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RE: Delegating STEEM Power from one account to another - Easy method Oct'2018

in #busy4 years ago

Nice post and tutorial :) Resteemed and upvoted! Now critics! Þ

Hmmm... Smart as bot mentioned in the comments :) So, you delegated your power to and in return gain vote from it, how clever little bot-a-like you are! :) At least now you can build this account - and MINE as well with a bit more power and push!

And don't ignore that "MINE as well" or ... Im gonna touch you in very inappropriate place and way :)



Better one big account with all the power to do main stuff and which is having real purpose (business, community, bitshares and more main purpose to be here is Too confusing to run personal account otherwise ... better to start anon one for complete freedom ... not telling anyone who it is ... but you know all the secrets already ;)

All who delegate to and those that join the telegram group and pass vetting, will all get the auto-votes also :)

Yes, lets turn brand to a steemit bot... Over my dead body ;)


no just idle votes to community bloggers .... g'nite :)

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