Belgian Red Devils... You almost killed me 🇧🇪

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Tonight, I thought my team didn't care at all of the World Cup.
Where were they during +60' ? Maybe thinking of beers and french fries (or beautiful Russian girls) ?

I had no doubt at all the Belgian Red Devils would kill the Japanese team just " like this " !

But no... we had to wait +1 hour before them shooting their first goal ! And during this time Japan had already got two to goals !!!

I was disappointed.

then... I heard people all around screaming GOOOOAAAAL !
I couldn't believe it ! They did One. Then Two. Then Three... !!!

Belgian Red Devils, I will never doubt of you ever again. I promise.

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Beautiful game... Both Belgium and Japan show their best effort. Watching this kind of game makes me don't care about win or lose... It's beyond lose or win match... It's entertaining world-class match!


100% agree, it's for the beauty of the game @sangdiyus !

haha. I hope big things will come for Belgium! (I hope they beat brazil!)


We all hope that dear @basilmarples !!!! (Hello you by the way! It's been a loon loong loong time :D)


it has indeed :) I havn't been able to be quite the steemit blogger I had hoped in these last few is such a busy little chestnut. But its still nice to come and check up on my friends here and see what you are all up to! (and maybe get involved in a little steemmonsters competition every now and then ;p)

Super match Le meilleur de ces huitièmes, sans aucun doute.


Oh my le meilleur jte raconte pas @igider 😎😎😎
Franchement les fous !!!

C'est bien beau de gagner de justesse contre le Japon mais si ils jouent comme ça contre le Brésil on est foutu ! Croisons les doigts !

Je comprends rien au foot mais ne le dis à personne.


Sincèrement, ils ont joué comme des klettes pendant +60 minutes sur 90 ... @ragepeanut
J'pire rien au foot non plus mais quand tous les pronostics disent " 2-0 " et qu'après 60 minutes on est à 0-2 j'ai failli mourir... :D


Mon beau-frère m'a dit que pendant l'échauffement ils faisaient n'importe quoi, je pense qu'ils ont simplement sous-estimé le Japon. Ça ne m'étonnerait même pas qu'ils n'aient pas pris la peine d'analyser leur jeu tellement ils étaient confiants. Je m'y connais pas en foot mais de ce que j'en ai vu dans l'esport, prendre trop la confiance n'est jamais bon !


Ca m'étonne même pas deux @ragepeanut ... Au moins ils ont eu un coup de chaud.

I totally feel you!!

After the 0-2 for Japan I almost went crazy... But like you say: I won't doubt them again either.

They showed the world that they are a super team but I wonder why they cannot start a match with playing like that...


I think we were all crazy @happybelgian ...

They showed the world that they are a super team but I wonder why they cannot start a match with playing like that…

I wonder the same. Maybe they were too confident because " everyone in the world knew that they would beat Japan " ...

Hopefully at the end they did !!!!!!

Moi qui pensais que dans ta quête de minimalisme tu arrêterais le foot !!! Allez la Belgique ! France-Belgique en finale c'est possible?


😂😂😂 Oh my @marc-allaria tu vas penser que je suis une supportrice du foot. Que néni. J'suis juste embarquée dedans à cause " des autres ". I promise, c'est pas ma faute 😅😅😅 😂😂😂

Close tight match hahah heart beating moments for sure lol :D


Yes it happens because when next team takes 2 - 0 lead then for sure doubts born in mind like now what will happen? Lost? like that but truly Belgium came back strongly and i can say that, the match was just thrilling.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂