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This is not Hard Fork 20. That is still slated for the end of September.

What took place was an actual hard fork of the STEEM blockchain. Once the move from the testnet to the permanent chain takes place, there will be another string to STEEM.

So what was the fork?

It is one of the main parts of the distributed web (dWeb) that was talked about a couple weeks ago. This is the project that Jared Rice is working on. For those who did not see the posts on it, this is a mesh network that does not have any hosting or DNS servers. This means that is cannot be taken down nor can any of the sites on it. Essentially a new protocol was designed outside of http(s).

Before getting into that, there is something worthy of note.

DAO is now open source license. This means that anyone can use the DAO similar to how we use Inc. We could be seeing the beginning of a new way to designate corporations. Obviously, the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) should be the more trustworthy one as governance on blockchains evolves.


The token on the new fork is going to be the BEX (BenchMark). This is what will be resident in dBank which will allow for commerce and earning of the token. This is a fundamental piece to the entire system. Through this, other currencies such as Bitshares, STEEM, EOS, and Quint will be incorporated.

Like with STEEM, there will be BEX Power (BP) and BEX Backed Dollars (BBD). Obviously, being a fork of STEEM, all that is offered on one chain is available with the other. Of course, there are parameters that can be changed within the system which will most likely happen.

Form here all the other sites and applications are built. The names of the associated applications are mostly in place and were dropped on telegram yesterday. I will provide a list of them here. Many are not working at the moment but will be soon. Remember, dBrowser is required to access the dWeb.

dBank: desktop/mobile wallet: ties into reward pool and all commerce
dStatus: Twitter like app
dSeek: search engine (name thanks to @onceuponatime)
dPix: Instagram
dBuy: Amazon
dTunes: Spotify/iTunes
dWiki: Wikipedia
dVideo: live streaming over dWeb as opposed to IPFS
dBankID-fork of SteemConnect; single sign-in across all apps
dSocial-mobile app that is a fork of with some more features added.
dGive-to raise money for charities

They are going to bring back chainBB, which will be dBank based forums. We will also see a search of social results (like AskSteem) where you can search a particular user and get all their posts or "tweets".

All these applications run through the dBank which is how rewards for content are produced. Please bear in mind any application can go on the dWeb, it just be outside the realm of dBank. Not everything on the dWeb needs to be tied to dBank.

As you can see, a great deal of the social media world is going to be covered by the native applications. These will not be the only ones on here as, I presume, other developers will create stuff as time goes by. In fact, I imagine that many existing applications will suddenly become multi-chain. There is no reason not to have an application available to reach more people especially since the tokens are going to be multi-chain.

This is all part of the Bitshares Dynasty @stan talks about. The interoperability between blockchains only makes sense. This should enhance the value of the all tokens that in involved. One will have the option of accessing the tokens on the native blockchain or on the new one.

For those who recall a few months back, this was the Bench project that @stan discussed was being worked on. This main focus was to incorporate Bitshares but this obviously expanded to tie a lot more into it.

With all that is taking place with surveillance and censorship, the time to have a distributed web has come. Anything that is put on this cannot be taken down. This will help to ensure all voices are heard.

We are about to enter an entirely new phase of the Internet. Cryptocurrency is here to stay and will be a central part of the transformation.

Crypto-economics is being ushered in.

Most information contained in this article, including the picture, was posted on the Bitshares for Nice People Telegraph group.

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Thanks for the post.

Can you provide me with a dbrowser link?


Is there any way to access these apps now?


A couple of them are available with the dBrowser. is live...

I think

There will be a whole bunch going live in the next few days including dBank.


Im trying to make dstatus,app to work (using dBrowser). Doesn't seem to make it run. Have you tried it yet???

This site can’t be reached
Couldn’t resolve the DNS address for



I got that one to work...

here is the link for your dBrowser



I opened it, great, guess I need some friends

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And the dBrowser? You should download it first, like mozilla?

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Yay for barely related links, more block chain comment spam, and inclusion of -5 rep hidden spam posts.

I cant wait to have to upgrade my witness node ram again and watch more RPCS deal with load from such "useful" additions to the blockchain.

Incredible ... We all should thank @stan and his friends ... Hopefully a good application can bring together his old friend ... Now bitshare can develop better. :)

Most needed and exciting project. Where can one volunteer to help make this succeed?