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It was in the dashing nineties.All survived, as best they could.That People earned that will grow in her garden, cucumbers, tomatoes Yes, but at the station they were sold.Once having come with buckets to the station, she settled down and began to wait for a passing train.When the train came to the platform no one came out, and the neighboring "competitors" quickly scattered.Not realizing what happened, Luda took his bucket and went to the car.She looked up and saw the men in uniform.Luda offered to buy them cucumbers and tomatoes, they only looked at each other, and told her with a grin, what would she rather have offered their goods to the passengers.Entering the saloon, she saw only one man, dressed not in season.Lord buy cucumbers and tomatoes, through clenched teeth, able to squeeze People.From the middle of the car she was approached by a huge man, covered in tattoos.What we do gentlemen, said he sternly.But People, realizing where she was, immediately rephrase his speech.Bratki buy cucumbers and tomatoes, you probably have not eaten them for a long time.The whole carriage started laughing.Ambala picked up from her bucket and went on the car.Help sister, dismantle the goods, he said passing through the cabin.When everything was sold, he gave her the money, by the way much more than you can earn on the platform, and wished all the best. Zeki waved "brave" girl when the train departed from the platform. - 100.00%


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