I just delegated another 10K SP! First Dtube then Dlive and now MusingsteemCreated with Sketch.

in busy •  3 months ago

You guys probably know that I'm a big fan of Steem DApps. I just felt Musing.io need support from our community. So I lead by example.

I've given what I can give and I'm sure you amazing people with good writing skills can contribute something.

Good luck to Musing.io !!!

I'm planning on delegating 777 SP each for 11 more individual Steemians tomorrow....

SO Keep on STEEMing and ...



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Thank you!! Means a lot that you were looking out for us and decided to help. The support will definitely go to good use :)


I’m glad that I had the opportunity to contribute to an amazing project !!

Great job! :)


Thanks @whatsup!!!

Musing deserves support and it's super generous of you to provide this level of delegation. Massive hat tip!


Thank you for your compliments and I appreciate it !

Happy STEEMing :)

You are the real ICON of the Steem Motivation System,
Your thinking are always different,
You are walking always new way.

We need more people like you in this community @nathanmars.


Thanks for your kind words my friend:)

This is really appreciable my friend keep Help others :)

Wow musing.io this is just too amazing @nathanmars, thank you on behalf of musing

Yeah I have been hearing a lot about musing and they are indeed doing great as a matter of fact :)

While your support that you are giving to the dapps and the Steemit users does really means a lot and keep doing the good work and you have made many smiles come to face of many Steemians and that is the success of your whole effort. I hope the others will follow soon buddy !

All the best to the next 11 Lucky Persons :)

Perfect example, same time motivation for the development of more DApps.


Thanks a lot @murathe :)

All the members of STEEM blockchain regard you for your great contribution.


I'm sure everyone can contribute something and most people are contributing and those will certainly get rewarded !!

Holy smokes. I got delegated to. Thank you so much!


You’re welcome @jeezzle :)

Thank you so much for the Delegation @nathanmars Much appreciated. I will be sure to curate and use this extra SP wisely. I will not sell My SP for less then $100!


You’re most my my friend:)

Happy STEEMing !

its a great initiative @nathanmars
wish I could also get this delegation.


Thanks my friend!

If you meant to get my SP delegation then you’ll :)

Keep on Steeming


Thanks Buddy. Looking forward to receive delegation. Have a nice day.

Great work again @nathanmars.


Thanks 🙏

It really feels good when we know that we can do good things within our powers @nathanmars and I appreciate your kindness to others, God bless and Keep you.


Thanks a lot @cryptopie

You’re such a inspiration for all of us and Thank you so much for spreading positivity!

Have a wonderful day:)

Thank you, Sir, you have such a beautiful post and for such a nice information, I actually joined the site, but I do not understand how I am working there.


Spend more time with Musing.io and you’ll understand


I have been connecting the steem with two questions there, but I have a problem to understand that actually I can benefit from comments or questions from here

Yooo @nathanmars! You’re are the man! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯



Thanks Dude!!

Keep up your good work ✌️

Well @nathanmars! I am feeling the positive vibes & wanted to say Hi! I don't think we have crossed paths before! I am @yogajill 🤣 It's a pleasure to meet you!!


Nice to meet you my friend!! I’m sure we’ll meet quite often from now on!

Happy Steeming!!!

Good job.. "So Good They Can't Ignore You" - will change the way we think about our careers, happiness, and the crafting of a remarkable life. Thanks for your post.


Thanks you very much my friend !


You are welcome @nathanmars sir.

grate job .



Thank you my friend :)

Nathan is on fire! I wish I was an app owner too. ;-) haha.


I'm sure you can be DApp founder. Just be you and DO you my friend :)

Will I be among the 11tomorow nathan? Keep up the good work


You never know.. SO keep on STEEMing !!


hmmm. great man indeed

wonderful job @nathanmars
if everyone is like you, steemit gets better

There is only one valid way to influence people, GIVING THE EXAMPLE.

This is how the world changes, helping without expecting anything in return.

That person by morals, by ethics and above all by gratitude to whoever helped him one day, will then help others.

A big hug, my friend. Follow with your good example.

God bless you.