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RE: Busy: Your next-gen social network platform based on the Steem Blockchain

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This is the kind of site that could bring steem into the spotlight. I've been saying this from the start the only way you gonna takeover giants like facebook,youtube and amazon is if you integrate everything in the same site. ( wechat already proved that it works and that its the future) The more an environement is interactive ( chat, marketplace,video,live streaming,video calls,games,etc..) the more users you will retain on your site and the bigger the network effect. The only thing that prevented us from creating a real active economy online was the missing piece which was money. Now we have it so we can build some really great innovation and create completely new type of interaction online. The more diversity in a site the better, that's why I think busy should even integrate with a video platform like steemQ or just embed a video uploader and add a video section to users's profil , I wrote my first post on steemit about this
Imagine 2 strangers who just met in a sport chat room both watching a live stream football game and deciding to make a little bet just for fun and then at the end of the match they can pay each other instantly, this is just the kind of interaction that weren't possible before online but that you can now do on the same site seamlessly
I have a few questions
Is the marketplace's escrow going to be trustless or will you guys hold people's fund?
Why the name busy? It sounds pretty modern, i like it actually.
Will communication be encrypted?
Is UI going to look similar or is this just a demo design?
Is the amount of dollar earned going to be displayed under each post? if yes I suggest you don't display it, as it creates a money grab kinda mentality, it also creates a lot frustration and jealousy for users who can't earn anything. Busy shouldn't primarily advertises itself as a money maker but should instead play the all in one site card and payouts as a bonus.( high expectations often leads to disapointment and users leaving the platform)If users come to the platform with no expectations and realize that they can get paid for posting they are much more likely to stick around.
Anyway from what I read I think you guys really get the vision and the importance to have everything on the same website.


Glad you like it ! You totally get our vision for sure. And of course we want a platform that integrates SteemQ, SteemStays, Steemwhales, Steemdb, SteemUber, SteemGames, all types of apps to build a rich and interactive environnement where you want to stay.

for your questions :

  • The Escrow is a Steem blockchain enhancement, actually there since 20th September (Steem 0.14.2)
  • In Busy, you have "us", and "by", this platform is build by Us, and everyone should be busy using busy platform, since we want it to be a all-in-one platform with killer Apps. But it's mainly because its modern, easy to remember
  • The private chat will be encrypted, offchain. We're working on it. Still waiting for private message on the Steem blockchain. It's been there for a while but still not working
  • It's not a demo design, we are in closed Alpha, we will start the open Beta with this design, and improve it with some good UI/UX design, and re-branding, new marketing after Q1
  • Yes it will be displayed, but we adopt another approach, and showing only the author reward, then you can see all the details. I understand your point of view about frustration and how it can create bad competition, ve been thinking about that too, but hiding it is not on the scope for now. We will have some Polls later submitted to the community to decide new changes like this one

Thanks for your support

Wow so nice to hear that you guys are b us y working towards that goal :-) It will definetely be a winner, I have no doubt about that. Most of the sites you mentionned would stand very little chance on their own to rival big players but when integrated within busy (as the core platform) they will all benefit greatly from the existing userbase, it can only snowball from there, more apps, more value,more users,etc..
I have a few suggestion if I may..
The letter B and Y in busy could be in a different color than the U and S so that people get the message more easily.
Also regarding author rewards, you could display the amount more precisely like $0.001 or even $0.0001 so that even people with little influence can see the counter move up when they upvote. ( psychologicaly this is very important to motivate people to want more power)
Anyway keep it up guys..very good work so far, I ll be following this project closely.

your last suggestion is exactly what I want to suggest to steemit. the argument is also the same. :-) I am glad busy took this advice!

Thank you !

The letter B and Y in busy could be in a different color than the U and S so that people get the message more easily.

We've been and are still thinking about that. We may keep it like more disguised, and known by some ppl, or to-be-discovered (When you ask yourself why Busy ? like you did), than something really obvious playing with the logo letters/colors etc. (something i'm not real fan of..)

Also regarding author rewards, you could display the amount more precisely like $0.001 or even $0.0001 so that even people with little influence can see the counter move up when they upvote.

Our solution will cover this issue. When you vote on a post you will have a small animation showing exactly the added amount to the payout you just made, also you'll be able to click and view all details, the same way you can see it on steemstats, or steemd

thanks for your kind suggestions

There is a few more thing I wanted to suggest.

To create 2 differents type of upvotes. An upvote where you give the post money and another upvote where you just give a normal like. Maybe you can use 2 signs, a thumbs up and a heart.
This is very important to keep people happy and motivated knowing that even if they didn't receive money their post was liked by many. If you look at a site like reddit it is easy to get many upvotes if you post a nice comment, here on however the comment section has no upvote because curators can't make money off of it . You could even integrate different type of emoji so people can tell how they felt about the post.

Also i think the voice comment concept by steempowergirls is interesting, if people had the option to record their voice when posting a comment i think it will make the whole site more lively and it's a great innovation.

The last idea was to put steemradio player on your site ( steemspeak), it would be awesome if any users could get his message heard by millions of users ( hopefully). Also a community radio player on the site would strenghten that community feel and would make the site more real/lively.

Anyway just my 2 cents.

Hello ekitcho,

There is 2 more things I wanted to suggest for busy :) I'm really excited by the potential of this site because you guys have the vision and are thinking big, which tells me this thing is gonna be yuuuge !
Anyway here are my suggestions.

You could use @radiosteem or something similar to allow people to pay to get their song heard by all the busy users. This is something people have always liked, when they think a song is good they want the world to hear it, people could even burn some steem just to get their song heard live by everyone, you could add a steem music player on the interface or something.

The second suggestion is to create a free daily lottery. So that busy can make someone's day everyday, this is very good for user retention, the hope that you can win the busy lottery one day will keep people coming back everyday and also because its free.
It is pretty simple to do basically you need to allocate a unique number to each user using busy. Then these users can just cast their vote for the lottery on the interface so everyday the amount will be different. And finally you need to make the rules clear , basically you can use first or last random hash numbers of a certain block and when this number correspond to the user's unique number he wins. It sounds a bit complexe but It really isn't.
here are some lottery project based on the blockchain

A free daily lottery will have everyone coming back , no users will leave for good :)

Let me know what you think

thanks @snowflake, for your support and enthusiasm in the Busy project;
we're working to build a strong platform acting like a base layer where any kind of apps can be integrated, and for the lottery, as well as sports betting, i see integration of a prediction market like Steemsports, as well as some lotto services. Basicilly we will respond to community request / initiative
thx for your contrib

Regarding the busy-by us thing, I would rather see it unveiled by a cool animation from the organization name (e.g. at the end of a promo video.)

b for blockchain, u for user, s for steem and y for you... something like blockchain-based, user-oriented and steem-backed platform for you !?

funny and relevant, you're creative ;) thx for this input

glad you like it. this little exercise proves that humans react to rewards, but not necessarily monetary ones. hence the importance of 'making a difference', no matter how small it is.