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RE: Time To Make STEEM A Huge Success By Dropping The Focus On "Quality"

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I am not sure what floats this boat for any of you but I personally like the community aspect I am finding here in only a months time that took a year on Twitter and Facebook was already built into it. As soon as I joined I had 200+ friends because they were ahead of me. And that was almost 20 Years ago. I haven't been down voted.... Yet. I see I have a few following me that are following 10,000 people. And there number rank is 3. What is that about?

Oh well I'm going to shut up and read some more.

I grew up in a church service. Literally. And the best sermons were the short ones. But just today I downloaded a sermon from 1750. I love history!

Most people won't read this either. But I get points on partiko that I can redeem for upvotes.😎

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You downloaded the text from a 1750 sermon or like an audio reproduction of it? I love history and yeah, some try to follow a lot of people. I am following over 10K on Gab and like 30K on Minds but only like 7 or more on Steem. Yeah, some have a smaller reputation, like Bernie Sanders had a negative -13 score or something and some like 3 or 7 or something. I love the community aspect too. I'm oatmeal.

I will have to get the story to you and the link. It's got a lot of history .. I think you will like it. Oatmeal?!

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Yeah, people call me oatmeal because I love to eat oatmeal and you are what you eat and I'm Joey or Oatmeal and history can repeat itself and it is good to know it to know what we should and should not do, what works and what does not work and everything in between.

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