Shedding Season for "Sky"

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Being a first-time owner of a Siberian husky, I was underestimated how much fur she sheds.

“Sky” has a very thick beautiful coat which consists of different layers. There is a soft and fluffy dense undercoat as well as a top layer of fur which is slightly longer and straighter. Both layers of fur help provide insulation to keep “Sky” warm and pretended from the outside elements.

As “Sky” sheds constantly, I need to brush her almost daily so the loose fur can be removed from her coat. If this is not dealt with in time, not only my house will be full of shed hair, it will also be itchy and uncomfortable for “Sky” too.

Check out how much fur came out from “Sky” today, lol.




Yup, and she is not a full grown adult yet, only 8 months...

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Build your own husky hahaha - yes they sure shed a lot.

Oh my, almost a full little dog. heheh.

I know... and you can imagine my house is full of it, lol.

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