10 Tips on Success from Jordan Belfort

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The Powerful and Successful Entrepreneur "Jordan Belfort"

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As some of you may have viewed the movie "wolf of wall street", this movie was a depiction of "Jordan Belfort" who was a stock market broker who created his own successful brokerage firm. Although his firm went downhill due to his illegal practices of selling bogus shares of companies that weren't even real, he still managed to run an extremely successful brokerage firm. His tactics included becoming a master at selling. Jordan was highly skilled in communicating and convincing individuals to buy shares of bogus companies. If you really think about it, it's highly impressive for an individual to sell shares of a fake company that doesn't even exist. That just shows the power of his influence and tactics in selling. Jordan was a firm believer in hustling and effective selling. He believed that everything in life is earned and not given. You can't wish for things to happen, you have to make it happen using powerful tactics and influential tactics. Today, Jordan is an author and a motivational speaker. One of his best selling books titled, "The way of the Wolf" teaches his methods of becoming a successful sales person and businessman. Today, I will share with you Jordan Belfort's 10 successful tips he recommends in order to become successful in the world of business and effective selling.

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10 Successful Tactics and Tips by Jordan Belfort

1. Wiring your mind to be mentally strong

Jordan believed in having a powerful mind for business. Mentally, your mind has to be wired to win and have positive thoughts. Poor decisions should be replaced with rich quality thoughts. He was also a firm believer of unlearning all the negative thoughts and replacing them with good ones. This tool is powerful in order to become successful in preventing your mind from having weak thoughts.

2. What's holding you back from being successful?

Jordan believed that not becoming was successful was due to negative thoughts that contained excused and a bs story behind it. In order to achieve success, all excused have to be eradicated. Excuses only prevent you from overcoming obstacles that are preventing you from becoming successful. Excuses don't give you any justice when it comes to attaining success. Overall, ELIMINATE IT!

3. Control your environment

In order to be successful, you have to control your environment. You have to eradicate the negative thoughts anyone may place in your mind and replace it with strong positive thoughts that are correlated towards your goals. You have to master your environment in order to consistently be motivated and aiming towards successful thoughts.

4. The "WHY"

One quote from Jordan Belfort is "if you give people a good enough why, they will always figure out the how". People are always capable of becoming influenced if you influence them well enough.

5. WInners are always confident

Winners always have the powerful mindset of saying must and will. Their minds are always wired to win and have confident thoughts. Never shy away from any successful mission or goal. This should always be powered through with willing and positive thoughts.

6. Have high standards

Always aim high and never settle for less. Jordan believes that people fail because they have smaller goals. Having poor standards will have a negative impact on the people around due to numerous reasons. For example, if you settled with a job that pays $35,000 instead of 70,000 this may hurt your family financially in the future. That extra money included in your salary could help your family with covering expenses such as mortgage, emergencies, vacations, etc...

7. Never give up

This is the most important characteristics to become rich. NEVER GIVE UP. If you give up, you will never make it to success. Giving up your dreams and goals will make hopeless. Once you give up, your dream is over! It is important to understand that failure is the backbone of becoming successful so never give up!

8. Give value to make money

If you really want to make money, you have to create something of value to your customers. Create something that would be make your customers or people demand. When you understand and master that concept, money will attract to you!

9. Act how you want to become

If you want to become wealthy and successful act as if you were already that. Take action and have the confidence as if you were already successful. This will put you in the right mindset of success. You will eventually create successful habits and become ready for success when it happens.

10. Don't live in your past

Don't be a slave to your past. If you keep lingering on the past, it will affect you for the future. If you have a bad past then forget about it and move forward. Everything in life is in front of you and that's all you can control. The past only hurts you to become powerful in the future.

There you have it! These are the ten tips from Jordan Belfort. Jordan Belfort is a highly talented individual when it comes to powerful influencing and successful business tactics. To learn more about successful business tips from Jordan, make sure to read his top selling books. You will learn a lot from Jordan and it may even change your life!

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Good list. I don't disagree on any of Jordan's points. I also love his interviews.

His interviews are amazing. Very powerful man.

"When the nostril of opportunity is open, that's when you snort the cocaine twice as hard."

-Jordan Belfort

Resteemed your post and enjoyed reading it. I had a post I did 5 months ago you might get a kick out of where Tai Lopez interviews Jordan Belfort https://steemit.com/life/@iandaniels/just-here-in-my-garage-with-jordan-belfort-aka-the-real-wolf-of-wallstreet

Glad you enjoyed it!

Dude’s so slick that people are still worshipping him even though he’s a rotten thief.

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Agreed, his skills are impeccable when it comes to selling. His strategy and structure of selling were so powerful. In an interview, he stated he would spend hours studying his potential customers before pitching the product. Overall impressive business-minded individual.

@researchgeek you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

Number 10 has a deep meaning and that's the most important takeaway for me from this post. Thanks for the awesome piece of writing.

Of course, I'm glad you learned from it!

I had value from this article. Especially the "Control your environment" bit.
Thank you - www.3.jpgScambuster.TV

You forgot the most important one: Snort shitloads of cocaine. It will keep you sharp between the ears, it will also help your fingers dial faster.

hahahahaha TRUE.

I think he's right! A window of opportunity cannot be missed or you'll missed it for the rest of your life.

Exactly, thank you for your feedback!

My personal favourite is "Act how you want to become. "

That's a really good one! You are what you become! Very cliche, but extremely powerful!

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