Bad omen

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Bad luck to measure or take in the hands of the bride's veil before the wedding, supposedly you take all the good and happiness that belong to the newlyweds, and this story is about a friend of the bride, who before the wedding, not knowing that, tried on a veil.
The wedding of course was wonderful, and after the wedding, the husband of his wife was in his arms.It is a time when a young family had to be born the firstborn, but the young wife for some reason was afraid to give birth, saying: I feel the trouble.And was rights, under birth she died from blood loss, but child was born healthy.The young father from grief didn't know what to do to it, gave on education to grandmothers of the child, and itself went to Siberia to earn money.For four years he sent a lot of money for the education of his child, then, when the grief was left somewhere behind, he decided to visit.In a ridiculous accident, in the city, he met the same friend of his late wife, and to the surprise of all, they have started to develop some kind of relationship.Eventually they got married,and left,together with the child, forever from this city.So do not believe in bad signs, a friend took the happiness of the young. - 100.00%


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