My Daily Request Reward

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Hello, my Splinterlands friends! It is still one day left before the season end and I bet most of you are fighting hard to get higher ranking on the leaderboard in order to accumulate more cards, lol! Me too!!

The prices for these Splinterlands cards are increasing in value almost every day. Now it is $0.09 for a level 1 common card! I think these cards are going to be very valuable in the near future so we'd better start getting them now before it's too late!

I just did my daily request and got an amazing opening on the reward cards: 7 rare, 1 epic and 1 gold!! I can't believe my luck, haha!

daily reward card.PNG

daily reward card2.PNG

Wish you guys all the best for this Splinterlands season and see you in the battle, lol!



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I only have a silver league level water deck to compete, so I cannot fulfill all the daily quests when they are other besides the wanted splinter 5 wins. I missed the chance to get beta cards as season rewards and know I'm stuck here because I cannot afford to buy packs atm. But the game is still really awesome 😊

Just keep playing to accumulate more cards. :)

That's what I'm planning to do😊

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Nice gold pull 👊

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Yes, that's pretty sweet. :)

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