Engraved Metal Plates for Touge Slide Downhill - What's in my Factory #1

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Hey steemians, Skarnoze here.

About one week ago I was live on Dlive and Youtube engraving three metal plates. It took me about 3 days to do the job and I really like to say thank you to people who upvote the live and left comments.
Unfortunately, seven days later those videos are still not available on Dlive so check a bit later if you can see them here: https://dlive.io/@skarnoze

The Touge Slide Downhill is a Drift competition eld in France this week end, please check this event:

For the organisers I've made 3 design using the photos supplied to me by the organisers. Those 3 metal plates will be given to the 3 best drivers, to the winner, the second and the third.

Design for the third place

Engraved on a 200 * 100 * 3 mm metal plate
4 shades

Design for the second place

Engraved on a 300 * 150 * 3 mm metal plate
4 shades

Design for the first place

Engraved on a 300 * 150 * 3 mm metal plate
8 shades for the cars and 32 shades for the background
IMG_3534 2.jpg

Here you go guys, once again, I would really like to share @dlive links as well with the video haven't been released yet ... I will publish a video on @dtube soon to show you all the details :)

If you need any custom design you can contact me by email: skarnoze@gmail.com you can pay in SBD or Steem no problem.

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