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In case you didn't hear, dlive is leaving the STEEM to go to the Lino blockchain. This was posted last night and I can tell you, the reasoning looks like complete bunk. As I read through the post, I was alerted to some red flags which I will point out here.

Before going any further, @dtube has streaming. Thus, STEEM is not losing the ability to stream content in the least. Also, the STEEM ecosystem is to the point it can handle any defection of this sort. There might be reason for concern if anything in the post was valid. I find little that is.

As you read through this, keep in mind that they received a healthy delegation from @ned and the Steemit accounts. Thus, they were subsidized by those they basically attack in the post.

So let's get right to it:

We will start with this gem.

I sincerely feel that DLive adds value to the Steem blockchain and we have shown the new and existing users of Steemit just how great this blockchain is. However, we have realized that a consumption-based economy is indispensable for the long-term sustainability of any live streaming and video applications. The major source of income for streamers should be highly dependent on their viewers supporting them through various methods such as tipping, gifting, and subscriptions. (Bold mine)

Yeah so what is the problem? Did STEEM suddenly move away from being a consumption-based economy? Isn't the content on here meant to be consumed? When did the model change from what was originally set out?

The point it didn't. STEEM is a content management system at the core. Content is produced for one reason: to be consumed. Without the consumption, there is little point to the content.

But that is not the biggest part of this. Take a look at this.


This is from the Lino website. To start, notice the Dlive link in the upper right. I must say, they move quick. Leaving at aside, look at the underlined section of text. Does that look familiar? Almost the same terminology.

Here it is again:

The major source of income for streamers should be highly dependent on their viewers supporting them through various methods such as tipping, gifting, and subscriptions.

Of course, this brings up another point that is hard to dispute.

The exit is due, in part, to the need for tipping, gifting, and subscriptions. Therefore, Lino offers a better option since this is available. There is only one problem:


The image clearly shows that dlive already has gifting on the STEEM blockchain. Thus, I am going to conclude that the need for gifting was not a reason for departing.

As for the other two, there is nothing that says tipping can't take place on the STEEM blockchain. In fact, there are many instances where that is done. The final piece is even more ridiculous since dlive could create a subscription model into its platform very easily with people paying in STEEM.

But wait, it gets better.

The Lino blockchain not only maintains the important positive attributes for why DLive decided to utilize blockchain technology for live streaming but also provides solutions for a more decentralized and stable infrastructure, fee-less transactions, and can process over 10,000 transactions per second which is ideal for micro transactions. (Bold mine)

I like the use of "more" in this statement without any evidence of that. Lino is a newer DPOS system so the likelihood of it being more decentralized is low. The same could be said for the stability since we know that STEEM can handle millions of transactions each day without breathing hard.

The final two points also describe STEEM.

Thus, it sounds like the reasoning here is a bit bogus. The STEEM blockhcain can do all of what Lino can do with a longer track record.

Some more juicy stuff:

Our focus was to grow our user base, and build an engaging live streaming and video community while growing Steem as well, and deliver upvotes as evenly as possible during the last 9 months.

I believe that is what that nice delegation was meant to do. If that did not take place, perhaps dlive did a poor job supporting the users.

However, the current economic model of Steem incentivizes large Steem holders to continuously upvote their own content and other creators who specifically support their content. This creates an ecosystem where a content’s true value can't be recognized or be fairly rewarded.

There is nothing to prevent the "I will vote for you if you vote for me" on Lino. I could take my following, create content and have them donate to me while giving it in return.

Community members who are not "privileged" enough to be a part of these groups with large voting power are therefore penalized financially.

The answer is called account based voting. This is a feature that is an option for anyone creating a SMT.

Speaking of SMT, aren't a lot of these problems solved by creating one? I know the protocol is not available yet there are a number of applications issuing currency using the STEEM accounts and their own database. These "tokens" will be converted once the SMT protocol is released.

Why didn't dlive do that?

Speaking of "privileged", what about this?



How many Lino are those investors getting for their $20M in private financing? Does anyone believe they are doing it for free or just waiting until Lino is profitable enough to pay them back?

It is amazing that no matter how much one wants to hate investors and that they only care about money instead of content creators, everyone seems to want the investors' money to fund their projects.

I guess the bottom line is the STEEM investors are bad but the Lino investors are caring and content lovers. It is nice to see those organizations listed do not care about money.

Anyone want to buy a bridge that I have in Brooklyn...it is for sale.

There are other issues that will be addressed after the migration. Things like account setups. Account setups are instant on the new DLive, you can create an account and start live streaming or uploading videos within a few minutes. This is so important for mainstream adoption. We monitored our guest accounts and found that only a small percentage were able to wait for a Steemit account to start using our platform.

Hard Fork 20 is 5 days away. One of the major aspects of that upgrade is the ability for applications to on-board their own users. The code is already out there for review.

To show our appreciation, all DLive accounts created prior to September 24th will receive 100 LINO Points as a bonus, when you sign in to The New DLive and claim your Lino blockchain account.

Wow. That is great. Just out of curiosity, how many Lino did dlive receive? I would think that would be something to disclose. Obviously, if they are taking their thousand of so users in the last couple week over with them, they are able to give out 100K Lino. I am going to guess that is not all they have.

During the test net period on the Lino blockchain, we will use LINO Testnet Points to reward users. Rewards will be delivered through tipping and gifting rather than upvotes.

We already know that gifting exists on STEEM so that is no different. As for tipping, how is that done? I would imagine that could have been part of the platform to begin with.

All the users will be allocated a certain amount of free LINO Points when they sign up. Users will also be able to buy LINO Points in order to make donations.

Wait, how is that fair if people can buy more Lino? That gives those with money, the "privileged", an unfair advantage. They can gift more to others meaning they can get more in return since there is no way to stop the quid pro quo.

We will also have channel subscriptions enabled shortly after the migration, so you will be able to subscribe to your favorite channels.

That could be done on the STEEM blockchain.

...and eventually, the DLive team will reward users through the Lino blockchain inflation pool instead of directly rewarding users through tipping.

So tipping really wasn't important after all? Now you are saying that inflation is better than direct rewarding? How does a newer user benefit from inflation after this switch is made if there are no Lino in their accounts to inflate?

Lino has an inflationary rewards pool similar to Steemit.

Of course it is.

This is paid out on top of your tips, gifts, and channel subscriptions based on Proof of Content Value; it will be done automatically based on the consumption using a proprietary algorithm. The reward pool distribution to you, as a content creator, will be proportional to the amount that your content earnings constitute of the entire tipping pool earnings.

This sounds very familiar. In fact, this describes STEEM with a few words changed.

End-user experience has always been and will always be a top priority for us.

I find little in this post that has anything to do with the end-user experience. My inclination is this has to do with the rewards promised the Lino insiders. I applaud that since I don't have a problem with one profiting off his or her project.

Yet let us be honest. The idea of moving to a blockchain IN TESTNET to earn a currency that is not even available while there is an investor pool putting up $20M has nothing to do with the user experience. This is nothing more than a money grab, plain and simple.

The truth of the matter is that dlive, while an app of great potential and some moderate success, was still second fiddle to @dtube. When @dtube put live streaming on their platform, that meant there was another alternative. I surmise the reality is the dlive team realized they could not keep up with what @dtube is doing. As I stated above, STEEM did not lose streaming at all. @dtube still provides that.


I have a feeling the supporters of this move are going to be sadly disappointed when they realize that they are entering another version of STEEM without the benefits of success that STEEM has. What few realize is that investors and unequal distribution are a part of the start up process. Even EOS, which was suppose to be the most equitable ICO ended up with 50% of the coins in 10 wallets. Yet, somehow people believe that Lino is going to overcome what no other blockchain could?

There are thousand of blockchains out there all with their own ideas about disruption. Most tout radically changing a particular industry. The truth is most are going to fail. We know this. To leave an ecosystem like STEEM might well work out yet not without risk.

As many of you know, I am following the work of Jared Rice and what @stan discusses with the Bitshares Dynasty. There is a lot going on which will put STEEM into a much larger ecosystem.

So tell me, how many of you want Lino over SP?

Sorry but I have to call B.S on this one.

dlive post:


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Yup, time to learn up dtube. Dlive was so easy to use and get going on that i never gave dtube a try. But, if videos don't stay accessible for longer than a month on dtube, isn't that defeating the purpose of blockchain? That part confuses me. If i make a diy or any tutorial i'd want it accessible indefinitely.


That is a drawback to @dtube, something I expect they will work on. That said, check out @vimm (vimm.tv). They are another streaming service on STEEM.

By the way, video and photos are not on the blockchain. I believe dtube does use IPFS; if not the videos are on their servers.

There will be other options for streaming very soon I am sure. Dlive only opened up another hole for developers to fill.



if videos don't stay accessible for longer than a month on dtube, isn't that defeating the purpose of blockchain?


I believe dtube does use IPFS; if not the videos are on their servers.

Yes, @dtube uses IPFS to help host their videos. The reason the videos disappear is probably due to the lack of space on the Dtube servers, and they need to remove them to allow for new uploads. These videos would not disappear if they were "saved" to other IPFS nodes.

I created a decentralized network of nodes to help solve this issue called @nebulus. This project is a Python-based project that gives the content creator a place to "backup" media within the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). The more areas your content exists, the better the chance that your work will be available whenever a viewer wishes to consume your media.

All that said, we are still new(ish) and improvements are made every day. The coolest part about Nebulus is that the nodes are not "saving" the content out of the kindness of their heart. We use the STEEM blockchain to pay them for their support of the media.


That sounds like a great project. Thanks for the update @jrswab.

I gave the new account a follow....looking forward to more information about it. This sounds like something that could really be helpful.

How do the nodes get paid their STEEM? Where does that come from?


Glad you find it interesting! I probably spend too much time coding this than I should, but our Dapps need the support.

How do the nodes get paid their STEEM? Where does that come from?

Right now, the creator or one of their supporters/viewers/listeners need to send one STEEM to @nebulus. This will change to SBD once the price of STEEM increases past 1 USD. We made this easy on our site nebulus.app with a form that builds a steemConnect link for the user.

A goal is to have the Dapps pay to have their users' content backed up instead of the creator. This will allow a similar user experience to the centralized alternatives for the Dapp user while allowing to keep the Dapps' server cost down.

This is a challenge however, since I am working on getting the nodes stable so anyone can start one and earn STEEM and don't have time to market this project as I should.

We have a Discord group where I hold voice chats to help explain the goals, ideas, and direction of the project. There is also a bot there that you can use to back up a Dtube video or Dsound track. Along with chats to ask questions and contribute to the project in whatever way a person's skill set brings value.

If you have any questions or want to chat about this more feel free to message jrswab#3132 on Discord or jrswab on steem.chat.

Long Live STEEM!


Thanks for your reply Task! It is certainly a dynamic arena right now. It's great to be part of it. I have not heard of Vimm. I read about it in the comments to dlive's departure post but misinterpreted what it was. Have a wonderful day!!


You are welcome @yogajill.

I am not too familiar with it either. Might have to do some research and make a post about it.


You do all the hard work! LOL --i'd upvote your comment but I am not sure if you use dust sweeper! My 100% vote doesn't meet the dust threshold right now boo, if you do use it...let me know!


I'm sorry to say, but dtube and vimm will not survive. It just works very bad, it's laggy, can't upload few weeks old videos and dtube design it just look like a bad version of youtube. I only get stressed by being on the dtube website. Dlive have been here much less time than dtube and works 1000x better than dtube. It's a sign of the team is not good enough unfortunately. We need something new, something better than dlive.


That all could well be true. That said, I believe vimm is relatively new.

Plus, as you said, the replacement might be something completely new. Where there is a void, there is opportunity.

Or perhaps, the development teams of those projects see what is taking place and step up their game.

It is like the blogging interface, Steemit was (and still is in the lead) but there are other apps that far surpass it and are starting to get users.

We could see the same thing in video.


Out of curiosity, what are these other apps? (all the ones I've seen so far sucked)


It’s not that hard to offer faster streaming when you don’t bother using an actual blockchain. That team is only more competent at being scammers.


That’s a big drawback to dTube.

If dTube is supposed to be an alternative to YouTube censorship/banning, but your content is only available for about 30 days, how is that a viable alternative?

DTube “censors” everyone by default in that case.

Some content is evergreen, and as such creators want it accessible and to be able to build on it. That’s even a drawback with the way Steemit is organized, or actually unorganized.

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Hi YogaJill! Just throwing in my two cents here:

Videos, and even the images we post aren't actually stored on the blockchain. While there are people working on interesting ways to do this, think of the blockchain like text. Text as in your words, your markup code, and your links. Images are actually links to images, as are videos. Dlive posts had a link to the dlive site, where they streamed to us our centrally hosted videos.

Whatever solutions the future may bring, there is nothing more important than keeping a hand on our content. Dtube is an interesting platform to use show, it is not a long term file storage solution (yet, at least).

In this way, dtube is just the most honest of all the video platforms. No one guarentees the long term storage of these files. Thinking about this makes me realize the benefits of posting transcripts in text.

Keep your pictures and videos locally! As content creators this is important to have control of our 'portfolio'.


I found it funny how they've blamed the whales. What a joke.

You don't like the Trending Tab? What a coincidence. I hate it myself. But I won't leave Steem. I simply don't look at the Trending Tab. Problem solved.

Well, what can I say to the @dlive team? Good riddance. I won't miss you.

So tell me, how many of you want Lino over SP?



Yes @tricowski. That was interesting. Reading some of the comments, they got the ones who feel STEEM is unfair going. As my post studying what the Whales actually do, which ones were they referring to. Most of the Whales do not do much in the way of posting or commenting so I am not sure how they are hurting dlive.

I wish them luck. STEEM will carry on without missing a beat.


TBH I prefer to see Steemit trending page which is full of botted posts rather than YouTube trending.


And the Steemit trending page appears to be changing. I guess about 25% of the posts are botted by applications trying to get their message out.

I can live with that because it is pertinent information for what is going on with this blockchain.


No one talks about this! Algorithmically centralized trending pages are no better!


Wtf is Trending tab? :)

Did STEEM suddenly move away from being a consumption-based economy?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is yes. They decided to go from a consumer based content network into the direction of SMT as a blockchain for dApps. As @exyle and others have stated many times over the past weeks, it will become harder (or even impossible?) to earn Steem via blogging and proof-of-brain content creation in the future.
This is a huge change of direction and from my perspective the totally wrong one. Simply for the fact, that SMT is nothing new and tokens and apps can already be developed on blockchainOS like EOS and TRON, who are specialized for that purpose. Why should any developer wait for Steem to catch up? Why use a former social media blockchain over EOS/TRON (or even Ether)?
I know nothing about Lino yet, but many of the reasons dLive writes about are totally valid for me and in the end this is just a business decision by an app developer. The real problem I see is that Steem is very clearly developing into a non-consumer direction and that makes me sad...


The way I see it, Steemit started transitioning away from being consumer based when voting bots and bid bots were introduced without some way of getting rid of them. Allow those bots to continue on and you essentially kill "Proof of Brain" and transit into "Proof of Bot Use".

Let's face it, if it were truly consumer based, then wouldn't it make more sense to have everything listed chronologically? Someone posts something new and it's at the top of the page BOOM done. Always fresh new content regardless of where the person is financially on steemit.

Would certainly as hell make it easier to find fresh, new content.


Well, bots are just the expression of the true value people see in this blockchain. It's money first, then reputation and good content last.
I don't blame the bots - they are just a symptom. This blockchain has to find ways to get rid of bad players like Bernie Sanders.
Since the focus of Steemit Inc is elsewhere, this won't happen.

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Perhaps, it's just disheartening to see a shitpost with no value receiving ... well actual value. And you and I already are on teh same page in that kind of regard.


I think you have understood wrongly. Earning from blogging must necessary become harder as more people come in whilest the inflation rate degreases, which means that the reward pool is divided to larger number of people whilest it is also getting smaller. I would however personally believe that there is going to be spike in the demand, thanks to smts eventually and that is a good spot to earn, maybe for the last time by blogging.


I totally understand that point, but I still have the feeling, that blogging is not the main focus of Steemit Inc. at the moment. Otherwise they would find ways to incentive good content and do something against bad players who are not providing good content and earning Steem through hate speech and mobbing. Anyway, time will tell...

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Well you are right that it is not their focus right now, because smt's are. Why try to make perfect them selfs when they can provide the block-chain so that others more skilled with such matters can then come and attempt on it. After smt's I do believe that there is most certainly going to be some real good blogging apps, you just have to get in early to grab most of those tokens.

Your article was tagged in this one:

I read them both. It gives some good insight into how they are simply lying and they took advantage of our platform.

Steem has an enemy! Now we can rally together and DESTROY THEM!!! :D

Well done. I actually found out about this from your post. While I don't have to much insider info logically and intuitively your post seems to be pretty accurate. What a shame. Steem truly is an awesome blockchain and unfortunately it seems that Dlive is false, not because its leaving Steem but because its being deceptive and greedy.

Whats also very interesting is that the head of Dlive stepped down recently......Probably has something to do with this.

Keep up the great work. Your content is continually top notch.


Whats also very interesting is that the head of Dlive stepped down recently......Probably has something to do with this.

I was not aware of this since I am not much of a streamer. However, it does make some sense that there is a correlation.

It is hard to know the exact reasons people do things but it appears, using some logic, that this move was something other than enhancing user experience.

I could be wrong but it smells fishy. Especially since some are asserting (I dont know if it is true or not) that one of the dlive team was a major player in the development of Lino.


Yes logic wins 99% of the time. Your logic is sound and I can confirm that yes the CEO stepped down recently and yes that the current CEO has been and is a major player of Lino. It is quite obvious that this has been in planning for many months now.
You can find a CoinBase article dated February referring to Lino 20 funding raise. I can assure you the dlive team was in league then.
Because the ONLY thing on the Lino Blockchain is Dlive......


Because the ONLY thing on the Lino Blockchain is Dlive......

Everyone has to start somewhere so starting with dlive might not be a bad idea.

The issue is that it is a project in very early development. For users to migrate to that, while it could be a great move, is risky.

Of course, there is nothing that says content cant be posted on both blockchains when there are options on that other one.

These guys have been under a rock for a long period, plus; they didn't read your previous posts!

Can anyone please enlighten me what's the difference between gifting and tipping here?


I think the idea of gifting is sending money directly to the content creator, money which is not part of the reward pool. Tipping is their form of "upvoting" where the money is given to a post but it is all part of the overall reward pool and them split up.

I could be mistaken but that is how I read what they are trying to do.


What? Then what's the difference compared to Steem?


LOL I am trying to figure it out myself.

The only think I can conclude is the dlive team got offered a whole bunch of Lino cryptocurrency.

Outside of that, I am not seeing too many differences. I might be missing something here but that is what I see.

There is also @Vimm and It's growing Streaming platform

@taskmaster4450 Thank you for doing this Post. I won't miss DLive at all since I did not use it anyway...................

I guess they think they have achieved the success but will be a tough reality when they realize that it is the content creators and their followers that built what they had here. Will be interesting to see how they build from scratch again and who follows them over to Lino.


Maybe a few of the users will migrate over to be early adopters and get in early. Funny how the ones who complain about others have too much power (and wealth) want to be the same.

It is an odd twist.

Maybe Lino will be a star blockchain....I have no idea. The concept of moving from STEEM at this time when a few major initiatives are coming out is certainly questionable. HF20 answers one of their complaints and communities, which is already on Github from what I hear, will take care of another.

Perhaps this will be a great move for them...I am just not sure a ton of people will power down their STEEM and go all in on Lino like dlive is doing.

I'm not up on this whole controversy. I am still on yt with my own videos and rarely watch any from anyone since I am too busy. I'm here for the alexa ranking in general and though I am not thrilled with steemit's floundering lately, we still rank at 2000 or so.

steemit alexa.PNG

But look at this mess for the lino place!

lino alexa.PNG

I post my weight loss stuff in some other places besides steemit and like to see them below 25000 on Alexa to feel good about it. I would never consider lino with that crazy ride that never even got past 100k. Something is fishy with that ranking for sure.


People are migrating to better interfaces compared to Steemit. I personally just migrated to Steempeak a few weeks ago.


I've done the same with busy ulogs and esteem. It's a sad thing to see and participate in.


That's true, the popularity of Steem is not just Steemit's ranking.


The interface of Steemit can definitely be improved in many areas.


Thanks for the comment @fitinfun.

The challenge with that approach is Steemit is losing usage among Steemians. Interfaces like busy.org are gaining popularity. Steemit.com is going to suffer a massive drop off, especially after the app can onboard their own users.

Here is a prime example of trying to judge STEEM by looking at steemit.


Yes, I know. No one here of importance seems to understand how critical this ranking is to the wide world of non-crypto users. If steemit could get below 500 Alexa, huge benefits come as MANY social media managers use that as a cutoff for asking their clients to try a service.

We got to 1000 before busy and dtube and yada yada took it all away.

This is a "prime example" of a bunch of crypto nerds not understanding how to become market leaders on the internet and disregarding a huge gift. Most of the 20 or so content creators I got here in the last year and a half came specifically because of the Alexa ranking shooting for the moon, and did not care about steem/sbd. Then they ran out the door when they saw no one cares about that here.

Let's do more blockchain-y stuff! Who cares if the content on steemit makes an impact in the wider world? No one.

I seriously should not be here at all as content creators are the lowest of the low priorities, yet here still I am....

I will still never go to this lino place, so theres that.


I've learned a lot from your perspectives about Steemit and SEO, @fitinfun. I've run across a couple other folks that seemed to have the same understanding of what you've been talking about and are using Steemit engagement for their own SEO purposes. It's been interesting to see.

SICK burn @taskmaster4450. SICK burn.

I felt bad when I saw the title because I didn't know about dlive leaving but I feel a lot better after reading your excellent breakdown showing they're making a mistake.


I know what you mean. It was a bit of a punch in the gut when I first read it last night.

That said, after parsing through the post, I felt it necessary to bring to light what I thought was happening. As I was reading the post, red flags kept going off.

I wish them the best. This could work out for them but starting over is never easy.

We shall see what unfolds on here to replace it.

I'm glad I stuck it out with Dtube after all this time :)

I hadn't thought about the idea that those 100 LINO would be a cost coming out of a a fixed number that dLive has. I pretty much assumed 100 LINO wasn't going to be a significant amount against that, no matter how high it's multiplied. Maybe I need to check into that tomorrow.

I have a lot of Steem accounts.

You just nailed it @taskmaster4450. Well life is all about choice. You don't let anyone decide for you. @dlive is free to join any blockchain that will suit its business. But the idea of leaving STEEM is actually not a good one.

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Yes it is about choice. And I dont fault the choice that team made. As I said, a money grab is not a bad thing, most of us do it when given a chance.

The unfortunate part is they claim to be doing it for the users when clearly there are few advantages to Lino over STEEM.

Maybe it will work out for them but at this point, does someone want Lino or STEEM?

Bang on @taskmaster4450! No doubt, @dlive is one of the most successful app made on STEEM Blockchain (Not anymore) but to be honest, we have enough talented people who can do such a job with the kind of delegation they got from Steemit Inc.

One of the most unique thing they did was community building. I have seen them interacting with the members, not just on STEEM but on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Not many projects are doing that or able to achieve the numbers they have on their plate. But most of it is lost with just one move.

STEEM is full of intelligent people and you are right when you say that the reasoning for this move was BS. We are not fools! We know its's crap when we see it.

@Dlive may or may not survive without STEEM and its strong community. But STEEM will definitely survive and beyond!

Forget About @Dlive, Make Way For The @Vimm


I havent used @vimm but it certainly could be one of the applications that benefits.

As I just commented above, people will find solutions. The developers on here will fill a hole when they see it.


I got to know about it through @therealwolf's blog about him delegating 5000SP to @vimm as of 9 hours ago. It looks promising!

Yes, we work on the solutions! Team work. ;-) Cheeers TM4450.


That is one thing about the STEEM community, they can rally when needed.

I would not be surprised to see a move to support @vimm from the community. A couple heavy hitters throwing some SP to them along with a few posts and they could start to be a player very quickly.

I dont know anything about the platform in terms of functionality. The sad part of losing dlive is the loss of the time...they really added to their platform as time went by. @vimm will have to develop from a different starting point.

But it is an opportunity.

Eff you @Dlive...Eff you in your pie hole...

scammers gonna scam ...I guess

I guess ... an every bird to it's flock, no matter what the reason is.

I wish Dtube was as easy to upload videos to as Dlive was. That was the only advantage.

Excellent article. Resteem.

STEEM has a 1% issue, and in 2 years steemit inc has not improved the ability to sign up new accounts.. I believe the reality of the situation is that STEEM has a couple real issues, and the grass appears greener on the other side especially when money is involved.

DLive was definitely not having much success here, that´s the true. The majority of STEEM users either are investors that don´t use the platform very much, or are more focused on blogging. And the industry of live streaming is exploding, so I think DLive was afraid of losing this boom that is happening if it was connected to STEEM.

I understand that everybody feels offended by this abandon, especially users and people who supported the project. The only problem is, as you mentioned, their excuses... while they should be thanking for everything that we proportionated to them.

Here's how I know the 'fairness' gambit is just window dressing:

Inflation rewards will be distributed in proportion with tips

So basically someone has to shell out cash for a creator to get any of the pool at all! This is incredibly biased towards whales, and so much more unfai than steem. Here we have a stake based democracy, every sp votes. Yes there are a few thresholds but nothing like this.

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Here is something that I didn't notice anyone saying... How come is dlive going to be able to run on 0% cut whilest Dtube takes like 25%? If you look at that difference it should ring bells that one is either very obsolete or other one is too good to be true. Though I'm young, I have learned to look at this.

A lot can be said. But I really don't understand why so much drama. I think the funny part it is going to see all the STEEM users that have talked shit about @dtube and the community there now running to start uploading there. That will be the funny part. Lol

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Dtube is the uncle you cant stand but he is still family.


Well I wouldn't say that. I have been using both platforms and Dtube is the one that I have used from the dawn of times. It is perfect?? Far from it.... But it is up to the creators there to keep pushing to make it better everyday. Same thing with Dlive. But well I usually like a good drama but this time I will stay out of it because I do like and support both platforms. :)

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@dtube doesn't have a live chat feature, so @vimm is the only real alternative to live stream with audience interaction

Honestly, I hope that they learn their lesson here. They had a huge group of supporters now they're moving on for reasons that must be monetary but they are only going to end up shooting themselves in the leg.

If they wanted users, they should have airdropped the users here.
My bet is they have a hard time finding users.

Tried @vimm yesterday. It was pretty cool.

Beautifully analyzed, making your name all honor once more! The whole thing is a farce and made the 1UP mushroom loose his temper temporarily. It didn't end well for DLive:


No more cool UP airdrop for Dlive. We will find someone else for those 2 million tokens.


I might suggest part go to Actifit...Or perhaps Dlike.

Both appear committed to the STEEM blockchain. One you know well, the other keeps impressing me.


Both are excellent choices BUT are SMT projects and I want to have pure Steem based communities for our ten starting communities. SMTs are not quite there yet. However, we will certainly do something super cool for all SMT projects with our community distribution pool by the end of the year. Just my focus is somewhere else right now.

nice video

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I definitely agree Steem won't miss dlive.

dtube is leaving thats bad news 🙁


Where did you read that?

Proprietary? So...closed source? Yeah, just what we want, a closed source blockchain... Let me just run out and register an account on this site that completely lied about everything to get money and users from Steem, then left as soon as their own crypto was ready, all for 100 proprietary crypto that I'm sure will totally moon, since they're backed by a lying manipulative scummy company. Then again, it worked for Microsoft.

I concur with your analysis of the Dlive situation.