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It's not the strongest nor the smartest, but the ones most able to adapt.
  • some dude

As we go with the times in the single one option that's left that's an option at all we live in a state of constant flux, set plans are a bad idea, only vectors (a bit like all of reality actually)

So the thing is "write me" , hopefully a little more interaction than i get on the usual daily stuff.

It's quite simple. Almost berniesanders-simple, brutal and effective, interactive

I give a keyword, you comment

3 lines in order of preference :

  • a haiku always gets best chance

  • if it rhymes

  • if its funny

  • or just three lines on the keyword

as explained in the introduction i wont have a vote to split on comments for a while so

  • depending on what's what an upvote or a vote by @peoplesbot on the comment or a combo of those is possible, but i cant provide for the whole nation ofcourse

  • only comments that adhere to the criteria will be eligible

so the keyword for today is


well , as i get more time to comment now, i suppose you can find my opinion @theopinion or in the comments section, the point is to save time while keeping it slightly interactive and maybe even somewhat #steemit for a change, so i can focus on @goldmanmorgan in order to start the Dreamworks : @tyrnannoght

thanks (or not) it doesnt matter much to me, but it could be a vote for you or even ... just fun trying to figure out three lines to write :)

last but not least :
Let me enlighten you :: rules exist to discipline oneself, do not force them on someone else (Kongo - Ars nova cadenza)
Free speech was meant to be free for all... how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ? (me)


if there is any questions regarding the accounts : @rudyardcatling , @ubasti , @sakhmet , @maahes , @goldmanmorgan , @tyrnannoght, feel free to join https://discord.gg/TB4XDdU and ask away, i'm not always on keyboard but i check at least once day ... feel free to lurk and feel free to post any steemit links in the appropriate channel, you can ask questions by leaving a comment @rudyardcatling , i try to read all of them but i might not on the other accounts

“The universe did not invent justice. Man did. Unfortunately, man must reside in the universe.”
― Roger Zelazny, The Dream Master

*don't feed the trolls*

notified by popular request : @ecoinstant , thanks for asking :)

some stats

@ubasti / @sakhmet / @maahes is 154.7/150.3/98.7 days old and have distributed 12.393 SBD to participants
@ubasti has given 563 non-ownvotes to rafflewinners for a total of x vests worth x SBD (at current price)
@ubasti 100 % vote is worth: 0.0062(subject to market fluctuation this is the value of shares in SBD)

@rudyardcatling is 354.8 days old and has given (to others)103 shares in @steembasicincome, 15 shares in @incinboost, 147 botvotes by @drotto, 61 by @nanobot , 50 by @microbot , 48 by @minibot , 7 by @sharkbank 9 by @brandonfrye for a total of .451 , 8 by @peoplesbot for a total of .085 etc to followers, commenters and voters and has promoted 59 posts with @treeplanter for a total of 7.046SBD,
@rudyardcatling 100 % vote is worth: 0.0374(subject to market fluctuation this is the value of shares in SBD, UA-score : 2687 -> 2701 / rank 13471->13385 (manual since i dont have the key to the api but it doesnt seem to fluctuate much)

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Changing schemes frustrate
even as they do improve,
leave us feeling bla.


look who's back !

yea ... busy ... slightly tired of waiting i was ... but the video isnt lost i suppose , i have the whole scene in blender, the rest is just jpgs montaged with kdenlive and a 4 count beat in lmms

i wanna move more to that anyway, specially for tyrnanoght (and flixx-o-fcourse but theres something stale there, the admoney button has been zero for days, but im getting reward for sharing though and a second video in-line , so i just need to sell a million copies of each then i can come whale on steemit :D)

i'm gonna hold the vote for another 24 hours im sure you dont mind, now lets hope after the bumps this puts steem back to $2 to $5 , for a day or two there all my plans were completely screwed, no way in hell goldmanmorgan , definitely tyrnannoght could run on that but if it stays like this i guess we're cool @ned heheh
now for that advertising money and those smart contracts ? ... and the #invisible tag and and ... and ...

the SBD is confusing though now its back , i need to add calculations b/c the exchange rate and im not sure what gets more value : 100% power up or 50/50 , do you know if you get more or less SBD depending on the fiat value or not ? is it some kind of set number percentage because its definitely not the same 50/50 it was before ? any idea @ecoinstant or some link to something that explains that in detail , i need to get the numbers straight for @goldmanmorgan , if the value is about the same 100% powerup and then small powerdowns every 7 days to work with would be a lot easier ... if 50SBD / 50 STEEM is more actual "value" then im just gonna have to adapt lol ...

(imagine making this comment yesterday hahah, something to tell your grandkids about ... BACK IN MY DAY, WE HAD TO ... :D )


1 sbd is always treated as 1 usd by the internal mechanism regardless of market price!

In my experience its always better to do 50/50 and then ladder the internal market to by steem with the sbd on dips. That way you can get + ~20% payouts (depending on the variability, sometimes more, it was 5x and higher when sbd was so high).


yea i just read a post linked by @xyzashu, so in theory it remains more or less the same values on the day of payout wether you 100% or 50/50 , a bit strange how speculation is encouraged in a place full of people who are "not about the money" (sarc, lol) but i see how it fits , you cant ask for 100% payout since it needs steem as investment to be transaction free, the original idea being the powerup is that and the sbd is your wage lol. It complicates things though, they could have just kept simply steem/sp BUT i see how this must be fun for the traders amongst us. I personally think i'll stick to powerup / down over seven days until i get high enough to have rewards i could speculate on, keep it simple over five accounts lol

thanks !!!!

bla bla bla bla bla
bla bla yadday yadda bla
haha haha haa!

! four days down the drain, FINALLY


I see you have been busy!


@steemit might have very well saved me ... IF it keeps up lol

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