Another Great Reward Opening on "Splinterlands"

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Again, another season of "Splinterlands" has just ended today. I reached "Champion II" with a score of 4517 with 120 reward cards! As usual, I was super excited opening the reward cards this morning as soon as I woke up, haha!

I was again in luck, by the time I finished the first 10 card opening, I already got two gold foils and one of them was a Rare too!


The second lot of 10 card was even more exciting as I got a Legendary card "Lord Arianthus"! I was very pleased with the results!


The next lot was only 8 cards instead of 10, which was very strange (I've since discovered it is a new and improved way to open cards thanks to @yabapmatt)! But opened the cards anyway and OMG, another Legendary card "Sacred Unicorn" and a gold foil as well!! I honestly could not believe my eye, lol.


To be honest, I've had another pretty good opening with 2 Legendary cards and 3 gold foil cards! I cannot really complain, haha!

I wish everyone good luck with your card opening too and see you all at the "Splinterlands" battles in this brand new season!!



ahhhhh nice ones! why sooooo lucky ar??

Haha, thanks @travelgirl!

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Kickin’ Butt! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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How are you @rea

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