I have been less active here - I'll be dreaming with stars and moon

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Since a few months ago, since my account grew above 500 Steem Power and became a minnow, it attracts more spam, more people interested only in profit and hate. So I intend to power down below 500 SP to see if this solves the problem. Anyway thanks for following this account, I'm not mad, I forgive.


For those who follow from curiosity and true appreciation of my posts, I have more words.
I have been less active here on steem blockchain and on crypto space. I've been busy healing my mind and soul and I'm not even close to be healed. It's hard to remember all the mental injuries from the past and to forgive. Receiving more attacks in this time makes it even harder, so I take a step back, in a safer place.


This crypto space feels like a war to me now. A war on money and power, where love and compassion is less and less important. I came here dreaming to discover my true passions and to put them to good use. Maybe I did in some extent, maybe I didn't. Maybe I'm lazy or easily distracted. I don't know. Still trying...


Nobody can take my dream of a better, more peaceful and loving world.
I'm still dreaming...


A dreamer.

Picture taken during 2018 july lunar total eclipse using my (s.h.) Nikon D40x camera and Sigma Lens


Brilliant click!
It is a tough world here. Don’t expect anything and you will be happy. That’s what i am doing. 😊

That's a good advice @shilpavarma Thank You!

Wow, this makes me want to learn photography

:) good comment

Some guys keep promoting porn. Maybe they earn something or they just like it. In my opinion it's an addiction. It makes you feel good on the short term and gives you a low self esteem on the long term. There is no replacement for love.

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