Learn body language"Hand movement"

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Today I will talk about a very important subject

Through which you will know the personality in front of you well

This is a science of psychology

Which is used in the analysis of human personality through body language

Today we will talk only about hand movement

And its relation to the personality of man and we will know when a man is honest or false and when he is tense

All this by looking at the movement of his hands

Where speech reveals a very small proportion of human personality

While body language shows a very large percentage in his personality

When a man puts a hand on his other hand, this means that he is a defensive character

When he puts his hand either his mouth or touches his nose

This means that he is a liar and wants to hide the false words he speaks

Sometimes he means someone who is not explicit in his words

Putting the hand behind the back means hegemony
 Putting the hands behind the back or in the pocket or placing it on the chest means domination and control or adopting an indirect or explicit position

Finally, when someone shakes someone else's hand and hands downwards, this means the presence of their opponents with the person shaking hands

The people who are confident of themselves are the ones who put the fingers of their hands to the right on the left so that we find the end of the fingers based on each other


"Hand movement"

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I am very interested to learn body language and I been doing a lot of research I hope in the end I will know it