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Many hear the world anarchist and immediately move to the idea of violence and overthrowing the establishment. This is a logical conclusion because this is how political anarchy works. We live in a world where, to create a new establishment, the old one needs to be overthrown.

This usually means violence since the existing entities are not going to simply lie down and let someone else take control.

Crypto-Anarchy is nothing like this. It is not a battle with the existing establishment. In fact, it has nothing to do with what is taking place. Crypto-Anarchy is not designed to destroy either the existing political or economic system.

This is why Crypto-Anarchy has nothing to do with violence. Without the need to destroy, there is no need to fight. Instead, it is about creation. This is where it differs

Bruce Lee had a philosophy "be like water".

When one punches water, what happens? The water takes the blows and spread the energy out through the rippling of the water. Water gives, it is not hard like a piece of steel.

Another analogy is what a hurricane does to wood. Did you ever notice what a hurricane can do to an oak tree? A powerful storm will snap it like a twig. On the other hand, palm trees bend with the wind yet rarely do they go down.

Crypto-Anarchy is a movement to create an alternate system. Instead of destroying, it is simply providing people with an option. Individuals will be free to choose which they opt for. The centralized entities are starting to take notice and fight back. Yet the question is, what are they fighting against?

Crypto-economics is good for humanity. It is a path that rewards people for their contributions while eliminating the control mechanisms which enables corruption and scarcity. It is based upon abundance.

This is something the present establishment is having a tough time. Since we are decentralized, it is hard to find a point to attack. At the same time, when something is not fighting back, how do you amass sentiment against it? Crypto-Anarchy is basically a bunch of computer geeks creating some really interesting stuff. They are providing people with different options and leaving it up to them whether to embrace it or not.

@wwf writes a lot about peace and non-violence. These are based upon spiritual principles that penetrate all areas of life. Crypto-Anarchy is in alignment with these ideals. The behavior of the past need not be modeled because we are not in a system like we were before. Instead, a completely new one is being erected.

There is no fight because Crypto-Anarchy is based in volunteerism. Those who choose to participate are free to do so. At the same time, people are free to remain mired where they are. Nobody is forced to utilize what we are developing.

The challenge is that this technology is rapidly expanding. Over the next few years, we are going to see privacy and other attributes added to these platforms. This is something that is going to drive the establishment nuts. Their system is based upon the force to punish, tax, and make rules. Crypto-Anarchy is the opposite. At its core, this system is two people mutually deciding to engage in a transaction.

We know the mainstream is going to pull out all the stops. Our platforms are accused of catering to drug dealers and criminals. It is true, they are free to join also. However, that will not be the majority of the use cases. Nevertheless, for the few who do have ill-intentions, the system is there for them to utilize.

That is what freedom is all about. Most will exercise that in positive ways. That said, we know a few will use it for nefarious purposes. Nevertheless, we do not trample on the rights of the majority simply to keep a few bad actors in line.

We are also seeing the behavior of many change. A centralized platform such as Facebook is full of people mired in fear. They end up acting like a bunch of Internet trolls because of their inferiority complex. They are screaming to be heard so they flex their egos in a manner to "prove" to people who much they matter. The sad reality is they matter little in this regard. Being an Internet troll shows how little a person one really is.

Some of this behavior shows up in this realm too. When it does, it really stands out. In the end, those who still believe in the fight and battle cries of the mainstream are exposing their weakness. They end up fighting something that does not exist.

In short, it is hard to fight a bunch of creative souls who are going about building an alternate structure to what the world knows. Attack one development and there are 100 more behind it.

Unfortunately, it will take years for most people to realize this and how the change in behavior is required. Until that time, we will just keep plugging along each day. Creation is our main focus, whatever that entails for each individual. We each are pieces in the entire progress, voluntarily united in purpose yet operating on our own.

Crypto-Anarchy is a complete paradox which is why it cannot help but to succeed. It is based upon decentralized technologies that are being developed simply out of love which will provide freedom to billions of people without waging a fight against anyone or anything.

This is also the reason why the present economic system run by the bankers and the governance system that people operate under is doomed to fail.

Quite simply, it does not offer the same appeal of what is being erected.

Bitcoin was a game changer. It added the monetary component to a movement that was aligned in principle. Now, with the economic facet being created, the playing field just turned.

Look for the shift of the past 30 years to start to take hold in the next 2-3 years. This is the power that is in our hands right now.

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The existing system will even try to accept these concepts and take then for their own but decentralization will be key to still have to be successful for change.

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I agree they will try to take the concepts but they go against the business model they are all tied to. There is no way for these companies to escape the hold that Wall Street has upon them. That means they need to do everything they can to maximize profits, even to the degree it takes them down.

When an amorphous cancer is eating your otherwise perfect system, the only way to kill the cancer is to kill the system.

I think they are so megalomaniacal that they will.

"...the few who do have ill-intentions..."

This is why they incessantly add new intentions to the ill list.


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I like your mindset - and hopefully you are correct.

This is also the reason why the present economic system run by the bankers and the governance system that people operate under is doomed to fail.

Here is where I'm cynical....
The banks knew back when the fed res was brought into being, (100 years ago) that it was a systemset set up to fail. They knew this.

It was a wealth transfer system they tried to keep going as long as possible.
Do you not think they may now also be owning the crpyto sphere (they could buy it out with fiat money a thousand times over..

They might be evil greedy lowlife scum - but stupid they are not...
I have my worries that while we were exited about the whirring sounds of the 56k modem connecting, they were discussing how many ctrtyo coins should they launch...

Just my thoughts - and I really hope that I'm utterly wrong with my perspective.

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