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RE: My Challenge to the 50/50 Crowd

in #busy2 years ago

Well said! I do agree with this that those advocating 50/50 need to go ahead and do the leg work to get it done. However, I sorta think the witnesses have already decided on this and probably have some of the code already done, as they seem rather fervent about supporting it. That being said, I still support the idea of a slider to choose author payouts, and I think it's definitely something to look into developing! :)


No they don't have anything done. They want to pull SteemIt, Inc from moving forward to make this possible.

That is my point... They call themselves investors, but they are stakeholders at best. They certainly aren't contributing. They are just hollaring.

Ah, then that makes a lot of sense. Honestly, this seems like a petty argument to begin with. I honestly think built-in SMT's are far more important than the ratio of author to curator rewards!