A little Story About Nigeria

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Nigeria is a nice place to be. Trust me, it is. I suggest you visit if you haven’t.

Today, I am going to give some details about Nigeria to prepare immigrants minds on what to expect on visit.

  • Nigeria is a name coined by Late Miss Flora Shaw who was later the Wife of Lord Frederick Lugard, the colonial Master that joined the Southern And Northern Protectorate of the Country to form One nation.

  • We are a culturally diverse nation of more than 250 tribes. Tribal and Religious Clashes are common here, more prevalent in the Northern Part of the Nation than any other part

  • Nigerians are very religious people. There are three major religions: Christianity, Islam, and Traditional Deity Worship.

  • The nation is culturally split into 5 geographical points: The South West that consists mainly of the Yoruba People, the South East with the IBO people, the North that has mainly the Hausas and the Fulanis , and the Middle Belt that has a diverse number of tribes.

  • Within the previously mentioned geographical locations lie other tribes that are considered as the minority.

  • The Majority of the tribes are the Igbos, the Yorubas and the Hausas.

  • Nigeria has the largest population in Africa.

  • Nigerians are every smart People, touted for the unusual all round excellence in the area of academics, medicine, sports, business, arts and finance all around the world.

  • Nigerians can practically be found anywhere in the world in large quantities as we migrate a lot. They can even be found in non -English speaking nations . For instance, there are lot of Nigerians in Germany, France, Italy China and India.

  • Nigeria is a neighbor to Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Chad , Benin and Niger.

To be continued....

Image Source: mapsofworld.com

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Wuah, i ever heard about Nigeria, but not really know about that country. Anyway. Who's the president now?
Nice to meet you.

Mohammed Buhari is the president. Nice to meet you too.

Nigerians also are open-minded and are embracing cryptocurrencies too @ogoowinner

Yes they are the 7th top crypto traders in the world. Thanks for reading @cryptopie.

Some extraordinary things to know through your post thanks for shairng

Thank you very much for reading @blazing.

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