Super Sepia Saturday!!!

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An old time Schwinn bike


It is that time once again friends to put up a few images of yesteryear...or some that at least look like yesteryear LOL!

Pay phones were everywhere, now they are nowhere...


I am really enjoying this tag as a way to get a little crazy with some edits! Feel free to join in the fun of Sepia Saturday!


Thanks to my friend @traciyork for the idea of adding the originals...




Thanks for stopping by!

All words and images are mine and can be also found on my various social media sites. Now I must add that some of the shots I steal from my son Ben @silver314 , but I feed him so he can sue me lol.



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did you get the boat yet?

Well I am going back and forth on a house. Well I should say the sellers are. Its a divorce sale and there are issues lol. So if I buy it I would have some more storage. My storage bill is getting out of control with the jet ski and boat already...but dang I want that red one!! Now if steem would go up....

one day.. 🤞📈

The bike photo is my favorite out of the 3!!! It is like perfect subject matter for sepia!!!

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I agree - this Sepia photo editing is wicked fun! I especially like the unicorn... I mean, pay phone...LOL! Thanks again for hosting this tag, @old-guy-photos! !tip steem

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That was a great idea, Traci-girl! @traciyork

You so rock this sepia tag!


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I love the sepia tones, you made the photos so atmospheric:)

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