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"Do you want massive STEEM success or do you want quality?"

"I want both of course."

Sorry. You cannot have both. It is a statistical impossibility. If you want massive STEEM success, then it is time to stop espousing the idea that STEEM is a place ONLY for "quality" posts.

Essentially, this is a cancer that is running through STEEM that needs to be cut out.

To start, STEEM Is NOT a blogging platform. While it started out that way, things evolve and change. Most of the successful DApps on here will have nothing to do with blogging. While that might upset a few people, that is wonderful news. Blogging is a minor part of the whole. It is not the market to solicit.

Wordpress is by far the largest website/blogging platform out there. The last stats I saw was there are roughly 75M sites. That is a lot of people. Of course, not all of those sites are "quality". Some post very good stuff while others absolute garbage. But they all post stuff.

Most of us would not put posting links as "quality". However, the link posting site, Reddit, has 250M monthly active users with over 500M accounts. That means 250M people are posting, commenting, and upvoting on a monthly basis. This ignores how many people use the site just to read and find content.

So which is more valuable? 75M people or 250M people?

Do you want STEEM at $100? $500? Even $1000?

Then you are not getting it focusing upon "quality".

YouTube has over 1B users. How much of the stuff on there is "quality"? Sure there are plenty of videos that are well done by serious Vloggers. Yet there are also a ton of things that are complete lunacy. How many cat videos exist on YouTube?

Back in 2014, there were over 2M cat videos on YouTube which were viewed 25B times.


Can you imagine if the STEEM blockchain had 2M cat videos on it? Not if you are focused upon "quality". Most of those cat posts won't pass the "quality" test.

Of course, I would love 2M cat videos on STEEM getting 25B views...the bandwidth for that alone would make STEEM worth $50.

Do you know what else does not pass the "quality" test? Selfies. Did you ever ponder how many of them are taken?

According to this Google, 24B were uploaded in 2015 on Google servers alone. How many do you guess were uploaded on Facebook during that same time period?


The "quality" mantra is arrogant and exclusive. We have a problem with people going inactive. While I attribute most of it to the deathly slow sign up/approval process, part of it could be because people come on here and they are pounded with the idea of "quality". Either it is post "quality" content or "my content is quality" and nobody is upvoting it. Both these ideas will de-motivate the average user.

Here is the deal: The masses do not post "quality" so it is inane to even focus upon that if we want STEEM to appeal to them.

Do you know what people post? They post what INTERESTS them. That is the difference.

For some, their interest lies in cat videos; others selfies. Some want to post goofy conversations with their friends. Still others want to film a butt at the gym and post it. Whatever interests people, that is what they post. They could care less about quality.

This is the Internet after all. It is a total cross section of people around the world.

Does this mean serious bloggers/vloggers should drop their standards? Of course not. Nor does it mean that people who are looking for serious content on particular subject should abandon those who are posting content that meets their standards.

What it does mean is that people are free to post what they want and they are under no obligation to adhere to the standards of anyone else. In fact, while I maintain a quality about the posts I put up, I detest the idea of anyone on here trying to determine what is quality or not. The reason I do this is because I am into inclusion, not exclusion. People who espouse the idea of "quality" are simply exclusive. It is impossible to be any other way.

Some will say we have the ability to determine quality with the individual upvote. That is partially true. One can determine that. However, one does not have to use that standard. People often upvote something simply because they like it. That are many reasons to like a comment or post, most of which have nothing to do with the idea of quality.

My main goal is to make STEEM as successful as possible. For that reason, I would love to see 500M or 1B people on this blockchain. This will not happen if everyone is focusing upon making sure only "quality" content is published. I see many who call posts on here crap. Please tell me the names of the Steemians who are on the crap committee and make such decisions.

STEEM is changing and the ones who want this to be a blogging platform are going to be disappointed. We are seeing a host of DApps that extend well beyond the scope of that. In fact, the posting is only for verification. And wait until an app like APPICS comes fully online. Then you will really see the "quality" idea wounded. It will be selfie galore.

By the way, Instagram has 95M pics and videos uploaded PER DAY. Do you think all of them meet the quality test?

Does this one?



If APPICS can do 1% of of what Instagram does, we will have a $10 token on our hands.

Yesterday I posted about doing another Minnow Uprising. Some take exception to my suggestion that people post 3-4 times a day because of the "quality" of content being so bad. Personally, I disagree with this viewpoint since I do not believe that smaller accounts (or any for that matter) should be held to some type of journalistic standard of what is good enough to post. People should be encouraged to post whatever they want.

So I ask again, do you want STEEM to be a raging success appealing to the masses and getting hundreds of millions of users on here? If the answer is yes, it is impossible to do that while holding onto the "quality" idea like a life jacket.

Here is what could happen if we continue down that path.


From 40K authors down to 15K. Certainly there were other factors that caused the decline but the point is when you take an excluding stance, people are driven away.


It isn't surprising to see the posting and commenting following the same path.


The days of talking about STEEM like it is a blogging platform are over. STEEM is now a full-blown social media center that is creating applications that will appeal to the masses. With the masses comes all the quirky likes and dislikes. We are going to see just about everything posted on this blockchain if all goes well.

When this happens, I will be the first one applauding this. My goal is for STEEM to be as successful as possible. As the numbers in this article show, the blogging world is minor compared to the rest of the social media space. STEEM needed to decide what the target market is and the developers of the applications concluded it was not in blogging. Mass appeal is what STEEM needs.

And every account that has SP in it will be very happy with that decision. All those users are going to require bandwidth and that is still bought with STEEM.

If you found this article informative, please give it an upvote and resteem.

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That's why @surpassinggoogle's @ulogs initiative is so important!

totally agree, with ulog you just need to be you,
with ulog plagiarism and spam are discouraged
In return, encourages to contribute to the web
ulog includes all talent levels
with #ulog you will always have a subject to post
ulog is for everyone.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I think there are two separate conversations here, the ideals and realities.

In terms of ideals, we can debate what is best for the platform in terms of which kinds of content creators should do best here and want to stay. In that regard my vote is for multiple platforms, including one for the more Medium-like posts I enjoy reading. Right now that’s only the “ everything” steemit app, which needs to change.

But then there is also the convo about what actually is doing best on the blockchain, and that is people who have either been here long enough to have lots of steem or friends with lots of steem, or have enough money to pay hundreds to bidbots and self-vote their way to the Trending page. My take on that is to do away with the trending page and have the ui not only separate video, long form writing, photos, etc but also order it by something like ua score of the poster then recency.

That way even before you’ve built a follow list you personally enjoy, you can focus in on the kind of content you enjoy AND have it be by posters most interactive on the platform.

It costs millions to billions of dollars to run social networks, like Facebook, and THE LESS you allow, encourage, reward, Steem investors, shareholders, builders, helpers, sponsors, AKA witnesses, users, then THE MORE it hurts the growth, strength, of the infrastructure of Steem. Facebook has bid bots, too, AKA ads. Many websites have ads. They are also paid for by trillionaires, and not just by billionaires. I love trending. I love the bots.

I love the Steem blockchain, as a foundation, a root. On top of that platform is Steemit.com, Busy.org, Dtube, Dlive, Steepshot, and other apps. So, I like your ideas for Steem, like a video filter and others. So, maybe there will be more apps coming out that can do those things for us. We the people can continue to demand what kind of apps we want built on top of the Steem foundation.

Totally agree. I also think that we should not mass up ALL the content in one messy feed. It's just too much variation: articles, videos, selfies, memes, discussions, blogs you name it. Its better for various dApps to concentrate on various content,and STEEM as a back end be invisivble, connected underlying database of all this dApps specialized feeds.

STEEM will be great when averege user will not even know he using STEEM. He uses dTube or Actifit or whathever

Steem Cars?

Yeah, that is the I'm Spartacus Steem Secret (SSS), like different car companies all using the same Steem wheels. Busy, Steemit, Dlive, Dtube, Ulogs, Steepshot, and other apps, are built on the Steem blockchain, and Steem is like the foundation, the wheels, the structure, like a main frame for a computer, like an empty fridge...

Different flavors of ice-cream...

And we can go out spreading different versions, flavors, of Steem, similar to how there are different flavors of that Linux operating system (OS), that is Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, etc, and they are all basically Ubuntu but just a little different and that is good.

What are you babbling about? Quality posts haven’t been the focus for at least a year, almost two.

The only focus is who you know. That’s it. No one even reads the posts.

While your posts suck, this comment does not. You're so right.

You dont like his posts, but i do.

That is the whole point.

Also, there is always the flags...

Wasn't expecting to explain the irony of my comment, but the pun was intended.

"No one even reads the posts."

Damn, i suck at detecting written sarcasm...

No worries, we all suck!

I disagree.

As mankind, we are on a journey to discover who we are. Social Media are just like a psychadelic drug that opens the minds of us childs to the vastness of a universe. A universe, we will never fully understand.

Some people under the influence of steemit, like you @schattenjaeger, will focus on networks and conections as the common thread, others actually look for ideas, like @steemonsters e.g., which I find fascinating.

As a recent joiner, I will likely never meet the most of you in person. But I wonder what's going on in your worlds and most networks like twitter+FB don't allow peaking through the own filter bubble.

I agree, with @taksmaster4450 that it is becoming less attractive to post stuff, but I think it`s because the competition is getting harder. I disagree with @taksmaster4450 in that people aren't allowed to post what they want. They actually post a heap of crap (which btw Mark Zuckerberg's filtering out for us automatically... most of the time...)

Anyhow, I will soon start posting some quality content for you to see what I love about my funny little universe that might enrich your lifes. I am anxiously preparing for weeks now, because the air atop the trending list gets thiner and thiner... cross fingers!

I can see your Facebook posts if your posts are marked public for the whole world. I've always made posts public online. That is kind of the point for me. I want people to see it. But yeah, Twitter can be more public than Twitter and YouTube even more. Beyond that, Steem is even more public than all of them. I love how Steem competes with Minds, Gab, Bitchute, http://1776Free.com is new, Real Video, etc. I prefer Dlive over Dtube.

I read posts. I certainly as hell don't typically listen to things. I read faster than people can talk.

Readers are leaders. Better to read faster than to be left behind. Revenge of the nerds time.

I wouldn't say I'm nerdy, just deaf so reading is kinda my shtick xD

What is the difference between a nerd and a geek? I might be more of a geek maybe.

Depends on the time of the terminology. Geek is more someone that consumes media like Star Wars, Star Trek, anime, etc while a nerd is generally someone who is very technologically savvy.

20 years ago a geek is someone that eats live small animals.

Yeah, terms do change. I'm all about Star Wars, Trek, and everything.

Now that's geeky.

Steemit is a social news community and not just like any other social media platform.

Please follow and read articles posted in @steemitblog to know more developments to the platform. It's good to have these apps built on steem but there should be guidelines in using these apps. @steemitblog is raising awareness to this matter and how the public can identify contents made in Steemit and contents made from DApps.

Steemit was envisioned to be a platform for authors. If the above mentioned will come to happen, we're only bringing in many users and not much published quality content for a social news community like Steemit.

While we can bring in many users for DApps, which more likely works like a social media app, contents posted on these apps should be identifiable from contents made in Steemit.

In that sense, steem may be great in value and Steemit won't be referred as broken.

Yeah, Steem is many things, and that is why I love #InformationWar

That's a little unfair.

1% read something of what other people write.

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Wow and one percent of 7 billion people could be a lot, generally.

Blimey... now that's optimism!

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I am not sure what floats this boat for any of you but I personally like the community aspect I am finding here in only a months time that took a year on Twitter and Facebook was already built into it. As soon as I joined I had 200+ friends because they were ahead of me. And that was almost 20 Years ago. I haven't been down voted.... Yet. I see I have a few following me that are following 10,000 people. And there number rank is 3. What is that about?

Oh well I'm going to shut up and read some more.

I grew up in a church service. Literally. And the best sermons were the short ones. But just today I downloaded a sermon from 1750. I love history!

Most people won't read this either. But I get points on partiko that I can redeem for upvotes.😎

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You downloaded the text from a 1750 sermon or like an audio reproduction of it? I love history and yeah, some try to follow a lot of people. I am following over 10K on Gab and like 30K on Minds but only like 7 or more on Steem. Yeah, some have a smaller reputation, like Bernie Sanders had a negative -13 score or something and some like 3 or 7 or something. I love the community aspect too. I'm oatmeal.

I will have to get the story to you and the link. It's got a lot of history .. I think you will like it. Oatmeal?!

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Yeah, people call me oatmeal because I love to eat oatmeal and you are what you eat and I'm Joey or Oatmeal and history can repeat itself and it is good to know it to know what we should and should not do, what works and what does not work and everything in between.

I like the posts myself. But it's the comments that I love. Loved you in Terminator btw.

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I like the posts I find at #InformationWar

Upvoted. Resteemed. Unread.

I fully get what you are saying and 99% agree with you. There are many many people here on steemit that do not produce awesome content but work their asses off with engagement or volunteering time on discord. And these people are not getting the so called supports because their content does not rock. I think this is wrong. We need people that are active engagers and community workers doing what they do for content, awesome or not, to succeed. Its my opinion that the people that work their asses of engaging are part of the backbone of steem. Inclusion over quality is very often necessary.

If you get it maybe you can explain it to me because there is nothing actionable in the post as far as I can tell.

You imply though that it is to vote for posts which would not be deemed "quality", in favor of "inclusion". Is this a call to get people thinking about their voting strategy? Maybe it's directed particularly to whales? It can't be for content creation.

It's about the culture of the site as a whole.

There is some big users claiming for "quality" of the publish content, and complain/flag when people post things like memes, and about what they ate at lunch.

(Dont get me wrong, flags are needed, but that is another story)

So if you could make proscriptive recommendations what would they be?

the thing with the block is that everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion on how it should work, what they would like to see happen and even have ideas on how it should happen. So the way I 'get it' could be the complete opposite to what you get.

There is only a small portion of the global population that produces awesome blogging content. we you want restrictions on the quality then you gotta take a hit with the qty, thats the message I took from the post.

My person feelings are that steem is only a baby, its needs time to grow, and it can not grow if there is no one to engage with content. Right now there is feck all inventive to engage. So its one thing supporting the authors, but if the full circle is not supported then the circle will break and well that does not hold up well for the long term future of steem.

we all bring different qualities and talents to the platform, why restrict benefits to just awesome content creators and developers?

Right now, steem is in a rather good place. Prices and activity is low, its easier to find those that are committed to the long term success of steem and find those committed to ensuring authors have an engaged audience. Now is the time to be building a core of dolphins so when the next wave comes, via apps or even just a rise in crypto, we as a collective steem community will be better able to manage the influx.

Thanks kinda how I see it. how do you see it?

I think I got the same message but it's just that it appears to me to be complaining. I'm not sure what is being called for to happen. This is a bit of a subtle perspective so it's best summed up by asking, what action do you feel inspired (or even instructed) to take having read this post?

Maybe I'm being too much of an engineer, but I keep seeing these dangling phrases everywhere and no one is seeming to take notice. For instance you say

why restrict benefits to just awesome content creators and developers?

Can I ask, who is restricting benefits? Are you talking about the free choice that stakeholders make when they decide who to reward by voting on posts? If so are you saying to those stakeholders that they should reconsider their voting habits?

Do you see what I'm getting at here? Each of these kinds of statements implies at the very least an encouragement to do something, or more likely a wish or even order to do something. I'm trying to make that clear as no one else seems to be.

You're right, there is a huge diversity of opinion, far more than any other platform I've been involved with and it's something I love. I respect your work and I say all this (as always - really always) in the spirit of free thought and debate.

I guess I am talking about the free choice that stakeholders make when they decide who to reward by voting on posts and yes I do think stakeholders should reconsider their voting habbits.

I also think steemit inc has a part to play by delegating to apps and not 'enabling' others that are focused on keeping the block active with the same power.

The thing is, as your rightly put it, its all free choice. However decisions can be influenced by offering alternatives, of which there we none really put in this post.

Inclusion for the win!

Did taskmaster ever respond to comments? I'm sure he used to and now he's stopped.

Given the content of this post and the bot use, I guess you can at least say he's consistent!

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Yeah, it is good to engage, and it does pay off in the long-run in more ways than we may see right away.

So which is more valuable? 75M people or 250M people?
Do you want STEEM at $100? $500? Even $1000?

You make this and a few other assumptions about users/visitors and prices. I’m wondering how you arrive at these numbers, without it being based on something completely unscientific, such as “Facebook is worth X,” or “If we had as many accounts as Reddit...”

My goal is for STEEM to be as successful as possible.

It appears that your criteria for “success” is the price of the STEEM token. So how do you think we can achieve higher prices by simply acquiring more users who can then earn and sell the blockchain’s tokens? There is no revenue and distribution model to monetize all of the added eyeballs on the interfaces, so using traditional social media valuations for the Steem blockchain doesn’t exactly work.

Mass appeal is what STEEM needs.

Is it? I mean, it could be helpful if you think more users = higher STEEM prices. But adding tens of millions of active users could lead to bloat and stress on the network which then leads to decreased performance...and user frustration.

In this article, you didn’t mention the unique aspect of Steem where resources are limited and coded into the blockchain (and about to change with HF20) and where there is a shared pool of rewards that only have any monetary value because of speculative investment. The entire “quality” argument is premised on what “we” want, but the price assumptions seem to disregard what speculators/investors may actually care about.

One last thing I’d like to add is - I think too many of us get the “quality” assumptions wrong. Contributing “quality” content isn’t about our subjective opinions on particular content that we like. Quality has more to do with whether or not the content offered is new/original or copied (or plagiarized) and whether or not the content offered is of a popular subject (having the ability to “go viral”) or highly-sought information.

Anyone can post whatever they want, so long as they have the necessary minimum resources allocated by protocol to do so. But that doesn’t mean that their contributions of content ought to be rewarded and nobody should be expecting rewards.

The biggest problem we have with user retention is a wild expectation of becoming rich, then massive disappointment when that doesn’t happen for most users (which is no different than other social media). These expectations need to be better managed and we should do a better job of explaining all of this to new users. But the thing is...our interfaces really don’t have much to offer users other than the hope of making some money, which is why user activity appears to be tied to STEEM prices.

Long story short...we need a better culture and something actually appealing to offer to social media users. Without the latter, we can’t even get to the former...and without the former, the latter isn’t very appealing. If we fail at both, then worrying about the masses and what kind of content they want to share is moot. They won’t care about the Steem blockchain - but it can be argued that a successful (a term you used in this post) platform wouldn’t even need them to.

That really should be the goal for any social platform: whether it has mass appeal without the allure of getting paid to use it.


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Great insight! To bad these charts above don't show the total page-views trends (up or down)...

When I tell people about Steemit, the thing I say that’s the beauty of this site is that it’s pretty well anything goes, and you can post whatever you want. You don’t have to worry about getting canned off the site the way you are over YouTube, Twitter, or many other social media sites for having the wrong opinion these days. That’s the beauty of Steemit to me!

absolutely NO CENSORSHIP !

Agreed, Steem is more like the Wild Wild West.

Nah, Steemit screwed up a long time ago; it missed the opportunity it could have had.

A lot of popular platforms like FB and Reddit needed "one moment of fame" when they were starting up. Steemit had its opportunity this past January when visits skyrocketed due to media coverage during the market PAMP.

What do you think people did when they found out that signing up required a 2-week wait? They never came back.

Steemit should be the new definition of hubris.

Oh yea, let's not forget that this is one of the few coins out there that can have an intrinsic value through ads but the platform doesn't exercise that option.

Another One

P.S.: Incoming bid to make sure this gets on top for exposure.

Agreed! I suffer a fear of posting because of all the hype about quality content which leaves me posting only once around once a week because I am afraid of being deemed a "shit poster".
There were so many points in this article I found myself nodding in agreeance.
Most certainly sharing this with my friends in Steemit communities.

Embrace the shitposting!

Just dont spam nor plagiarise. That is bad.

People have different definitions for spam, fake news, hate speech, calls to violence, racism, to what might be good, to what might be bad, to many different things, to what might be worse, and to what might be better, subjectively speaking, and Melania Trump was accused of copying Michelle (Michael) Obama for example in a speech which is not true but some do say she stole her speech. So, it can be tough to know. It depends on which standards, which rules, which world views, you judge things from, whether they be from a Christian perspective, a Muslim perspective, a Chinese perspective, a leftist view, a globalist ideology, an anarchist worldview, or whatever.

Yeah, I don't want to be thought of as an oatmeal poster either.

I cannot completely disagree with you but I think we should leave the"quality" part to the market. This is was this experiment was, I think. to let good quality "rise" to the top, organically. Apart from enforcing community guidelines, all is to be permitted. O think we should focus however on what sets Steemit apart, which is the tying of crypto currency to social media.
The idea is that when you add the financial incentive, things look different than Facebook.com. the price has more to do with investors than content i.e WHALES, SADLY. but that's the way it is! for now...

Could we survive without the whales? It can cost a lot of money to run this, right?

hiya Taskman!

i find this post very interesting and i have to think back to when i first came on board and had people tell me how i should write and what was curateable. imo, this was more discouraging and distracting than just letting me write freely. if it weren’t for supportive friends then i would’ve left long ago. i never got a curie or a major recognizion and the words of “not good enough” were communicated. after these words were stated i saw hypocricy and favortism, which made more sense. these standards that are placed on some people but not for others. this has been confirmed by many working in these groups. sad to say.
i agree, that judgments are formed even to the extent that my “naughty” posts almost probibited me access into a group.
it would be nice to think steemit is a quality site but reality sets in and tells us what you stated above, people love “crap posting.”
on the point you brought up regarding regarding exclusionary, isnt that what the new “community” is about? we see many people excluded out of “invite only” groups right here on steemit. it’s not easy to climb up as youve mentioned, if one wants to move up theyve played the Steemit game.
personally, i’m here for the long run and i appreciate your stats.
many people have invited me to other platforms, however, they all have a niche and thats not my thing. my suggestion to people, especially new to steemit is to buy steem when its low, if you cant then stick to writing what you love, reading what you want to, and source all images and quotes. if you can, comment and respond to comments with sincerity (at least one sentence). thats it!
the next point is, some people are here for community and not the money. so quality to them means everything. putting that one out there.


i love how you use....written words. ;) felt

love mah @rawutah!! 🤗

I like your point of view, it makes me review certain aspects and keep learning little by little about this great ocean. Good vibes.

@angelica7 yay glad you feel this way and steem on! :)

Different kinds of people love different kinds of things, so many may love shorter posts that are more general, simple, easy to digest, familiar, or whatever, but there are people out there that are into cooler things, better things, perhaps, especially the #InformationWar community which I prefer.

@joeyarnoldvn yup i agree as i stated in my comment, thanks for your additional list hehe and i'm with them too! love them to pieces, just asked them to add me to their list! so sad when they were banned :(

Well said!

You are absolutely right. You can't have both. It's either quality or quantity. If you are looking for quality, a lot of people will not make the cut and Steem will not take off.
As it is, Steemit is a platform open to all, and it's up to each individual to decide what they want to do here.
If you want quality, steer clear of the trash. Just remember that without the trash, you might not be as successful as you wished.

When you encourage quantity, you create quality. When I am shooting a quantity amount of shots, when practicing basketball, I increase in my quality, my skills, to become more like Michael Jordan. You encourage people to shoot, to play, to post, comment, share, etc, and that helps in many different ways.

Point taken. :-)

Wow, mind blown! I never thought of it like this. I am sometimes guilty of bitching about crap posts but only because that is how has been on steem since I started over a year ago (and a lot of the ones I bitched about had huge payouts cuz of bidbots) so I guess I was on the bandwagon, but not anymore. Thank you for opening my eyes to this, I will also start spreading more awareness for these ideals because ur right its the numbers that matter not quality anymore.

Plagiarism and spam must still be fought though.

I read the whole post and I agree with you. I see some people flagging other people's post because they don't consider it quality and i begin to wonder if this isn't supposed to be a decentralized platform.

You have right only interned it none it is only about the money. The above want even more and the below get only crumbs.
So that the desire passes to them. First the 7 days rule belongs away .
Usw could make many suggestions but as said the above interested not that. combed only on deaf ears .Lg from austria

You should tell that to Steemit Inc so they stop killing accounts with delegations to fla**ers.

When you say killing, you mean flagging or terminating?

Fla**ing into oblivion. Sometimes they also pull delegations but usually that is more deserved.

I would agree that too much focus on "quality" content (whatever THAT is, by whatever metric) will tend to be a limiting factor, on the whole. Most social media isn't about that.

What might be more important is whether or not something adds "value," quality or otherwise. In other words, when you post something, does anyone else want to look at it. If "yes," then it adds value, if "no," then it doesn't.

Why does "adding value" matter? Well, who the heck is going to join a site that doesn't have any content anyone wants to look at?


Yeah, and let people post whenever. If there should be a limit to how many times a person can post per day on Steem, then Steem should simply show us that magical number on our screen so we can see. Oh, I can only post 2 more times today, for example. And once I reach my limit, then the comment button can turn grey and say "You can't comment now: exceeded daily limit" or whatever. The comment button should close. I should not even be able to click on it if I am over the limit.

I would vote for no limit.

But if there is a limit, I want to know it. Facebook did not tell me. Facebook would throw me in jail every once in while, out of the blue, by saying that I went too fast. But what is too fast? That is subjective. Steem should try to keep the rules public, obvious, simple, whatever they may be. Facebook did not do that.

Bosh upvoted because you are right, it is social media, I wanna post my selfy why I take a shit! Alright! Got a problem with that. Check out my latest post, I squeeze a fart out and translate it into unicode and upload it to the blockchain.

I see your point, and I agree: it is time to change the idea we have of SteemIt. More andmore different kinds of content are going to appear through apps like Appics, DLike and others.

Although Appics announced that when the SMTs have been released, pictures posted through theif app won't be posted on SteemIt anymore. But wait, maybe this will become an option in the app...

Anyway, we need to get as many users on this blockchain as possible, and there are sacrifices we will need to make. But with a little luck, some time next year all different branches will have their own, different interface..

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Although Appics announced that when the SMTs have been released, pictures posted through theif app won't be posted on SteemIt anymore. But wait, maybe this will become an option in the app...

Very interesting @simplymike.

Pictures do not go to the blockchain but the transactions related to the pics would end up there....as would comments associated with it. As for posting the pics so they can be viewed on Steemit or other interfaces, that is an interesting topic. Does an app share what is on their server so other interfaces can see it? APPICs, it sounds like, does not want to share that content....only viewed from their app.

An interesting approach....I wonder the reasoning behind it.

Never considered it one way or another....gives me something to ponder.

That is the Idea of smts. Each smt Will do their own thing, independent of steemit, with transactions registered on steem blockchain.

I am starting to think if this Will actually be good for steem as a whole...

Yeah Mike, agreed, practice makes perfect, encouraging people to post more can help some of them to post, comment, create, develop, better, and everything, like basketball, you shoot more in practice to get better and Steem should be practice and like a real game at the same time.

I can.only agree with that, @joeyarnoldvn.
By writing a lot, you become a better writer.
And by experimenting with the different dApps, maybe one can discover a new talent

Awesome and why not and the more you know and stuff.

I think with dApps we will get there eventually. When i first started using Steemit i felt it was very pretentious everyone was writing this full length essays like the were medium premium authors or doing some artsy stuff I wasn't into. The only place I could engage in was the crypto section but ive seen the site progress since then and we have a much larger range of content all being rewarded. We are by no means ready for main stream adoption but its great we're finding the issues, making the changes and evolving the platform gradually.

Yeah, agreed, love the progress, the Oatmeal, that Steem is making.

Okay that's fine, but what actual action are you advocating? This seems like a piece without a purpose except expressing annoyance at people who are interested in so-called quality posts.

Are you saying we should all vote for what we like? But we already do that. Are you defending self voting? Or against flagging / downvoting as motivated by quality? Or are you asking people to just stop talking about quality?

I would contend that the rejection of so-called quality posts as the only use of Steem has long evaporated so it's not clear what the point of this post is.

In other words, it's not high quality. 😜

The point is to call people to stop the "crusade" for quality posts.

If so then it's about telling people what they should post about. Which is pretty counter to the spirit of things on the platform.

Exactly. From time to time someone appears complaining about the "quality of the content is killing the platform".

I finally realized one small thing on the last days that change my whole perspective:

One single payout is not a good incentive for professional content creators. Why spend time to create something awesome that you Will only recieve once when you can publish on YouTube/medium/your own blog and recieve for life, as long as that content is consumed?

It Just makes no Sense.

That is why everyone should treat as It is: a social media (quick content) with benefits, therefore anything is valid (except spam and plagiarism. That is bad anywhere).

And you can always flag what you dont like. Btw, we should embrace flags top. Shit, create that downvote Button already!

This post raises awareness to how things are, have been, which encourages and empowers some people to have more confidence in doing what they were destined to do in whatever they may be doing, writing, posting, recording, Oatmealing haha, sharing, or whatever, and it can help give some people some peace in knowing it is ok if they're being bullied for something they might have done or not have have done here or there or anywhere. Some of us can, if we don't already, promote Steem to become more like Gab and Minds in some ways, as they don't have a 20 second comment wait as we have on Steem for example. Gab has paid subscriptions and Minds allow peer to peer money sending like Steem. It is good to talk about what we like, dislike, even as others have already talked about some of this before. It is a step in the right direction in the long run.

Fair enough, it's good to encourage people, very important even. But I think this post is going beyond that and I'm curious about what people are taking home here. Good to get your perspective, thanks.

I totally disagree with you ... you will find garbage of all kinds ... and no one can prohibit it from being published ... but what should not be voted and awarded ... just that is what is destroying this platform

Thank you for the comment @matuca.

Please tell me what qualifies as garbage?

but what should not be voted and awarded

Oh really? So now we are going to tell people what should be upvoted and what shouldnt?

Again, so what is the criteria of what should be voted and rewarded? Who decides that?

you can always create your own platform and filter what ever you like . freedom is basic need of every human being

how crazy that one who is a plagiarist tells me ... it is clear that you would never agree with the quality because you are dedicated to plagiarizing ... mine was an opinion and yours a crime ...

did I hurt you feelings little snowflake ? if you did not notice I do NEWS ! News can't be copyrighted because that is how people get information on what is going on in the world . It simply must be shared .

continue plagiarizing ... your brain does not give you to publish quality ... steemit is not for everyone ... steemit is not for you

oh my god , I just checked your posts and they are full of music videos from youtube, images from the internet, possibly some copy/paste text as well . do you know THAT is plagiarism by definition ?

Obviously you do not know what it is ... those post are challenges ... at least you should take the trouble to translate them to comment ...I see that you not only plagiarism ... you do not read either... go back to facebook ... steemit is too much for you

ok I see , next time I use somebody's youtube video I just need to call it a challenge and I'll be fine . bye kid

I know official steemit accounts are @ned is CEO and @steemitblog is developers account . I believe they are setting up rules here .
who are you ?

did I hurt you feelings little snowflake ? Plagiarism is a crime...
I answer you with your words ... no longer denigrate you

I think my good buddy @themarkymark will be interested to check your account for plagiarism


It is beginning to sound a whole lot like Christmas, with all the snow flakes all around, oh I miss the beautiful Snow White Oatmeal Flaking Snow.

I can't say that I completely agree with this. Quality will always be an important factor on Steemit (in my opinion) and I think it would be a mistake to throw it to the wayside. There will always be room for both quality and non-quality post on the platform therefore neither should be discouraged. Users will upvote and reward the content that they like regardless of what "category" it falls under.

Other Dapps that exist on the Steem blockchain now and those that will be built in the future will choose to sacrifice quality, which will provide the necessary balance on the Steem blockchain. Each providing value to the Steem token some with more of a focus on quality (steemit) and others on mass appeal.

There will always be room for both quality and non-quality post on the platform

That is the point.

Your followers/readers depend on the quality of what you post. (Rewards are another story)

We Just dont have to "crusade" about quality content. (Btw, steemit is not attractive to professional content creators)


Hello good day Sir @taskmaster4450 please I'm writing to directly solisit for delegated partnership. I'm starting a show which I will be doing on a weekly basis here on steemit. The show is going to be published on @Dtube and also feature amazing steemians who have worked hard and earned themselves a place here on the platform thereby promoting steemit and also encouraging minnows that they too can make it here.

In order for this to be a reality we need help and support from great whales like yourself who can delegate SP to help give us the visibility requuired to push it on the steel platform.
I believe we cannot do this alone, one to another we can make an impact.

I look forward to hearing for you sir.
Your faithfully

So true. SMT platforms like Dlike and Actifit are popular and useful. Not blog related.

You have a good point of view! I see what you want to expose and to say and I feel that you want to motivate other steemit users to continue and to post quality content like they did in other websites to increase the value of steem. I am with you...

The Cryptocurrency is still young; I believe in the power of Steem currency. This is the only Crypto Currency I hang on and I believe in it! I did not stop posting even the value are small unlike before. I use this steemit like my own diaries; expression of my feelings whether it has upvote or none.

@taskmaster4450 Good informative post on quality matter of Steem contents. This is true that many of us and new comers have fear to post content because of the hype about the good content. Majority of new comers does not get attention from the community because the whales is only operating Steem who have big amount of SP, Steem Token and Steem Dollar. Bots are here actively watching every post and replying quickly where some contents found on other resources.

The restriction for quality content is good but there should be some freedom and flexibility for new users. They should be given time to improve their quality of content. Encouraging and motivating reply should be mailed to the registered users encouraging about the quality in spite of directly replying on the post. Moral of new comers are getting down due the frequently disturbance by the bots.

By the way, Steem could be the best platform among other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc because of it's rewarding pattern. But it is still slow and time consuming process. Upvoting, replying and resteeming should be fast. This is my opinion. What do you think about it? @printskill

gosh...thank you SO MUCH @taskmaster4450 !!!! your words hit home today!!! i've been feeling like a C student....among many A student "bloggers"....on a quickly evolving steem blockchain. much more akin...to posting what i see in my garden day to day...as i view it as priceless....but feel intimidated...by others who encourage to not even post...if it doesn't match up to certain "rules" of steemit. i just wanna POST!!!!!!! back on it today..thanks to you sir! thank you!

your posts are actually very lovely and hugely educational!! maybe more of the selfie, meme, no content posts is what most consider 💩🤑

you're VERY kind...thank you @eaglespirit !!! i appreciate your encouragement so much! like mentioned in this post... @steepshot and soon @appics are huge for me! i enjoy posting in the moment of awe....type posts...which steepshot has allowed me to do. had to get over..my perception...of even steepshot being frowned upon lol. deeply grateful for taskmaster's expansive viewpoint too. he captured much of what my heart and brain have attempted to express...as i've integrated others viewpoints here. in fact, i think i've seen taskmaster's curation trail...hit my posts up....so THANK YOU SIR! soooo much hope for this blockchain!!!!!!! ps-both of your posts....EACH ONE...is like a magazine article.....of the greatest publications...of our day. the blockchain is blessed to have both of.... you!

@rawutah aww cool, plus he's in TSU so you won't be hurting LOL much love to you brother!! xo
ps. i like steepshot too and "poop" posting is ok with a sentence or two and a great photo .. just sayin.

I absolutely like this blog and it seems so stressing that the value of Steem is based on account users numbers and comparing it to media giants where they focus on advertisement rather than content.


I see many who call posts on here crap. Please tell me the names of the Steemians who are on the crap committee and make such decisions.

For me a crap post is something that's just posted and then artificially inflated by vote bot bidding. These are posts that are just one or two words or a small quip about something. It's another story all together for me when it's not vote botted to hell and back and grows naturally because it's actually good content. It doesn't have to be a whole long blog post, it can be a video/YT Embed or can even be a simple image/meme or something funny textually. A one liner quip can be a good post.

When I say something is crap, I mean it's crap to me. And if I see that a crappy post is up in the ranks because of vote bots, it leads me to believe the poster of the crap post also believes it to be shite too.

It is like an auction. They wouldn't be able to upvote their posts that much if there was enough pull in other directions, that is upvotes, from people, from bots, for other posts, as the rewards pool of Steem is limited and mathematically, hypothetically, maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but maybe someday better posts will trend more and more that is as Steem grows and assuming that better posts can outnumber the other posts, and assuming that those better posts can somehow be voted on more often, by people, bots, whatever, and that kind of happens already at times, and it is a tug-a-war match going back and forth.

Eh, I've just learned a good while back that the front page just doesn't have quality posts, ever. You have to actually go into Steemit based discord servers that have a "Self Promotion" category to find the good stuff much of the time. Would be superior actually to have newest posts period on the front page instead. At least that way it's always changing and always fresh.

Yeah, that would probably be a better way of doing it.

To start, STEEM Is NOT a blogging platform. While it started out that way, things evolve and change.

This sounds a lot like the "Bitcoin may have started out one way, but now it needs to change" claim. Difference is STEEM itself was actually never a complete blogging platform. Steemit is a different animal from the network that enables it.

There was never a complete design that had to be set in its way and no expectation that things would stay the same forever. With Bitcoin this was instead explicitly a requirement. Not that none of the code would change of course, but that the fundamental design would stay the same for stability reasons and to remain sound money.

STEEM can adapt and evolve much more fluidly. As long as the network remains, it can support any number of apps or new concepts using its inflation based crowd funding mechanism or "potluck".

I'm dissapointed when I put quality content out there and it doesn't even get views probably, while some people post crap and copy-paste posts and get hundreds of dollars for that. I don't see the logic here. I'm new so that may be the reason, but still, it isn't motivating really.

Yeah, that is true.

some interesting views you have... I guess I would fall in under the non quality posts, you see I just like to write, and my posts are written on my OWN site, and posted here through Steempress. The main problem I see here isn't the number of users and trying to increase them, although that is always good, but the number of people writing/posting here that look at Steemit as a job. They think they have to post and post more to try to make more steem, and they form little cliques who all run around from each others posts and upvote each other and p[at each other on the back. Steemit isn't a job... and as much as you want to say it isn't a blogging platform, you are sadly mistaken. It is, and I can't see that changing anytime soon, you can add all the apps you want, doesn't make a bit of difference.

I should probably try Steempress and I've used Wordpress. Are they similar? Treating Steem as a job is a bit too dangerous, like gambling away all your money in Las Vegas, because most people lose when they play Poker, when they play these games, and people want to win, and some maybe do win sometimes, but a lot of people can lose a lot more than they may earn, get, win, when gambling, or whatever. So, skate at your own risk. Swim at your own risk. Oatmeal at your own risk. Plat at your own risk. Steem at your own risk, everybody, boys and girls and bots of all ages.

The best idea is to do Steemit to Wordpress rather than Wordpress to Steemit and drop the idea of quality. This is my layman opinion. I don't know whether that is possible or not. But, it will help the author gain both STEEM and the earning from his blog while Steemit still being their primary posting site. In this way, Steemit will not lose its subscribers.

Yeah, it would be better to make it easier to share Steem to Wordpress, and I'm already sharing Steem to Facebook, Twitter, Gab, Minds.

I partly agree, what is referred to as quality is the decisions every user. I am sure we would see a lot of new users if

  • registration would be easier
  • the “quality police” would lessen their expectations
  • more developers build apps that are not focused on making fast money

Sadly, I don’t see anything of that happen anytime soon.

Thank you! I've said this before on my presence up here, as well. Needs to be said; the more people demonstrate the importance of this, the more it will grow as a thing. I've set up some folks on SteemAuto; you included. You know who else? Witness @klye; not only do I think he's hilarious, but he's so totally down to earth; he swears, he speaks his mind. That's what we need up here, not "quality". Just WTF is quality?

Yeah, Holy Oatmeal, WTF is quality, and can I eat it haha?

Another one who agrees. Thank you!

If steemit was about posting quality post, the CEO @ned might not even past the test based on the type of posts he makes most of the time.

Steemit is a social media site, so people should just chill and have fun.


exactly and exactly


lmaoooo thats a hilarious comment YAA re: ned, love it!! 😂🤣😂🤣

We all want STEEM to increase, no matter the path we follow
Apps as Steepshot, Partiko or ASICS are the one that will drive mass adoption and increasing prices !

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Partiko is a neat phone app for Steem.

An open market decides what the future holds by what is popular and what is profitable. Opinions matter none to the Unconscious direction free markets travel. We will all exist in this abundance no matter our content or interests. I think even @dantheman might agree.

Agreed, I love free markets and all of that, how it works, and all, is better, in the long-run.

To be fair, I see plenty of "shit posts" that do well so I would have to somewhat disagree with your opinion. It is a social media platform and people post what makes them happy or what is happening in their lives already, good or not. I see abusers of the platform and plagiarism getting flagged but not regular shit posters that use their own content or thoughts, they may not get a lot of votes tho, that's the whole point, each of us can decide what we upvote and who we want to support with our SP no mater how little or large. If users want to be that attached to $$ value of their post then maybe they should post what people like. That being said, The platform is already doing what you re saying would like to happen just fine, that's the whole point of uncensored social media environment I believe steemit sustains. The reason I suspect we are not retaining users is because the way it was advertised as a get rich quick platform by some and people got the wrong idea when they saw that wasn't the case like false advertisement. Maybe advertising it a social media platform instead of a money maker and then it can become the next big thing. Frankly my posts are hit and miss even if I put a lot of work into most of them and so be it, at the end of the day it shouldn't be about money but about the social interactions and connection we make like on the other platforms. I think steem has a bright future with all the apps sprouting and all other social media cracking down on censorship to please their advertisers. As long as steemit doesn't support such behavior and remains free of censorship it will do well. Rome wasn't built in a day, it just takes time.

Yeah, Rome wasn't built in a day, and the free market of social networking is here more so than it is or was on Facebook.

People are free to post whatever they want...doesn't mean i'm going to vote for it.

Haha, yeah, what he said.

The witnesses would never be able to hold an entire backup of the blockchain with so many users! We are doomed unless we stay small.

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Should each Steemian be like a Witness or a small pocket of a Witness? Should it be more like Bitcoin with the wallets where each person can hold part of the blockchain, the system, or something like that?