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Does anyone remember Zappl?

This was a Twitter-like application that allows people to "microblog". The idea is to send out short messages like Twitter. It is a bit longer allowing 480 characters (going from memory so I might be mistaken)..

Of course, the posts are limited by the blockchain to 5 minutes in between.


Are we seeing the return of Zappl?

This is a post that was posted a little while ago. It looks like they are testing the system which looks promising.

This was an application that I always felt has enormous potential. My preference, at this point, are applications that have a low learning curve. Zappl is something that is very easy to use and a lot like Twitter.

I was a bit discouraged when the project was shut down without any word about what was going on. We still do not know why the hiatus but looks very promising.

The other thing I liked about Zappl is the potential to appeal to the masses. We know most of the Internet is not comprised of blogging. Instead, outside of pictures, a lot of quick ideas shared is commonplace. People like to share what is on their mind and a couple hundred characters. Zappl is the ideal application for that.

Zappl is an interface to the Steem blockchain. Hence, we see the same immutable, transparent, and non-censoring properties in play. Any text that is posted using the application (pictures are always on a server, not the blockchain) is dropped onto the blockchain, meaning it can always be accessed using another application.

This means that even if Zappl is zapped, one can view what is posted using the other interfaces.

It will be interesting to see what the team announces in the coming weeks.

Personally, I say "Welcome back".

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Zappl, has never left. We are all still out here! Things will be coming for sure.

QA's just hiding out there, being zoidberg.

yes offcourse steemmit is not steem steem project is bigger than steemit

I sure do hope it make a comeback. There was a fiction writing group that wrote short stories in the Zapple network. It was fun.

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You beat me to this update eheheh 😉

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That would be great news @taskmaster4450, thanks for sharing.

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I think that we have a lot of potential in so much apps here, but they need to have more marketing to getting people inside of them.

Zappl was one of the first I tried outside of Steemit and liked it although I didn’t know nearly what I know today about engagement! This could bring exciting initiatives for the community!

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