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RE: My Challenge to the 50/50 Crowd

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I actually think it would be an interesting experiment, but doesn't help with onboarding, marketing or anything else that gains Steem visibility. So... if you want it, make it happen.

I will fully support you in asking witnesses to drop it.

This is a platform that needs people who are getting things done

My thoughts, although I don't like the idea at all. Join the RC that make a newcomer almost unable to interact, with now half of.the work placed in a post go away, while increasing the curation to... zero, because curation rewards are basically nonexistent while you don't have a decent amount of SP. Can't see how this can help anyone apart from large stakeholders.

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There is a slight chance it would discourage some self voting, but not much and not many... It's not worth it.

They don't like the bidbots because they can't control who is getting rewards. Actually though, they could control it if they wanted to use their stake... But they don't want to pay the costs involved.

So they are yelling for someone to fix it for them

The self voting part would be easy, if rewards were.reduced.for self voting. It kind of pains me to think that after someone had a ton of trouble producing decent.content, that half of it is taken away. Or another alternative is to make the curation % author

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You know what they could do if they are unhappy with trending?

They could flag it.

They could vote up other users.

They could hire this job out.

They want to be able to pour the inflation rewards back to themselves and not make any sacrafices along the way...

They may get there way too.

Let's hope they don't... would love to see Steem uptrending

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