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RE: New STEEM... It's not like OLD STEEM

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Let’s together make our NEW STEEM more powerful

Six months in crypto is very long time and my vision is to make $7.77 STEEM

We STEEMians need to believe in ourselves first before we believe in STEEM

We want to close this year with $7.77


Yes, and please ask your people to use the tag

#newSTEEM on twitter. Talk about New Steem.

I welcome New STEEM

Every single minute I'm thinking over and over again what can I remove from PushBook model & Seven77 Challenge

SPUD came and went
STEEMClan came and went

Seven77 is here to stay months and years to come with STEEM

I've already saw few STEEMians are suing #newSTEEM on Twitter and I'll use in few of Tweets as well. However Seven77 Challenge remain same without any addition of new hashtags and continue to add STEEMians every single day

They are literally suing? Did you say sue, as in legally in a court of law or what does that mean?

When you take ownership of all your flaws and weaknesses, you ve won

I'm constantly cultivating to blame myself for everything

Sometimes I blame others to push our STEEM and STEEMians forward

As long as the blame is a form of inspiration.

Definitely all my blames is a form of inspiration

Thank you! I support 777 and I support NewSteem