Is happiness real?

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Is Happiness is a real state of mind?

Hi, friends today I am going to share a guy who seems always happy and fulfilled. We are always behind something and we achieve it for happiness, but what we do next we go behind something else. The happiness runs away from there a little bit away from our target. We are always chasing something for happiness. Many people seem happier than what they have.

Normally are trying to find happiness in something or from some person or from some activities. When we are happy, do we enjoy it fully? We will be going on thinking about what we don't have. Happiness depends on the mind setting only. Not about outer space.

Few days before one guy came here to our area. We don't know who brought him there or how he maintained to reach up to this place. He is talking Telugu language and seems very young. He sleeps where ever he wants to. He always talks to himself when he is not sleeping. He talks with all body language as somebody is there in front of him. Since we are not able to understand his language the performance of him is not noticed by the locals.


He always smiles at everybody and harmless. His friendly activities bring him food and drinks more than he needs. When he is fulfilled he never accepts anything. Simply node his head to as he doesn't need anything. The people who visit the tea shop will give him what he needs, and the small hotels nearby will give him free food. He will eat food when he feels hungry only, sometimes he never accepts anything. Some guys tried to give him some dress, but he threw away all he got in front of the donor.

He always seems happy. He is talking and laughing with great joy. I have been watching for months whenever I go there. He never seems to be worried or sick or tired.

He sleeps where he like, sometimes he is under the over the bridge, sometimes he used to sleep nearby vacant areas. For the past few months, the raining in our area is continuos and heavy. he always seems wet and sometimes he drinks the rain water stagneted in the road. No sick nor any health issues.

We don't know how he got this happy mental issues. Many people tried to get his whereabouts from him. But he doesn't know any thing about it. He will talk some thing else irrelevant to those who talked to him in his own language.

Happiness is what we are chasing. Happiness is the very root need of the human being. We are trying to build the happy world, happy population by doing a lot of things and possesing a lot of materials, inventions, resarches and more we are running like mad with the Gurus and Happiness programms. On seeing him im feeling that happiness can be achieved by some mental sickness. Is happiness also a 'problem' with a mental disorder? Who knows whatever we doing now is correct or not? What we thinking about what we are is right or not?


My own words. My own photos. My fellow human being.


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