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RE: Tips to Survive the Steem Dip!

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I've said this before on my previous blog when Steemit started dropping two months ago,

"Mentally, its always sad to see your account value or net worth dropping on paper; This is just a paper-loss, and doesn't MEAN ANYTHING, unless you panic sell with everyone. "

So Steemians,



i started buying steem a couple of days ago and i plan to hold. After stumbling upon one of your videos on youtube you convinced me on investing in this platform and for that I thank you. I live in Venezuela, a country ruled by a dictator with a crushing hyperinflation and crypto is a means for me to safeguard my money. While others are running away from crypto im taking refuge in it.
Do you think it is a good strategy?


using a socialist for neo-liberal economics "memes".

Ironic isnt it?

Hahaha!! It is like that pacific rim, everyone is connected with others through one way or others.

hahaha, love it

LOL, did you make that? It's awesome.

I get you bro, im from Argentina.

Great time to buy Steem you made a good investment.

where do you buy steem?

from bitshares.

Binance and HitBTC trade STEEM but the latter have wallet maintenance now for quite a while on STEEM and SBD.
Also you can buy STEEM and SBD through @blocktrades

thank you!

You can buy Steem at Binance with the link below.

If you want to know where to buy a coin you can go to coin market cap (link below) choose a coin scroll down then click on the markets tab and you will see all of the exchanges the coin is sold on.

Localbitcoins -> Blocktrades -> Steem

awesome! Thanks!

what do you think about Petro? I understand your plight. the whole world needs to fear hyperinflation

PETRO isn't a cryptocurrency, is an illegal issuance of public debt, not approved by the venezuelan parliament. It will allow the corrupt Narco-tyrants to conduct money laundering and lead naive investors into an uncertain promise that someday, somehow the venezuelan government will honor their commitments.
If you read the Petro white paper, you will find that not only is it poorly translated, but it also has major inconsistencies in what to an ICO is. The website is faulty, the way you conduct business with those guys is shady and

Buying petro requires you to sign a contract that is between a buyer and the Cryptoasset Superintendency of Venezuela. As a trader you shouldn't be signing contracts with Venezuela’s Central Bank, which, according to the Venezuelan Constitution, “necessarily and exclusively exercises the national monetary competence".

Also, the fine print also requires the buyer to assume all obligations, while the Crytptoasset Superintendency assumes none – signing is no PTR guarantee. The same contract states the venezuelan government's intention to personally identify you. So having your privacy put in hands of the same yokels that like to trade uranium, arms, and drugs with terrorists worldwide would put you in a very uncomfortable spot.

Many traders like to keep it anonymous and buying PTR reveals your identity, making yourself open to extortion.

The fourth section of the agreement is particularly full of bad intentions: for it requires the buyer to commit, irrevocably, to acquire petros without any information on the mechanism by which the price will be determined.

It’s a formal and binding offer to buy petros using dollars or euros, and the Superintendency reserves the right to change the unit price of the Petro.

No clause in the contract mentions the heavily-advertised claim that each petro will be worth “the international price of an oil barrel with discount.”

So to keep things short. Stay away from Petro. DONT TOUCH IT even with a ten-foot pole.

Agree 100% 👍🏼

If you traded the Petro with someone else in the usual way how does any of that contract stuff matter?

When asked why a cryptocurrency has value, the answer is "usage!". Currencies hold value when people use them and rely on them. When you use Petro, you give it value. When you give it value, you're enriching Venezuela's corrupt government, their corrupt friends and their drug cartels.

It sounds extreme, but it's only logical.

Was hopping UET had some value as a prank, joke, novelty coin. It started out being $.25 for a short time then dropped to $.10 where I bought and went back to $.17. Then down from there. I didn't sell because I thought it would take off like the pet rock years ago.

Lol, I did this with Strong Hands and made a nice profit out of the meme. Everyone thought it was ridiculous, but they kept buying.

I didn't sell because I thought it would take off like the pet rock years ago.

You just described so many of my poor trading decisions

None of that is relevant to what I asked though?

I know, I'm just stating why you should not trade with it regardless of how economically worth it it is for you.

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I just read today Trump banning U.S. investors from PTR. If so then he knows it a scam.

This is what I think of Pedro:

Honestly, people running away are the ones who got into crypto because some guy they know said it's going crazy and they bought in. Yet once it started hitting a bear market they panic sold. I think we are due for a bull market here soon. With you in Venezuela, pretty much any other currency is better than what you have to deal with.

hello good afternoon we exchange votes

There are a whole bunch of the top 50 coins down the 60% mentioned for steem. Spread your invests out.

To be honest, steemit had big potential to grow. I too, invested into steemit a while ago. I made good over 10k. I live in Russia and this money is enough to live for a couple of months. Good job @steemit.

I agree with you 💯 I invested to

HODL when the price drops and take advantage of it by buying more coins and again HODL and wait for it to rise again!

Sold my steem today. This platform won’t last a year.

@ambitiouslife lol and you sold? 2 SBD? what a lack of faith

Yeah, unless he/she has another account, I don't see any sales in the wallet. There isn't enough Steem in this account to pay the transfer fees, much less buy a cup of coffee.

you realize you can own Steem elsewhere, right? lolz

Lol, how many steem to do have to sell? No need for panic, you just joined. We are in for the long Run...HODL / power up days are to come.

You're clueless, next time you post something think about it and do your research.

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Steemit would be better if you left, spammer.

Well, you didnt have any steem in your account so if you sold from your exchange you should have done so long ago. If not and then you are just full of it, good luck

Maybe he has another account (?)

People have been saying that since the start

And about all cryptocurrencies too.

You just received back your steem portfolio... :)

Writing this on a platform that's turning 2 years old. :P

It has over 700 million users, I think, and the number is growing very quickly. This is just a slow-down. I expect us to reach the billion this year.

It's just hitting 800,000, lol... Not that figure.

Bitconnect turned 2 once. Lol

What does that have to do with anything? You wrote that this platform won't last a year, but it's going to be 2 years old soon.

... won’t last another year. It’s going to be full of bots and will implode. Lol

Okay, that makes sense now. Can't say I agree with you though, but I can accept your viewpoint. Different people, different opinions after all.

Thanks for the information :)

thats right 👍

i agree with you, its just a matter of time

Agreed! we also need to post daily and put ourselves in the best position like @jerrybanfield said. We are be able to come on top when the price starts booming again 🙏

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Nobody is going to read your garbage posts, spammer.

Very true @purepinay. Thanks for sharing such a powerful thought, in form of a quote.

my pleasure, @degreatmyke ^_-

I really don't understand why people are stressing out when there's really nothing they can do other than to keep on STEEMING! am actually listening to an upbeat song right now and enjoying the DIP! hehe

Let's share good vibes!<3

Totally agree! I feel like this is a wonderful time to be involved in this. We've lost nothing as long as we just keep on steeming! In fact, the rewards will grow and grow as we patiently wait, and what we're earning now will be worth so much more!

its a ponzi scheme, stop being so naive and stupid

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Very good advice. When you are thinking of selling you have to ask yourself: why is the other person on the side of this transaction willing to buy? What do you think they aim to gain?
Crypto investing has to be seen from a long term perspective. I just listened to an interview with the creator of IOTA and he said people are too impatient. Most crypto developers want their technology to be as good as possible so we as investors have to learn patience and think like big companies do.
When big companies like IBM invest in Stellar Lumens or Bosch invest in IOTA they do so from a long term perspective.

Well, I've sold during the most horriblest of dips in cryptocurrencies and let me tell you: people will buy trash thinking that they're owning it. I once bought XP for 3 satoshis, it reached 34, I sold at 22 and it kept going down to 7 sats and stayed there for months and months. I don't think it has recovered or that it will any time in the future.

yeah,keep patient

the downtrend was obvious, as a newbie to system I saw it as an opportunity** rather than a threat. you can read my post on it. and this is the chart I referred:

Nice chart idea! Do you have a TV profile?

sharon if you meant to ask me, I only have twitter, linkedin and steem: all of them @honarparvar
if you meant to ask Jerry, yes he has youtube channel

It may be a good time to trade STEEM to SBD when the prices flips over like this

Or do you think it is STEEM's turn to moon hardest this year?

Sure I'll hold until my fiat is exhausted, I hope the dip doesn't last for much longer.

just an idea, not an advice: cash out a bit, we will see some dips again

How about learning to Trade ? Say, Shorting STEEM: Sell it now and buy more in a cheaper price after a few days. In this way, you are still a believer of STEEM, but you can get more STEEM from the drop.

You can't short steem - none of the exchanges offer the ability to do so.

That's true too, but I don't intend to daytrade with Steem. I just want to earn and grow.

I am with you on this thought @purepinay. faith @jerrybanfields move mountains.thanks beautiful sunday to you both

I agree with you. It doesn't do a lot of good to stress over every little fluctuation. The key to doing this is in enjoying it while you do. That said... I have not been here very long so my stake is much smaller at the present than what @jerrybanfield's is!

Hmmmmm am short of words

This is one of the best posts I have seen on here, especially the following paragraph really stands out:

'I'm looking to build a world where compassion and courage prevail over deception and fear, where technology brings transparency in our relationships finally giving honest cooperation the upper hand over any other types of human interaction.'

I have been looking for people who want to change social media, the internet and the planet for the better for so long and it seems I've finally found them!

I have earned over 26% for the past 3 years per year investing in the stock market. I hav e18 years worth of knowledge in this field. I can tell you 1 thing for absolute damn sure! Your a freaking idiot and not going to have a dollar of savings for your family because your a greedy dumb fuck SOB that thinks cryptocurrencies are actualyl a real form of investing! LOL dumb fuck

right now I will take care of everything you say.

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It's mad how your account value can drop so quick hopefully it's goes soon ⚡⚡ great post my friend

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