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Hello steemians friends, today I want to emphasize the term power.


  1. The concept of POWER is related above all with energy. It has POWER that can release energy, the IMPOTENT is the opposite, of course. When I referred to POWER I did it in this sense, I accumulated energy to then release it, and many times I came to explain it as a power, as a force in a sense (he spoke of kinetic energy, for example) cumulative and then expand.

  1. POWER, in the sense of physics to explain certain phenomena of social development. We in high school studied the kinetic and potential energy, the first as the mass of the body multiplied by gravity and by the height at which it is located from a reference center, and the second as a means of the product between the mass and the square of speed, and the more formal definition says that POWER is the ability to execute something or produce an effect.

  1. I do not think there was anything wrong with speaking about Venezuela, so that we would be a POWERING country, a country that would be able to develop its strength to defend itself and to help those who need it. A concept that the Liberator partly developed when he proposed in the Panama Congress. Nothing bad has this, what is really bad is that we are an IMPOTENT, something that at the same time has to do with that horrible PENDEJISMO that has caused so much havoc in our history. With what I wrote recently, saying that we have been the most stupid countries on the planet.

  1. If we do not become a POWER country, we will never serve for a fuck. We need POWER to raise production, to protect our own, to defend ourselves, to generate strong and self-confident beings; to resist the attacks of all the European and gringo beasts, especially so that they respect us. POWER as the strength of a state to face adversity. POWER to be a sovereign state, even to be an influential and respectable entity.

  2. Without POWER we are poor pajudos and assholes, so that any imbecile comes and laughs at us and therefore try to fuck us, and be totally unpunished in their aggressions. Power and power is the same thing, and because of walking of IMPOTENTES they have insulted us thousands of times, they have deprived us enormous portions of our territory and we have been mocked by so many pseudo rulers.

  1. Even in the Bible appears the idea of POWER, as each of the groups of rays of light that in number of three are placed on the head of the images of Jesus Christ, and in number of two on the forehead of those of Moses .

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