My Summer so far

in busy •  5 months ago

I took the summer off from college since financial aid didn't give me enough to take a class in the summer that I need to take over so I decided to take in the city this summer. Also I wanted to give myself a break cause in september I'll be grinding all year to finish my degree in Information technology with a concentration in Web Development. I'm not sure to continue to a 4 year, but I will worry bout that close to graduation time.

My summer started great, hanging with my cousins that I grew up and we treat each other like were brothers. I deal with depression at times, so they drag me out the house almost every weekend to go to the flea market up there way and we always meet new people and hang around. I also have to this bobble-head collection that's growing and I find some at the flea market.

My wheelchair lift to get outside recently broke, so been stuck in the house for the last two weeks. I have been catching up on anime and some shows. I recently just finished Dark on Netflix which is a Sci-fi thriller Drama about strange happenings in a German town of winden. It was recommended to me by a friend and I thank her for that,series blew my mind and had almost every science theory implanted in it. On the anime front, I been re-watching Naruto series from beginning to end with skipping fillers, Just finished Megalo Box and I'm still watching Gundam Build Divers which is surprisingly good.

I think thats all my summer so far.

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