Have you ever been to Kaptai lake??????? Region of beauty......

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Let's know about Kaptai lake..............


Spotted with islands, Kaptai is Bangladesh's biggest simulated lake, made in 1960 for a hydroelectric undertaking. It's a lovely spot, and extremely mainstream with Bengali tourists, but since of allow limitations, the quantity of spots nonnatives can visit on the lake is compelled.


The most prominent excursion is Shuvalong Falls (a hour and a half one way). This unassuming waterfall is minimal in excess of a stream for the greater part of the year, yet the pontoon trip out to it is spectacular; first intersection the huge span of the primary lake, at that point entering a zone of islands secured with banana plants, lastly an emotional go through a precarious sided pig out.


The Hanging Bridge, a low suspension connect, not a long way from the Parjatan Holiday Complex, is another prominent watercraft trip goal.

The little Chakma islands at the opposite end of Rangamati are another prominent watercraft stop, albeit, similar to the Hanging Bridge, they can likewise be come to via arrive.


Another prominent excursion with nearby vacationers is the two-hour ride to Kaptai Town, however the town itself is somewhat of a dump.

There are little pontoon ghats all around the lake, yet the primary two are Reserve-Bazar Ghat and Tobolchuri Ghat. Traveler ships carry local people from Reserve-Bazar to spots, for example, Kaptai Town. They're now and then hesitant to take outsiders, yet you can get to Shuvalong Falls for Tk 50 on the off chance that they let you on. Else, you'll need to enlist your own particular watercraft. Costs depend to a great extent on your haggling aptitudes. At the season of research, Tk 600 for every vessel for each hour was the going rate.


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All I Can Say Is WOW! Thanks For Sharing!!

Bangladesh is a beautiful country in the world.

i think it is the most beautiful

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Amazing beauty of Bangladesh

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