What Is Value? How Do You Create It?

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Everything in life is about value!

Feel free to quote me anywhere. Value is the substance of a thing, person or place. It is what makes a noun a noun and a verb an action word. Screenshot_2018-10-12-14-30-14.png

Value allows exchange of goods, services, products and ideas. Eg I can exchange financial value by buying a product that I like. What gives that product value is the problems that it can solve for me.

Maybe it's for my entertainment. Maybe it helps with my education. Maybe for promotion. Maybe it helps me make more sales. Maybe it's like @Air-Clinic helping to make sure I remain healthy always.

Value is the solution to problems known and unknown. In the early 90s people didn't know that the mobile phone could do everything it did now. So the demand for it then wasn't that high. Now everyone and the mother's have phones ☺

Join us on @Air-Clinic as we keep providing you with financial and healthcare based value. This is the only app in the world where you get paid for living a healthy life!

Download Air-Clinic App from Play store!


An interesting announcement about best application. I like it and resteem it .

Thank you! Have you downloaded the app yet?🏥♨💙

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