Safe Way to Plunge Into The Water for Beginners.

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Good afternoon friend Steemians, on this occasion I will try to entertain you all with some tips jumping from a height or plunging into the water.

Maybe this is a slightly strange article, yes tips jumping from a height. Do you need jump tips? Okay, I think for those of you who sometimes have the fear of jumping from a height, the bridge, for example, please read the following article.

In this time the tips are focused on jumping from a height where the landing is water, not land. And remember, don't abuse these tips for suicide. Tips for tips are as follows;

  • Exercise more. You can practice jumping from a place that starts from 1 meter, 2 meters, 3 meters and so on. The more you exercise, the bolder you are to jump.

  • Intention. any activity that is not based on intention will be in vain. Same as if you want to jump, first make it clear that you will jump.

  • Choose the right location. The right location to jump from a height is a place where conditions and conditions are safe, make sure that many people have jumped in that place. This ensures that the water we occupy for landing has been ensured to be safe, do not let the water contain crocodiles, pointed bamboo sticks, and so on. Also adjust the height of the jump and the depth of the water. Do not let you jump from a height of 15 meters but the water is only 1 meter, this is very dangerous.

  • Looking down. many people say that, if you are at an altitude, never look down, that principle is not used for tips this time. Look down to use to make sure where we are landing. If we do not see the landing site, it could be the ground or rock on which it is based.

  • Do not hesitate. at the time of jumping, don't ever have doubts in your heart. Take a deep breath, then jump immediately, and don't close your eyes.

  • Air technique. This technique becomes very important, because this is where the adrenaline peak session is. When in the air, do a little hand movement to keep the balance of the hand. The position of the foot remains straightened, and do not bend. When you are approaching water, close your hands on your body, and your palms are beside your thighs for Men, and for women, cross your arms in front of your chest. Try to keep your body straight, and do not stretch your arms when you will get to the water.

  • After arriving in the water, swim lively. if you still want to enjoy the water, please.

Such are the tips that I can tell friends, maybe this is a bit inconsequential, but I give these tips from personal experience. I once jumped from a height of more than 15 meters. The adrenaline is very exciting. Okay, gays, Thank You!

Caution ;

I hope this article is helpful for all of us. For those of you who like and have never done this challenge, please look for seniors as your teacher and you are protected from bad things.
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By @putrie57.

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