Another Website As Like As Steemit.

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Hi, guys Now I show you a website as like as steemit.

This website name is weku

Now I Show you How to create an account a weku


At first, you have to go (This Link) weku website.


Enter Your Name (without no space).


Enter your Email Address.


Check Your Mail Box From (noreply : welcome to weku).


Read This Mai.


click this link. (Confirm the E-mail Address)


click The Agree

Copy this password.


Past this Password fill in the blank.


Click the two (2) box.


Create The Account.

This is the End, of processing.
# Note: Safe your Password, If you lost is. You will never recover your account/password. It's all rules are same as like as steemit.

A Little You Should Know About Weku SASS Blockchain

Welcome to join the WEKU community! Hope you can write some articles to instroduce WEKU.

WEKU is the first SAAS community chain. It actually is a software-as-a-service (SASS) platform.

The community websites can be easily built for any particular purposes. The contents are separated according to the intention of the site. We don't need to see everything or different languages mixed on one site. is for general purpose and it is just one website of WEKU platform. provides more user-friendly interface and supports Chinese tags. If you take a look, the contents are different from The site and signup process are designed for non-English speakers. will be used for developers to discuss IT information. will be used for financial and business news.

If community leaders want to build up their communities, they can create their domains and focus on the matters which they are interested in.
Each site will host different contents.
The detailed can be found in the whitepaper.

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