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@dlike is gearing up for its IEO by staging a bounty campaign. They are going to give away 1M Dlike tokens as part of the effort to spread the word about this Steem application. They are also looking to create excitement among investors.

I make no secret about my support and belief in this project. There is a lot of business news surrounding Pinterest since it is going public. The belief is the IPO valuation of that entity could reach $20B. That is a lot of money for a site where people post links and photos.

What I really like about Dlike is the simplicity. At present, the learning curve for the cryptocurrency world is high. Many applications are not very user friendly. It is akin to some of the applications in the early days of the Internet. Dlike is something that even the more basic Internet user can follow.

One of the goals of the Dlike team is to decentralize things as much as possible. They are out to create a true DAO with all aspects of the project open source and owned by community members. This is what the token economy promises and can deliver.


The bounty offers rewards for two types of content.

First, individuals can earn Dlike by putting together a two minute (minimum) video and post it on YouTube/DTube. There are 500K tokens allocated with varying levels being paid based upon video quality.

The second aspect is for those writing posts. Again, there are 500K Dlikes being offered in the bounty with the same payment levels.

Dlike is running this bounty through April 30th.

The details and links to sign up can be found here:


Bounties are becoming a common way for projects to gain exposure and market themselves. It is also an avenue to distribute tokens to those without the financial resources to invest. This is a point lost on many. Much of the world has little to no liquid capital. They are either living paycheck to paycheck or are mired in poverty. Either way, the token economy rewards people for their input. Those with a smart phone can make a video and earn some tokens.

In my mind, Dlike is an undervalued project. When looking at the different applications that are out there, this is one with great potential. To start, the team seeks to make the application a reference source. By having people post links and content pertaining to different categories, it becomes an information source. Pinterest because a rather large outfit by promoting itself as "a visual search engine".

The potential in this arena is enormous. Pinterest has 250M monthly active users according to Statista.


To put this in perspective, the platform Dlike is on, Steem, has roughly 1.1M accounts total. If Dlike can attract even .5% of the MAU,

Here we see the sharp contrast between a typical hierarchical company and one that is in the token economy. The Pinterest users are all providing content and building the platform for free. The money is going to the managers and founders of the company. They are using the traffic to sell advertising which is their main revenue stream. Soon, the company will go public meaning the proceeds from the efforts of 250M people will be realized by Wall Street.

Or they could exert the same efforts on Dlike and potentially earn both Dlike and STEEM tokens. As both platforms expand, the value of the stake in each will also grow.

To me, this is one of those things in life that fall under the category of "no-brainer". The decision is rather easy.

It makes a great deal of sense to support this project.






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Have you made any videos to take advantage of the bounty?

In my mind, Dlike is an undervalued project.

I disagree 1000%.. there's to many tokens.. now they're giving away more.. might as well just call it XRP. 80,000 Tokens buys a cup of coffee.


800M tokens total. If they get a million users over the course of a decade, that is only 800 tokens per user.

Not a ton for a utility token in my mind.


800 M tokens is a shit ton..

Do you know how to find your token count? It used to be intuitive, but since they recently redesigned their site, I can’t seem to find it.

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Click on explorer.. then type in your name



Click "explorer" at top of page.

Enter username and click "search"



What I really like about Dlike is the simplicity.


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Thank you for reminding me about dlike, I just went back and tried it for the second time since the revamp. It's improved a lot, a pleasant experience and very fast to use. Look forward to seeing it develop.

I enjoy seeing Dlike content despite some of the criticism it receives; we need to be open to these new ways to engage and deploy content. I have been looking into using it myself and this post reminded me. On my to do list this week!

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Liked this campaign and will write a post soon. Resteemed for more audience to this.

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