Praying Mantis on Pants 👖

in busy •  5 months ago

Hello little friend!

There have been A LOT of praying mantises (mantii??) around the @gardenofeden this season. This guy was the biggest I've seen at 2-3 inches long, and he lighted upon my pants!

I dig animal totems, and I super identify with the praying mantis for many reasons. Here's something someone says the mantis is supposed to represent:

Be patient for success. Be alert to opportunities and to dangers. Develop stillness and trust in your intuitive abilities.

Rock on. Here's a dinosaur emoji because they don't make a praying mantis yet 🦖 

💛 Sara! 

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tremenda foto,los he visto de cerca,saludos y feliz dia.

Yo siempre he deseado poder ver alguna de cerca, pero nunca he podido. Se ven hermosas.

Though it looks dangerous but they are always friendlier

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