here is the post explaining all the details.

While Steem might not get the attention in the media like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS, it is good to see those who matter are finding their way here. A few projects like this could really put Steem on the upper levels of all that is taking place. Steem has a content/reward system that is proving successful. This holds appeal to those who are seeking to monetize the content of their users. As this project shows, it is as simple as creating an application that interfaces with Steem to allow for posting of content.

I would surmise we are going to see more applications follow this path. It is encouraging to see Oracle-D hard at work pulling these projects to our corner of the world.

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Have you not heard of @dlux-io ( yet @taskmaster4450? If not, this post may require some editting. 😎


Yes I wrote about @dlux-io a number of times. Another forward advancing project that is on the Steem blockchain. Hence why the title has "more extended" coming to Steem. Dlux was the first and now we have another one.

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So this project will tap into the reward pool but not mainly use the chain and increase demand for Resource Credits. It's a nice addition and will add to the network effect of blockchain projects, including Steem in this case, but I would prefer to delegate to projects that build pay-to-play services and that increase demand for network resources on Steem.


Any post that is sent to Steem requires Resource Credits. Hence, anyone using the interface they create will have to have some SP (RC) to post more than once a day

They cannot get around this fundamental aspect of the Steem ecosystem. Posting requires RC regardless of the interface used


Yes, posting requires RCs and it takes posting to get rewards. But it seems that the bulk of their data will be on a blockchain of their own.

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Wait a second so is this Steem version of Decentraland basically?


How does Decentraland reward their users?


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Great to see interest in our community as I think it has been recognized as a fundamental testing ground for Dapps. More will continue to join and expand the reach of the ecosystem!

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